kristy-swanson-guest-cast-psychTalk about getting viewers psyched for Psych!
Folks at TV Guide announced it just now: Kristy Swanson will guest star in Psych!

As TV Guide reports: Swanson, 41, will play Marlowe Viccellio, a beautiful and mysterious woman who catches the attention of Lassiter (Timothy Omundson). Despite their love connection, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) begin to suspect Marlowe of killing someone “vampire-style” after the police find a blood-drained body. The episode is appropriately titled “This Episode Sucks.”

Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire´s Slayer will guest star on Psych in a vampire themed episode called This Episode Sucks.

If that´s not Epic, then please let´s redefine Epicness.

I´m so having a season six withdrawal from Psych I can´t even start to tell you, but news like Kristy Swanson guest starring on Psych, make me be able to get through.

Also, I did this one with the Complete List of Shawn and Gus Nicknames.

How good a news are these? Can you picture Kristy Swanson on Psych? Can you Picture Kristy Swanson dating Lassiter? I know I can, and I predict its awesomeness.

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