chuck-versus-leftovers-spoilers-quotes-photoOk, you all saw last episode of Chuck, right? If not, leave this post immediately for it´s full of Chuck Spoilers. In the episode called Chuck versus the Leftovers, Things are turned upside-down the day after Thanksgiving when Chuck’s mother drops by…along with as Alexei Volkoff. Morgan must deal with Jeff and Lester during the Black Friday sale at the Buy More.

Best Quotes from Chuck S04E10 – Chuck Vs the Leftovers

Chuck: Tonight´s the leftover dinner, as delicious as Thanksgiving, without all the stress.

Chuck: That stuff really works

Mary: Come with me if you want to live.

Chuck: Last time trusting you worked so well

Chuck: Most childs don´t have to ask her mother to explain them why they shot them or blow the home the child grew


Chuck: You would want to trust your mom, not worrying if she´ll shoot you in the face

Morgan: That´s a terrible metaphor. But I´ll forgive cause it´s meltilicious
Morgan: Not that I´m not flattered, but who has two thumbs and is taken? Bum, bum, this guy

Volkoff: Good work. Now let´s get what we came for

Casey: Keep talking Commy. It´s party time

Casey: Better dead than red

Volkoff: Understand. This is not a negotiation.

Chuck: Good news and bad news: Jeff and Lester are about to die. I´d say that´s bad news

Mary: Please trust me

Chuck: I think he wants to talk to you

Volkoff: I´m not leaving here without you my love

Mary: Chuck. I´m a spy, that was my mission

Sarah: I was lucky I was assigned to you. Your mom got Volkoff

Casey: Grimes, that´s a stupid idea
Morgan: Maybe, but I´m not gonna be in all fours and watching those guys die

Volkoff: Give me Frost, and I´ll let you live. And That, Chuck, is how you threaten somebody.

Volkoff: You should know I have your friend Casey

Volkoff: I lied, but in my defense, you threatened the woman I love

Mary: Alexei, you can´t, because Charles is my son

Volkoff: Kids love me

Chuck: You brought a psychotic killer into your pregnant daughter´s house. Consider the circumstances, I´d say I´m

pretty damn calmed.
Chuck: I know you are the world´s worst liar, but right now, I need you to be awesome

Chuck: Mom, seriously? You are betraying me again?

Volkoff: You see. That is a real threat

Mary: I hope someday you´ll trust me
Chuck: I already do

Chuck: Guys. I know Kung Fu again

Awesome: I don´t want this spy thing near Ellie ever again

Recap from Chuck S04E10 – Chuck Vs the Leftovers

Recap from Murphandthemagictones

Alexei Volkoff (Timothy Dalton) discovered some disturbing news: Chuck (Zachary Levi) was still alive. He still doesn’t know he is the son of Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton),but he orders her to Los Angeles with three of his best assassins to take him out. To Chuck’s credit, he is learning some moves post-Intersect. After all, Morgan signed him up for the latest exercise craze: Strip Kick. A combination of karate, krav maga, and pole dancing. And it actually works, on one assassin one time. Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) does quite a bit of ass-kicking when the assassins attack, but Mary Bartowski has to shoot them.

MARY: Come with me if you want to live.

To say Chuck doesn’t trust his mother is a gross understatement. In fact, he was so upset with her, despite her explanation she was trying to protect him, he is messing up Sarah’s and Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) interrogation of her. Sarah pulls him out of the room to get him to focus, but he won’t calm down. She locks him out of the interrogation (little hypocritical of her, given what happened last week, isn’t it?), but Chuck keeps feeding her questions via the phone. But Sarah is nice enough to ask Mary about why she disabled his Intersect (she wanted him to stop following her),but Chuck didn’t like that answer, since he went on missions anyway. Mary is tired of wasting time, as she knows Volkoff will come after her for killing the assassins.

And sooner than she thinks, as a woman (Monet Mazur) desperately tries to get Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to sell her a mobile phone they ran out of at their Black Friday sale after hours. He turns her down, but of course, desperate women are Jeffster’s forte. The mental morons let her into the store, since they hoarded the phones to sell them on eBay for a higher price than the store. And the woman tranqs Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay). (Beats shaving Jeff’s back, right?) She was with Volkoff, and his men move an impressive array of equipment into the store. All they were missing were the blonde-haired killer and the token black guy as the computer hacker. Oh, wait. They DID bring that guy. And where was Morgan during all of this? In his office, eating the Subway sandwich Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) gave him in congratulations for handling Black Friday, and in a t-shirt soaking his feet. (no, not making fists with his toes, but you know where this is going.)

As Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) discovers brain scan images on the computer her father left her and makes changes to one of the programs on it so it mimics human memory patterns more accurately than computer memory patterns, Volkoff’s men take over the store and hack into the CIA’s internal defenses. Casey’s Gatling guns are ineffective, and Volkoff demands they return Mary Bartowski or he’ll kill Jeff and Lester. Casey has an idea to crawl through the air ducts to locate the manual override to get their weapons back, but Morgan already beat him to the air shafts. They meet up, and Morgan offers to go rescue Jeff and Lester. Casey begrudgingly gives him a gun. (No word on if it was loaded.) Chuck thinks his mother is hiding something, and she was. Volkoff was in love with her.

Chuck is beside himself, but Mary asks Sarah to confirm something like this could happen when being undercover for long periods of time, which Sarah does. Mary had been using Volkoff’s infatuation with her (which she never reciprocated) to stay close to him, hoping to take down his network. Chuck and Sarah thought they could use that to their advantage. Chuck calls Volkoff in the Buy More and threatens to harm Mary if Volkoff doesn’t stand down. Except Chuck is the world’s worst baddie, and Volkoff shows how to really threaten someone: by offering to drop a thermite plasma bomb down the elevator shaft into Castle, killing everybody including Mary, if they don’t give up. Chuck, Sarah, and Mary come up. Volkoff is delighted…and knocks Chuck to the ground. He is about to shoot him when Mary pleads with Volkoff not to. He can’t think of a reason why, but she has one.

MARY: Alexei, you can’t. Because Charles is my son.

VOLKOFF: Really?

MARY: Really.

VOLKOFF: Really?

SARAH: Really.

VOLKOFF: Really?


Volkoff was actually upset Mary kept him a secret, and he got even more upset when Ellie made the most ill-timed phone call in history. Chuck downplays the relationship, but Ellie, not knowing what was going on, gives it away. Now Volkoff wants to meet the family! And since Ellie has a ton of leftover Thanksgiving food, the timing was perfect. Of course, Ellie thinks Volkoff is still Gregory Tuttle, Mary’s CIA handler.

Morgan’s plan for rescuing Jeff and Lester goes about as well as you’d expect. Simply replace bulletin board tacks for broken glass, and he has to be bailed out by Casey, who is promptly taken by Volkoff’s men, including the woman who tranqued Jeff and Lester. Volkoff, Mary, Chuck, and Sarah head to dinner with Ellie and Devon (Ryan McPartlin). Volkoff apologizes to Ellie for keeping her mother away from her because of the job, and they even engage in a round of charades, with Volkoff enjoying himself to the fullest. Sarah catches Chuck’s attention and motions to Devon, who is standing in the back with Chuck. Chuck whispers everything to Awesome, who is not awesome about it. But since Chuck can’t leave, he needed Devon to be Awesome and get things from their apartment, like the CIA emergency callout signal and a gun for Sarah. He begrudgingly goes under the guise of getting some sugar for the coffee. He then fakes an emergency call from the hospital to get Ellie and him out of the apartment.

Volkoff hugs them goodbye and tells Chuck and Sarah it was a stupid move they committed. And even Mary sides with him by aiming her gun at the now-armed Sarah to get her to drop it. Since Chuck doesn’t listen to his mother, Alexei decides to teach him a lesson, and aims the gun at Sarah. Mary turns her gun on Volkoff.

MARY: This is exactly why I didn’t tell you about my family. You don’t know how to love someone, you only know how to control them. But you should know, I could never love a man who would do anything to hurt my son. So drop it. Alexei, you know I am loyal to you, but I will not return with you until you promise me that my family and their friends will remain safe. And if they don’t…I will end you.

VOLKOFF: (lowers his gun) You see? That is a REAL threat.

MARY: Chuck, I am sorry for everything. I hope one day you’ll trust me.

CHUCK: Mom, I already do.

Volkoff calls his people at the Buy More to tell them to stand down. Which was a good thing, since Morgan taped the gun on his back a little too low to do the yippie-kai-yay-mother****** on them. Awesome gets in Chuck’s face about bringing Volkoff to Ellie and him. He plays his husband/father role by telling Chuck to keep the spy stuff away from Ellie and him. He also hands Chuck the laptop and tells him everything is fixed on it except a password they couldn’t figure out. Chuck looks at the laptop in Castle with Sarah and Casey. “1 or 11” is the clue, and Chuck figured out it was “Aces, Charles.” Images begin to flash on the computer, Chuck is knocked out momentarily, and…

CHUCK: Guys, I know Kung-Fu…again.

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