chuck-muuurder-spoilers-quotesAnother episode of Chuck, this one called Chuck vs the Muuuurder in which Chuck’s leadership skills are tested when someone is found murdered in Castle. Ellie picks up a hobby that worries Awesome, and Morgan is stuck in the middle when the Buy Morons take on the neighboring Large Mart.

Brody, the one who was the next intersect was murdered. Who killed him? It does not show, my guess, Director Bentley killed Brody on Chuck, but apparently she´s just Chuck´s nemesis, and not a muuurderer.

Heroes´ Puppetmaster showed up to be Marvin, Morgan´s nemesis. Loved him.

Best Quotes from Chuck Vs The Muuuurder

General Beckman: Chuck, your job is to find more Chucks

General Beckman: Chuck, you are in charge

Casey: Good Lord, four more Chucks

Sarah: You are her nemesis
Chuck: I hate to be the nemesis

Chuck: I don´t mean to offend you, but I don´t believe you

General Bentley: Well, there goes your first choice

Morgan: They claim we kidnap Kevin Bacon

Lester: Did you feel that?
Jeff: I haven´t felt anything for years

General Bentley: Brilliant deduction Sherlock

Chuck: The Boombox, really?

Casey: Bold Move

General Bentley: This is what a leader does

General Beckman: This is the team we are sticking with

Chuck: It´s good not to have a nemesis anymore

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