chuck-spoilers-quotes-cat-squadOk, you all saw last episode of Chuck, right? If not, leave this post immediately for it´s full of Chuck Spoilers. In the episode called Chuck versus the Cat Squad, Chuck gets more than he bargained for when he reunites Sarah with her former team. Morgan’s ex-girlfriend is back in town.

And Lou Diamond Philips guest stars on the episode!

All I have to say: If I had to choose between Alex and Carina, it´s hands down Alex. No doubt!

And the biggest Chuck Spoiler: Morgan tells Alex: “I love you”

Best Quotes from Chuck S04E15 – Chuck Vs the Cat Squad

Morgan: Carina, Alex, Alex, Carina, two of my lovers in the same place?

Chuck: Two words. Cat Squad

Sarah: This can open a little Pandora box

Sarah: Oh no
Chuck: Oh no what?

Morgan: Is it the Close Encounters? Is it really happening?

Chuck: Sarah was right I wasn´t waiting for that

Chuck: You are too dressed up for bed

Morgan: Now I´m off the market

Morgan: Let me get out of this fashion statement

Alex: Don´t worry Morgan I trust you
Morgan: And I know your dad
Alex: And I trust you
Morgan: Now that seemed like a threat

Chuck: Ladies, who is Augusto Gaez?

Augusto Gaez: The plan is going perfectly

Chuck: I don´t know how Brazilian spies work with all this noise

Alex: So, you are cancelling on me again?

General Beckman: If you are done slobbering Grimes, there´s a problem in Rio

Augusto Gaez: It´s been a long time cats. Drop your weapons or die

Casey: How about fist

Sarah: I don´t need help!

Chuck: How well do you know Amy? I mean no one is that perky

Alex: Lipstick on your collar?

Morgan: You trust me, remember?
Alex: Do I?

Augusto Gaez: What is she here for?
Casey: Muscle
Amy: I thought it would be fun

Amy: I know where you live Sarah

Morgan: You are supposed to be a special agent and you guess?

Augusto Gaez: Sorry Puss, sleep time

Sarah: He has a plan… at least I think he has a plan

Sarah: Going somewhere pussy?

Sarah: Don´t ever stop helping me

Alex: I don´t fit into this world

Alex: Why don´t I feel special Morgan? I feel lied to

Morgan: Nothing means more to me than this relationship.

Morgan: I love you, I love you. I am in love with you
Alex: I love you too, but you cannt do this again

Ellie: We are practically family… and more importantly, we are friends

Video Recap of Chuck S04E15 – Chuck Vs the Cat Squad

Morgan has a lot of explaining to do

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A romantic Valentine’s Day is interrupted when the team is sent to a masquerade ball in England to protect a mysterious heiress.

Recap from Chuck S04E15 – Chuck Vs the Cat Squad

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

No John Forsythe? No problem.

The say it’s a personality thing, but to me a martini’s got gin, not vodka. Some folks like chocolate; I’ll take vanilla. I say baseball over football. And to me, man’s best friend doesn’t bark or fetch a ball. See, personally, I like cats. Meet my Clandestine Attack Team, better known as…The CAT Squad. Meow! They were the best spy team in the business.

The year? 2003. The girls…

Cold-hearted Carina (Mini Anden)

Zondra (Mercedes Masöhn) – The Bitch

Amy (Mircea Monroe) – The Party Girl

And…my pride and joy…Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) .

Go get ’em, Cats!

Of course, this was a Morgan (Joshua Gomez) fantasy, spurned on by Chuck (Zachary Levi) finding out about Sarah’s old teammates. Chuck is trying to find people Sarah knew to attend the wedding, so he hoped Morgan could help, as he knew Carina. Morgan is not particularly happy about it, as Alex would be there, too. Morgan doesn’t have much on Carina, other than her phone number, email, and Facebook alias (restricted). Chuck calls, and Carina finishes her assignment of ass-kicking to respond to seeing Sarah Walker in a wedding dress. Chuck lets Sarah know about this, because he thought she’d be happy. Take a guess how that went. Sarah’s past is…complicated. (“Carina? She was the mellow one.”) But it’s too late. Carina has already gathered the CAT Squad and picks Sarah up for the bachelorette party…in a helicopter. The ladies rappel down. (And they gave Carina more slow-motion hair whipping than the other two. Is that really fair?) And Carina gives Morgan the once-over twice before strapping Sarah to a line and taking her up on the helicopter.

One very long night in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Miami later (“Who knew Mikhail Gorbachev could dance so well?”), and Sarah is in bed with the mother of all hangovers. (And still looks hotter than most of us ever will.) Chuck is delighted she reconnected but Sarah wasn’t. There were trust issues with her old crew. An old mission went south because the target knew what they planned. Sarah found a tracking bug hidden in the heel of Zondra’s boot. Zondra denied it and passed a lie detector test, but the damage was done. Both had been wary of each other ever since, but Chuck, ever the optimist, thinks Sarah should try to talk to Zondra to hash things out. Sarah vetoes it in a hurry. Zondra and Amy were crashed on the couch, which left Carina only one place to sleep: Morgan’s bed. With him. And without her clothes. Carina notices something different about Morgan. More confidence, and more importantly, more aversion to seeing her naked. And the reason for it just happened to knock at the door. Alex (Mekenna Melvin) is introduced to Carina, who was kind enough to wear half a robe for her. Morgan, acting like he had his hand caught in the cookie jar, got Alex to meet him later. They head out, and Carina borrows Sarah’s Porsche. Only it explodes before she can get in it, and Carina’s leg is badly cut by a piece of shrapnel from the bomb. Chuck flashes on it and is able to determine Augusto Gaez (Lou Diamond Phillips) sent the CAT Squad a little care package.

