colin-firth-james-lipton-inside-the-actors-studio-bravoIf you invite someone over who just won every actig award available and is the clear frontrunner for the Oscars, it will probably worth it, right? Well… how about inviting Colin Firth to discuss his long and succesful acting career?  Well… that I would watch.

On the Monday, February 7th edition of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” (airing 7pm ET/PT), host James Lipton sits down for a chat with Oscar nominee, Colin Firth after his recent winning streak at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.  Lipton explores the intricate details of Firth’s career beginning with his entry into acting in his very first role as Jack Frost, where the female attention he got made him “feel like God…and I just thought, next stop it’s cocaine in the back of the limo.”  While analyzing Colin’s vast journey to get to where he is today as the star of one of the most recognized movies, The King’s Speech, Lipton divulges some of Firth’s most intimate feelings about his fellow actors and his contradicting drives to continue acting and performing.

Best Quotes from Colin Firth on Inside the Actors Studio

On how Colin’s ‘theatrical spark’ was born:
JL:  Since the Actor’s Studio Drama School offers a master’s degree in acting, in writing and directing, we are interested in how and when the theatrical spark was born.
CF: The desire was born definitely when I was about five years old. I got to play Jack Frost in the school play.
JL: Yes.
CF: And it involved little tight satin pants and a blue sash and a billowing white shirt and a polystyrene crown.  And I felt like God. I was mobbed and clawed at by members of the opposite sex, it was like, you know (laughs). I just thought, next stop it’s cocaine in the back of the limo.

On Colin’s belief that actors are drag queens:
JL: You have said actors are basically drag queens. We just want to put on a frock and dance.
CF: I would love for what we do to be, you know, the great healer. But I can’t get around the fact that I am just as motivated by camp.
JL: Were you fond of the panty hose as a kid?
CF: You should have seen me, raiding my mother’s wardrobe all the time. The frocks, the make up, the drama, the weaponry! It wasn’t all girly stuff, I mean, you know, I had some butch tendencies as well.  I’m never quite sure whether I’m more driven by an infantile desire to get attention and perform or something which has a kind of quixotic sense of being on a noble mission.

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