chuck-spoilers-gobbler-quotes-photoOk, you all saw last episode of Chuck, right? If not, leave this post immediately for it´s full of Chuck Spoilers. In the episode called Chuck versus the Gobbler, Chuck becomes worried when Sarah goes to extreme measures to help his mother take down Alexei Volkoff. Ellie and Devon have trouble deciding the name of their new baby.

Best Quotes from Chuck S04E12 – Chuck Vs the Gobbler

Alexei Volkoff: I´m a hopeless romantic myself

Mary: She is going to betray you. You know it

Mary: What if we had her break Yuri out of prison?
Alexei: That is a wicked idea
Mary: Thank you

Morgan: What the hell is wrong with me

Chuck: I think you are in love

Morgan: I have some more snuggling to do

Morgan: I really do care about her
Casey: That is all I want to know

Chuck: It´s like I´m cheating on you with you

Chuck: See you in prison

Chuck: So, who of you is Yuri The Gobbler

Morgan: You never told your daughter you love her? That´s just wrong

Chuck: One can´t be top dog for a minute

Sarah: What are you looking at?

Chuck: Looks like you are top dog now

Chuck: Was that weird? The whole finger kissing thing
Sarah: A little

Alexei: Yuri didn´t know about Hydra. Yuri was Hydra

Alexei: None of them know each other. None of them know what part they play in my puzzle

Casey: World domination. Never gets old

Morgan: I´m a good listener and Casey is
Chuck: Casey

Alexei: You will have to kill John Casey

Alexei: You are one step closer to the woman you love

Recap from Chuck S04E12 – Chuck Vs The Gobbler

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

John Casey (Adam Baldwin) is taking a beating. True to his style, he takes every punch and kick his enemy can dish out, and all he asks is “that all you got?” Then there’s one more punch. Thrown by Sarah!


Morgan (Joshua Gomez) flags down Casey at the Buy More because he’s afraid Chuck is going to start moping and turning into a pathetic shell of himself with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) having been gone for the last two weeks on ‘illegal’ missions to establish her cred as a rogue agent. Casey begrudgingly agrees that Chuck could end up whining all day, eating Cheetos and watching The View. In reality, Chuck is fine. He figures Sarah would NEVER do what his mother did. Sarah wouldn’t change. Although the brunette wig and leather suit she wears into Volkoff’s office would tend to disagree. Alexei Volkoff (Timothy Dalton) had heard tales of her missions and was skeptical. Sarah explained that she fell in love with Chuck but the CIA had every intention of infringing on that relationship. She wanted to carve out a life that was under her control with the man she loved. Volkoff still didn’t believe her, until she disarmed three of Volkoff’s men at the same time, aimed two of their guns at Volkoff, and didn’t kill him right then. Volkoff welcomed her to the company.

Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) joins Alexei and Sarah, and she can’t believe Sarah had gone to the dark side, but Sarah implied Mary was the impetus for doing so. Mary talks to Alexei in private, saying Sarah will betray her. Alexei thought that was possible, but he wanted to work on Sarah, and twist her to his own needs, much like he did with Mary. Mary had an idea to have Sarah someone break out of person: Yuri Gobrienko, AKA Yuri the Gobbler. Apparently Yuri’s called the Gobbler because he eats people. But Sarah’s up for a nice bottle of Chianti and some fava beans, even though Alexei warns her it’s a suicide mission.

Back home, Chuck is happy Sarah is communicating over his phone with a tonal language both of them learned, while Morgan has to deal with Alex wearing his vintage unworn Back to the Future t-shirt and spilling orange juice on the floor. But for some reason, Morgan was cool about it. Chuck’s conclusion: Morgan was in love. One problem solved, just in time for Chuck to help Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) with a baby name. Devon (Ryan McPartlin) had shot down every one of them, and Ellie all but begged Chuck to get Devon on-board with…Grunka. (Grunka? That’s what the closed-captioning said.) Which, coincidentally, is a term you could use to describe what Casey wanted to do to Morgan when he saw his daughter wearing his shirt. Morgan assures him nothing weird is going on and he’s being a perfect gentleman…and Casey believes it.

(This week must be Bizarro Chuck. Sarah’s a brunette? Morgan doesn’t mind a vintage shirt being ruined? Chuck isn’t freaking out about his relationship? The most tasteful person on the show wants to name her daughter a Batman fight expletive translated into Russian? And Casey’s cool with Morgan dating his daughter? HUMAN SACRIFICES! DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER! MASS HYSTERIA!)

Mary tracks down Sarah and hides out from surveillance to tell her to leave. But Sarah was adamant about bringing her home and taking down Volkoff in the process. To do that, Mary tells her she has to free Yuri to infiltrate Hydra, the computer network with which Volkoff Industries communicates. It had been down since Yuri was put in prison, but he must be freed to take the network down. No Hydra, no Volkoff Industries. Mary also warns Sarah doing this meant making some choices or doing things she might regret, but Sarah was determined to see this through for Chuck.

Sarah crawls through some air vents and disables some security protocols (very [linknm0001876/]), only it’s to Castle. Just had to say Hi to the boys and update them on her plans. She needed everybody to create a diversion so she could get into Seabrook supermax prison to break out The Gobbler. She heads out and Chuck wants to talk to her. Truthfully, she’d rather kiss him instead. And when someone in a leather catsuit wants them to kiss you, you tend not to argue. (“Wow, it’s kind of like I’m cheating on you…with you…right now.”) She tells him goodbye.

CHUCK: OK. See you in prison!


