In The House has scheduled a very interesting episode. The upcoming episode of ‘In The House’, airing on Encore  February 18 at 7:30pm ET/PT. Hosts Peter Guber and Peter Bart talk with John Hawkes – nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Winter’s Bone.
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Best Quotes from John Hawkes on In The House

John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone) on acting lessons:  “Came to LA in ’90 and wanted to work with director Hal Ashby, but he had died shortly thereafter.  His film Harold & Maude changed my life.  It encouraged me to get out into the world – roll the dice.”

“I was a college student, I read Kerouac , saw Harold & Maude and listened to Tom Waits in a month period.  Between the three of them, I was on the road less than a year later with my thumb out with a buddy crossing state lines.  You really learn to act when you hitchhike.  When you’re in a car in the pouring rain, you better convince the driver that you agree with him and his world view.  Because otherwise, you’re dumped out on the side of the road.  Those were some of the better acting lessons I’ve had.”

What is In The House About?

“In the House,” Thursdays at 7:30pm ET/PT, is a half-hour news and interview show hosted by industry guru’s Peter Bart and Peter Guber. This series digs beneath the typical spin and gossip providing a unique platform for intimate conversations and behind-the-scenes insights from industry leaders, Oscar®, Emmy® and Golden Globe® winners. Host, Peter Bart  worked as a staff reporter for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal prior to entering the film business as vice president of production at Paramount and senior vp at MGM/UA.  Peter Guber was formerly the studio chief at Columbia Pictures and chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures.

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