This week it was all about Comic Con, and NBC had a lot going on in that front, including Comic Con Scoop on Awake, Comic Con scoop on Grimm and Comic Con scoop on Chuck, but here it´s time to see the Comic Con scoop on Community and The Playboy Club.

Here you can get the Season 1 The Playboy Club and new season of Community spoilers and scoop from The Tin Fish, a bar that was trasnformed into The Playboy Club and Howard Gordon and a special guest appearance by Annie’s Boobs.

The Playboy Club Spoiler Video

The Playboy Club at Comic Con Bunnies! Keys! Photos! Everyone was invited to this Playboy Club.

Community Spoiler Video

Community Panel: Comic Con 2011 What’s new for next season? Find out, plus a surprise from Annie’s Boobs!

What do you think about these Comic Con videos of The Playboy Club first season? How about the Comic Con video of Community? Let me know in the comments section.

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