jeselnik-offensive-cancelled-renewed-comedy-centralWe are listing the shows that have been renewed this year and we are already closing in on 300 shows. Amazing amount of shows getting the callback. And now it´s time to see one from Comedy Central, renewing The Jeselnik Offensive for a second season. The show is paired following Tosh.0 getting a good launching platform and performing well on it, making CC´s decision easier.

Premiering in February, “The Jeselnik Offensive” has unleashed Jeselnik’s wicked take on must-see news ripped from the headlines of Gawker, Reddit and the places we all troll for the darker, more shocking and lurid stories. Recurring segments include “Sacred Cow,” during which Jeselnik takes on topics too sensitive to make a joke about, and then makes a bunch of jokes about, such as “cancer,” “missing children” and “bullying,” as well as audience-participation games including “Search and Destroy,” “Black Name Spelling Bee” and “Which Kind of Asian is This?”

Each episode also features two guest panelists to further bash pop culture and gleefully rip the veil of sanctity from off-limit topics in segments like “Best Worst Thing” and “Latino Voices,” as well as making Twitter a better place with “Defending Your Tweet.” Panelists from the first season have included Aziz Ansari, Billy Eichner, Abby Elliott, Pete Holmes, Nick Kroll, Jason Matzoukas, T.J. Miller, John Mulaney, Kristen Schaal and Amy Schumer. Jim Sharp and Monika Zielinska are the Executives in Charge of Production for COMEDY CENTRAL.

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