phil-dunphy-modern-family-mother-tucker-quotesOk, if you follow this site enough, you´d already know Phil Dunphy, Barney Stinson and the duo Shawn Spencer/Burton Guster are the ones that crack me the most. And Modern Family is no doubt one of the funniest sitcoms nowadays and given it enough time, it will be in the Hall of Fame of perennial funny shows.

I have showed the best quotes from Phil Dunphy, and now I´m doing the same with the best quotes from Modern Family Mother Tucker Episode.

An episode funny as hell, when Hailey breaks up with Dylan, and Phil tries to fill the void on Dylan´s hurt soul. And Cameron´s mom is quite beyond boundary breaking with Mitchell.

Best Quotes from Modern Family Mother Tucker episode

Claire: Hailey!
Hailey: What? We only do this when I get one right

Jay: Gloria thinks Americans are babies

Jay: I´m home fine, not mall fine

Alex: So, dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls? What do smart girls get?
Phil: Cats mostly

Claire: Hailey, how ling have I been paying this guy to be making out with you?
Hailey: About a week. At first it was just to make him shut up, but know I kinda like it

Phil: Yes, I´m gonna tell the water polo girl story, cause it hurt

Phil: Yes, sad face emoticon. I can feel the hurt through the phone

Dylan: Hey mrs Dunphy. Although now that Hailey and I broke up I guess I should call you Claire

Manny: Did she buy it? Cause it sounded fake on this side

Phil: Now that you guys broke up, you can call me whatever you like: Phil, Vitamin P, P. Daddy
Dylan: Ok. Phil

Phil: I was a lot like you on highschool. Except my hair was shorter and my guitar was a flute

Cam: Show me. Show me on Lily´s toy where my mom is touching you

Hailey: Maybe he´s better than I thought
Claire: No, he´s not

Hailey: That was you with Dylan?
Claire: You are the other girl?
Phil: No, we´re just friends

Dylan: I need time to date Dylan. And by that I mean me, not another guy named Dylan

Gloria: No, if that´s true I´m the worst wife of the world

Cam: Momma, I think this is one of the situations where Mitchell might feel you are crossing one of the boundaries

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