Disguised as security guards, Casey and Morgan escort a shackled Chuck into the supermax wing (NOTE: Chuck’s Prisoner ID is 092980, which is Zachary Levy’s actual birthdate). But there’s hasn’t been any stabbings in two days, so Chuck is hoping to wait until the prisoners have gotten all of the stabbings out of their system. Morgan tells him not to worry, as Chuck has a tattoo belonging to one of the most vicious gangs in North America…and he smudged it a bit. But the idea was to start a fight and have Chuck use his Intersect to knock out Yuri. And it all had to look legitimate for Sarah’s plan to work. Morgan convinces him to take out the top dog to rule the roost. And he wipes off the tattoo because Chuck looks better without it. Sure enough, the entire prison population looked like they wanted to kill Chuck, even without Morgan’s WWE-like trash talking. A prisoner points out Yuri to Chuck with his eyes, since Yuri ate most of his fingers for pointing at him. Meanwhile, Casey and Morgan distract the guard on the surveillance monitors with a birthday cake. (No, I’m not kidding.) To make matters worse, Chuck is giving 6 inches and at least 150 pounds to Yuri even with the Intersect working, so Casey and Morgan have to stretch out the Happy Birthday to several verses. More guards arrive for the cake, but Casey has to go and unlock the east entrance for Sarah, leaving Morgan alone to distract the guards. Chuck still can’t bring down Yuri, even with slamming freeweights across his face. But Chuck finally gets the upper hand and knocks Yuri out. It works perfectly, until the 2nd-biggest guy in the place wants his spot. Except Sarah was there to take him out. The team escapes with Yuri, and Chuck has to say goodbye again. He’s confident this is almost over, but Sarah isn’t so sure. She thinks it could take some time, since it took his mother years. She leaves, and Chuck heads for the Cheetos. He’s depressed because he was used to eating pizza and playing a board game following a tough mission. With no Sarah in Burbank, Chuck is wondering if Morgan recorded The View for him. Casey and Morgan take one for the team and join Chuck in a board game. Although on the bright side for Casey, it’s Risk.

Devon’s plan is to take Ellie to the Buy More and sour her on the name Grunka. Lester (Vik Sahay) telling her he lost his virginity to a girl named Grunka ought to do the trick. (“Filthy, filthy lady. Hard to believe she was a grandmother.”) And Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) talking about a serial killer named Grunka is all Ellie needs to convince her this was all a plot. Even Jeff (Scott Bakula) saying he likes the name (in spite of the fact Ellie never told him what it was) had no effect.

Sarah returns with Yuri, and Volkoff shoots him in the head. Alexei was disappointed in Yuri, and he “has a hard time with disappointment.” It turns out Yuri WAS Hydra: his eye was the computer system (and SERIOUSLY, warn us when you’re going to do something like that). Yuri explained Hydra allowed him to store all of the information about his organization, including communicating with those in his employ. He downloads the data to a secure backup drive and destroys the eye. However, a piece of it lands on the floor, where Mary surreptitiously keeps it under her boot. Volkoff readies the jet because he has one more mission for Sarah. A mission that involves Casey, if the text she sent Casey to meet her alone at the Trident Tower was any indication. But by doing it on Casey’s phone instead of a secure line, Casey smelled trouble. Chuck wants to go, but Casey vetoes that and tells him to stay home. Sure enough, Volkoff sent the message to Casey as her, and he orders Sarah to kill him. Volkoff sends Mary up there with him, but he’ll be watching on monitors. Unfortunately, Chuck doesn’t listen to Casey and goes to find them. And walks right into Volkoff’s men.

ALEXEI: Chuck, you’re just in time. There’s a particular moment when an agent makes the decision to stop pretending and takes the leap to join the other side. It’s a game-changing step. Your mother made it all those years ago. Now if you’ll come with me, we’ll see if Sarah’s going to make the same step. I think she will.

Sarah and Mary talk quietly in the stairwell. Sarah wasn’t sure how to make the kill look legitimate in front of all the cameras, but Mary tells her she has to somehow slip Casey the piece from the Hydra she snuck out of Volkoff’s office. Casey is at the window and Sarah sneaks up on him, intentionally kicking a paint can to alert him. They start their ‘fight’, Sarah quietly explaining to Casey she has to make it look good for the cameras with Volkoff watching. Casey suggests Sarah retrieve his gun and shoot him in the shoulder. Sarah refuses…until Volkoff comes up the stairs with Chuck. In the middle of their fight, Casey recommends Sarah throw him out the window. He’ll hit the platform 40 feet down, since he’s done 60 easily.

SARAH: OK, but you better be fine or else I’ll really kill you.

Sarah slips him the drive from the Hydra, telling Casey to give it to Chuck. She belts him out the window, much to Chuck’s shock. Sure enough, Casey landed on the platform like he predicted. The platform gave way, unlike he predicted. He falls the rest of the way to the ground. Chuck can’t understand what happened, but Alexei explains she did all of it for him. And that he should give her a bit of space for a while, as going to the dark side is a bit of a painful thing to do. Chuck is knocked out, but Sarah has to tell Volkoff she’s ready to go.

Back at home, Ellie suggests the name Clara, and Devon loves it. He had been stalling because he wanted to get the first in a million decisions about their child right. And, as it turns out, Grunka means “spoon” at Ikea, so Ellie was riding him to begin with. (You went to the Ikea site to check on that, didn’t you.)

On Volkoff’s jet back to Russia, Sarah can’t get over Casey’s ‘death’. Mary assures her it gets easier…with distance. Back in Burbank, Chuck sits with the unconscious Casey, wondering how Sarah could do that. Alex stops in and is worried, but Morgan assures her he’ll be OK, and that her father loves her. Chuck sends a text to Sarah, but Sarah declines it, since she didn’t want to deal with confronting Chuck over what she did.

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