In Castle, Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) explains Gaez was the archnemesis of the CAT Squad and leader of the Gentle Hand, a terrorist-for-hire group. The bomb was made in Rio, so Langley ordered the CAT Squad, minus the injured Carina, to Carnivale to apprehend Gaez. Sarah has objections to it, which Zondra couldn’t miss. However, she was also sending Chuck and Casey (Adam Baldwin) as backup, and Casey was quite helpful in stopping Sarah and Zondra from going at it in Castle, since Sarah found the bug while they were previously hunting Gaez. Making matters worse, Gaez receives a call from a synthesized voice telling him the CAT Squad was on its way, just like he planned it.

Chuck talks to Sarah and wants to make up for inviting the ladies without her permission. While Sarah, Zondra, and Amy infiltrated Gaez’s party, Chuck would go over everything about their last mission to see if he could find out whether Zondra was the mole who tipped Gaez off the last time. She wants him to ease up, since she doesn’t care whether or not she ever reconnects with her old friends, but Chuck won’t be dissuaded. But better to have that than Morgan being forced to blow off Alex for the second time, as he had to babysit Carina in Castle and monitor the mission. And Carina was wondering why Morgan hasn’t told Alex he loves her. (“So, it’s not even serious.”)

While Casey lamented seeing Kathleen, his former fiance, with another man, Sarah, Zondra, and Amy make their way into the VIP room and have their guns on Gaez. Only Carina figured out the call to Gaez originated from Burbank a few seconds too late. Gaez had the drop on the three. However, he wasn’t there to kill them; he wanted the CAT Squad to join him. While Sarah carefully cut through her ropes with a hidden blade, Chuck made it to the roof and planned to rappel down and let his Intersect do all of the work. Sarah tried to goad Gaez into saying which one of the women was the mole, but Gaez decided not to. Until Sarah cut her ropes and put the blade to his throat. But before he could, Chuck crashed through a skylight. However, he flashed on his tranq gun target practice and started taking out Gaez’s men. Sarah took care of the rest, but she was mad as hell at Chuck. Chuck said he was just trying to help.

SARAH: I don’t need help with my job. I don’t need help with my past. So stop trying to help me. I don’t need help!

Back in Castle, they still didn’t know who the mole was. Sarah’s theory was well-known, Casey thought Carina was a bit shifty, and Chuck thought nobody can be as perky as Amy. Beckman orders Casey to interrogate Gaez and the CAT Squad was ordered to stay in Castle until the mole was discovered. One would assume the mole wasn’t Carina, but that didn’t stop her from causing damage anyway. The lipstick on Morgan’s shirt collar gave Alex all the ammunition she needed to walk away from him, and Sarah sent Chuck to get the Cats’ luggage to find another bug. Chuck knew what she really wanted him to do, and he tried to plead knowing more information about Gaez being tipped off in Milan by whoever the mole was. But Sarah wouldn’t listen to him. She locked him out of Castle and went to settle things with Zondra old-school. Meanwhile Casey and Amy went to interrogate Gaez. And by now the entire audience knew Amy was the mole. Of course, Casey learned it the hard way after Amy blew some knockout powder at him from her blush applicator. Sarah and Zondra both figure out it wasn’t them or Carina, but Amy catches them mid-fight and knocks both of them out with a bo staff.

Chuck reluctantly drags the CAT Squad’s luggage back to Castle, but Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) catches him and asks him what was going on. He lamented he tried everything to bring Sarah’s family to her wedding and it backfired. But Ellie was VERY correct in that Chuck sometimes went too far in trying to help others. Not everybody needed family, at least not the ones from their past. Like Casey told him before, Chuck doesn’t have to fix everything. Chuck returns to the closed Buy More, and Sarah comes to just in time to call him. Amy and Gaez were coming up the elevator, and Chuck put the Buy More on lockdown. He hid among the DVD shelves and broke a DVD into little sharp pieces. He wants to apologize to Sarah first, but there was no time. Flashing on the use of Chinese stars, he goes on the attack, knocking their guns out. Flashing on some kung-fu, he takes out Gaez, but Amy jumps on top of him. Chuck doesn’t want to fight a girl, but Amy knocks him down and gets the keys to the store. Zondra sacrifices her hair straightener to trip Amy, and the CAT Squad is victorious.

SARAH: Going somewhere, pussy?

Sarah and Zondra apologize to each other, and Sarah asks Carina and Zondra to be in her bridal party. (No machine guns this time). At the engagement party, Chuck wants to apolgize, but Sarah thanks him for what he did. But she didn’t want to dive into her past, since she didn’t know where her father was and her relationship with her mother is strained.

CHUCK: I-I hear you, and I’m totally done helping out.

SARAH: No Chuck, please. Don’t ever stop helping me. There are a thousand ways I need your help every single day, and you’re perfect.

Alex comes to break up with Morgan because she thought she couldn’t fit into the spy world. (“I don’t feel special, Morgan. I just feel lied to.”) But he doesn’t want to give up before apologizing to Alex for leaving her in the dark, promising not to leave her high and dry any more, and that he loved her. Carina came to apologize, but Alex knew Morgan really loved her. Sarah went to thank Ellie for listening to her when things got crazy, even when Chuck went overboard. And Sarah asked Ellie to be her maid of honor.

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