fairly-legal-spoilers-quotes-bo-me-onceFolks at USA Network, as I usually call them; the can´t miss network are launching a new original series to join their roster of must watch: Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Law & Order Criminal Intent.

A few weeks back, this show premiered, and this week a new episode aired, called Bo Me Once

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In this episode, Kate’s latest case involves a dispute between Chef Bo and the company who’s going to produce his barbecue sauce. Kate soon discovers that his assistant Beth has a lot to do with Bo’s cooking show success. In the midst of the mediation, a person from Beth’s past appears with demands of his own.

Yes, the whistle thing is a sticker!

Best Quotes from Fairly Legal S01E04 Bo Me Once

Justin: If you put that thing once again in my face I will knock it out of your hands

Kate: Just taste it and I´ll drop it

Justin: You may be disproving my theory that Cooking outdoors is strictly a man pursuit

Kate: I gotta go, my meat´s burning
Lauren: Is that a metaphor?
Kate: No, I wish

Lauren: God she bugs me
Kate: God she bugs me

Justin: Your meat is burning
Kate: Is that a metaphor?
Justin: I wish

Justin: Now your meat is not burning

Bo: Let´s put this sauce in every kitchen in America

Leo: You are putting Kate in charge of paperwork? Kate, who doesn´t do any paperwork?

Leo: Where´s everybody?
Kate: Lunch
Leo: It´s a cooking show, but people don´t eat here
Kate: It´s weird huh?

Kate: Bo, our authentic chef is a fraud. This whole show is a fraud

Kate: So, good luck with everything Bo

Kate: What do you want?
Justin: To not be haunted by this ten years from now

Lou: You are Teddy´s girl
Lauren: Teddy´s wife
Lou: Whatever

Lauren: That will make for a very awkward lunch mister Fisher

Kate: This is my office, my rules. Sit down
Bo: This is no way to start a negotiation
Kate: I thought it was a family reunion

Kate: Get the hell out of my office

Spencer: The guy´s a prick, right?

Spencer: First thing is forget about these files, because there´s only two things in the world that Lou Fisher cares about: tax restructuring so that he can screw the government out of money and scotch

Spencer: I´ll go say hi to Kate
Lauren: She´s not here because you know… it´s morning

Actor Bo: Seems like running just gives him another chance to catch you

Leo: This is not in my job description
Kate: Oh come on, there´s a lot of people, he won´t do anything
Leo: No, I mean this whole outside thing. Too much sun

Kate: Internet is a magical thing
Leo: Yes, indeed

Old Bo: This is not over

Lou: You are more than just a pretty face

Lauren: I´ll be back
Lou: I´m starting to like her

Lauren: This is all your fault
Spencer: That´s a very nice thing to say to the person who just picked you up from the streets

Justin: That´s a very nice thing for you to say. In fact I can´t believe those words came out of your mouth

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