yvonne-strahovski-hot-water-chuck-spoilers-quotesOk, you all saw last episode of Chuck, right? If not, leave this post immediately for it´s full of Chuck Spoilers.

In the episode called Chuck versus Phase Three, While hiding out in Southeast Asia from an international agent determined to locate the Intersect, Sarah goes on a rogue mission. Ellie and Awesome work to uncover a family secret.

We get to see the hot Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker, being all more hot than ever kicking a lot of asses. (You can see the hot photo of Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker throwing water on herself during a fight if you don´t take my words for it).

But and here is the Chuck Spoiler: Ellie is the new intersect at the end of the episode when awesome and her crack the password for the computer her father left her. It´s the insurance intersect? Perhaps. But my guess is now Ellie has the intersect (it runs in the family) and they need to figure out how to give the intersect back to Chuck.

Let´s review the episode a little more

Best Quotes from Chuck S04E09 Chuck Versus Phase Three

Sarah: Welcome to American soil. Now where´s Chuck?

Morgan: Sarah´s going all Kill Bill on that guy

Morgan: Chuck knows that you love him. It´s just that you are kind of a big fish. And to a regular guy with no super computer in his brain, I gotta think that´s pretty intimidating.

Lester: Medical consultation, for our technical expertise

Casey: You are not getting bullets in a long long time

Morgan: Don´t be Sarah the spy, be Sarah the girlfriend

Sarah: Come back to me Chuck. I wanna marry you

Recap of Chuck S02E09 Chuck Versus Phase Three

Recap by Murphandthemagictones

Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are enjoying a night in bed. And Sarah would like Chuck to do something to her. (Wouldn’t we all.) She wants him to flash. He tells her he can’t, and she has a headache. And Lester (Vik Sahay) joins them in the bed to tell him there are pills to handle this type of situation. (“You really expect to keep a girl like that..without flashing?”) And yes, this is actually a dream. To be exact, Adelbert De Smet (AKA The Belgian) (Richard Chamberlain) is having his doctor stimulate different parts of the unconscious Chuck’s brain to reactivate the Intersect and get the secrets in his head out. De Smet is impatient, but his doctor is confident that stimulating memories of Sarah will be the most effective method. Certainly they’re moving faster than the NSA, who isn’t moving very fast in trying to find Chuck. Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) assures Sarah and Casey (Adam Baldwin) they’re doing everything they can, but that isn’t good enough for Sarah. Beckman orders her to get some rest, and she refuses. Beckman reiterates finding the Intersect and The Belgian is a top priority before he gets hold of any secrets.

SARAH: Forget about secrets! This is about Chuck!

Casey tells the general goodbye and tries to calm Sarah down. But Sarah wants to know where to look next. Daddy’s got something that Daddy likes! Morgan (Joshua Gomez) being Daddy in this case. Anand Chanarong, a known associate of The Belgian under the guise of being an assistant to the Thai ambassador, is in Los Angeles at the Thai Embassy. Ordinarily, two American agents can’t go on Thai soil, but one disguise and the ugliest looking rug that is really meant to capture people later, Chanarong is now on American soil. And Sarah wants answers. Chanarong, as you might expect, isn’t forthcoming, and Sarah threatens to kill him. Morgan is understandably worried about Sarah going Kill Bill on him, since Beckman already found out about a complaint from the Thai Embassy. Casey thinks Sarah’s a professional and won’t do anything that crosses the line…until he sees Walker cross the line.

CASEY: You’re not acting like a worried girlfriend. You’re acting like a spy I used to know, before Chuck. Langston Graham’s wildcard enforcer. I didn’t like that Sarah Walker. You know why? Because she was unpredictable.

Casey orders Sarah to stand down, and she is ready to take him on until Morgan gets between them…literally, with only about 9 inches of real estate to work with. But Morgan managed to talk her down to getting two hours of rest. Even Casey gave a grunt of admiration.

Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) has another long day at work, and while Devon (Ryan McPartlin) extols the virtues of the Toyota Sienna minivan, she finds something under the driver’s seat of her father’s car. The laptop that made it to the Buy More from Orion back in Season 2. They hesitantly boot the computer…and nothing happens. Devon suggested bringing it to Chuck, but Ellie doesn’t want him going back into the spy business. She heads to work, leaving Awesome feeling not-so-Awesome about what is in the computer. He caves and calls in Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester. (“Someone’s got a screw loose!” “That has two meanings.”) Jeff and Lester are impressed with the Roark 7, but Awesome wants this kept on the D.L. from Ellie or Chuck. The price? Four words: “my abscess, Lester’s gout.” Awesome agrees…mostly. Lester gets to the computer, and Jeff takes off his pants.

Dr. Mueller, De Smet’s assistant, tries to tell Chuck subliminally he’ll never see Sarah, Ellie, Morgan, and “this Awesome character” if he doesn’t flash. Sarah is trying to rest, but seeing Chuck’s Nerd Herd shirt hanging up only makes her worry more. She finds a piece of paper in the pocket and asks Morgan about it when he comes by to comfort her. The piece of paper is Chuck’s Proposal Plan: his entire map for proposing to Sarah. Chuck was going to come in a DeLorean, Sarah would ride in on a stallion, and they’d head down the coast in a Lamborghini. Morgan said he didn’t know when Chuck planned to do it, but Chuck put it on the back burner when he lost the Intersect. Sarah freaks out.

MORGAN: Chuck knows that you love him, Sarah. It’s just…you’re kind of a big fish, and to a regular guy with no supercomputer in his brain, that’s gotta be pretty intimidating.

SARAH: But that’s not the reason why I love Chuck! I do want to spend the rest of my life with Chuck! With or without the Intersect.

MORGAN: That’s fantastic! That’s great! And he knows that, right? Because you told him that.

Oops. Sarah couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t going to wait two hours. While Casey continued to deny Chanarong’s disappearance to Beckman, Sarah takes the direct route with him. Casey goes to stop her, only for Sarah to land a kick to knock him into a cell. Chanarong is still not talking. But the ammonia syringe she just filled might convince him otherwise. It doesn’t. He even taunts her as some spy hearing her biological clock. The fact she puts the needle into his neck might indicate that wasn’t the right thing to say. Sarah tells Casey De Smet has a facility in the jungles of Thailand near the Burmese border. Casey insists she let him help her, but she doesn’t want to get him in trouble as well.

SARAH: I’ll do anything to get him back, and I’m not going to take you down with me. You were right. I’m different without Chuck, and I don’t like it.

CASEY: Let me out of here. You need me.

SARAH: No. I need Chuck.

Morgan makes it down to Castle, but he’s more interested in apolgizing for setting Sarah off than letting Casey go free. But Morgan wants to make up for what he did. He insists Casey take him with him. Even though they’re going to a jungle full of killers, he does have a backpack.

In Thailand, Sarah starts asking questions, and one rather sleazy individual decides he’d rather be Sarah’s boyfriend. Take one guess what happens to him.

SARAH: Anybody else want to be my boyfriend?

Mueller pushes the envelope on Chuck, resulting in Chuck’s nightmares about Sarah. But he can’t do anything more without causing permanent damage. His only remaining choice is Phase Three: lobotomizing Chuck so only the Intersect remains and no memories get in its way. De Smet agrees.

Sarah’s search leads her to a man who knows about the Belgian and also runs a fighting ring. He’ll give the Belgian’s location if Sarah defeats his best fighter. Sarah agrees, and it’s time for the full Jean-Claude Van Damme experience. Some very impressive work on both their parts. There’s even a little Bloodsport thrown in, as her opponent throws sand in her eyes. But before he goes in for the kill, his knife is shot out of his hands. Casey and Morgan to the rescue!

MORGAN: (with a gun)I definitely know how to use this, dirtbags!

Half of Thailand was talking about the “giant blonde she-male” tearing through every town, so Casey and Morgan didn’t have too much difficulty finding her.

CASEY: Walker, what are you doing here all alone? This is nothing but scoundrels, assassins, and warlords! The scum of the earth!

