piers-morgan-tonight-cancelled-renewed-cnnWhen you are taking over the seat left by the all time great Larry King, well, you have a big seat to fill. Piers Morgan did quite alright for the first couple of years, but the third year ratings have plummeted and with that CNN is cancelling Piers Morgan Tonight, and not moving forward with more episodes of it.

The show is getting worse rating than most of Nightly Talk Shows, but also when comparing it with direct competition such as those on Fox News and MSNBC.

Maybe it was a bad fit to bring Piers Morgan to the ultimate United States´ News Network, and have him discuss the biggest stories and news. Public did not react as well as expected, and with a change of helm in CNN, a turnaround in the ratings wasn´t expected nor waited too long for, hence CNN cancels Piers Morgan Tonight.

The show will still air through all of February, and at some point yet to be announced in March will end effectively.

Probably he will return to England for more Britain´s Got Talent while still having his options for something new on CNN as he´s still under contract.

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