WAITRESS: Ah, Mr. Casey. Your usual?

Casey wants to take her out of there, but the fight wasn’t over, and she insists on keeping the deal.

MORGAN: Seriously?!? Does nobody see there’s a big King Cobra in there?!?!

CASEY: (takes his gun) You are not getting bullets for a long, long time.

Jeff and Lester continue to work on the Roark 7, while Awesome deals with a lanced boil on Fernando, the Buy More employee, and helps Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) with something related to a “softener” and the “dark corners of the human body.” While Sarah finishes off her opponent, Chuck wakes up and slips out of the lab where he is. He finds himself on a compound where he might run into Tug Speedman performing “Simple Jack” five shows a day. He’s all ready to escape, and naturally Ellie chooses this time to call him on the phone. He confesses to Ellie he’s still a spy and in the jungles of Thailand. She tells him he can flash if he really tries. Oops. It was all a dream. Mueller confirms that it was a dream and tells Chuck he will erase all of his thoughts, memories, and emotions if he doesn’t flash. Chuck wakes up and realizes Mueller is really there. Or did he? It doesn’t matter, because Chuck STILL can’t flash. Mueller starts the wiping process on Chuck, and Chuck finds himself in the Buy More with the crew. Only Chuck is convinced it was a dream…or was being captured a dream. It was like The Manchurian Candidate…or an episode of Family Ties or The Hogan Family, he’s not sure. He gets rocked in his dream to find everybody gone, but he’s still in the Buy More. And suddenly he knee hurts. Everybody is on TV monitors (which makes Jeff happy), and are telling him to flash. Even Casey, Morgan, and Beckman are telling him to flash.

Sarah apologizes to Casey for locking him up, and both of them are determined to find Chuck. Only Casey is armed to the teeth. Morgan’s idea is to not use guns in the rescue, and both Sarah and Casey agree. A diversion instead. And Morgan’s the diversion. (“Guns, let’s use lots of guns.”) Too late. Morgan walks into a group of sentries pretending to be lost, and Sarah and Casey bring the pain.

CASEY: (impressed) Guess we didn’t need the guns after all. And what’s with the she-male thing?

In Chuck’s dream, Ellie and Awesome are telling him to flash. Sarah and Casey break in and take out De Smet and Mueller. In the dream, Chuck finally finds Sarah as Sarah tries to wake him up in reality.

MORGAN: Tell him what you told me. Don’t be Sarah Walker, the Spy. Be Sarah Walker, the Girlfriend.

SARAH: (in dream and reality) I found your Proposal Plan. You were going to do it on the beach in Malibu, where we watched the sun rise on our first date. There were several race cars involved. Chuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I don’t care if you have the Intersect or not. Without you, I’m nothing but a spy. Come back to me, Chuck. I want to marry you.

It works and they kiss.

After Awesome converts the house into the nastiest Free Clinic ever, Lester finally gets the computer up and running. And it needs an answer to the “Knock, Knock” question in order to proceed. But give Lester 12 hours and a colonoscopy, and…never mind.

Beckman congratulates everybody on capturing the Belgian and rescuing Chuck. And they still had no knowledge of what happened to that Thai diplomat who woke up two days later in his bed with no recollection of what happened. Beckman planned to keep Chuck as a spy, even though the Intersect appeared to be buried for good. Chuck tries to convince Sarah that there were a few surprises left in his Proposal Plan, but he berates Morgan later for spilling the beans to Sarah about it.

CHUCK: I need to surprise her, but how do I surprise a super-spy?

Morgan will be happy to help him plan a new proposal. After all, he took a Thai leech for him and had to remove a tooth from Sarah’s arm. She definitely loves her Chuck.

Awesome shows Ellie the completed computer, and they look at the “Knock Knock” line. Ellie guesses the password from her childhood is “I’m here,” as she always messed up the joke with her father. She types it in, and what happens? Tune in next week!

So, what do you think? Is Ellie the new intersect on Chuck? Let me know your theory in the comments section.

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