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Michael Ausiello reported it: Odette Annable joins season 8 of House MD as the new member of Gregory House´s team at Princeton Plainsboro.

Do you want to hear some spoiler of House Season 8? Well, I already told you that House will go to jail in season premiere, well, there is where he meets Odette Annable´s character, who then moves on to join the team; a team that needs females, since both Amber Tamblyn and Olivia Wilde are out of it (although Olivia Wilde will be on House season 8, not every episode).

So, Odette Annable is joining House Season 8 as a cast regular, and the producers are still looking for someone to replace Lisa Edelstein´s Cuddy who left House.

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Who is Odette Annable, the new House MD cast regular?

Born Odette Juliette Yustman on 10 May, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, Odette started her career with a minor role in the movie Kindergarden (1990) as “Rosa.” After graduating from Woodcrest Christian High School in Riverside, California, where she was the homecoming queen, she turned to modeling with a few roles through the years. Some of her credits include Danielle Steel’s Danielle Steel: Memories (1996) (TV) and Dear God (1996) with a few guest appearances in “Quintuplets” (2004). In 2006, Odette was cast in Jennifer Lopez’s “South Beach” (2006) where she played “Arielle Casta.” She was then cast in the drama “October Road.” (2007) as “Aubrey,” which has received its second season. She has since been seen in the action monster movie Cloverfield (2008) as “Beth McIntyre.” She is also known as Annie in Brothers & Sisters and Melanie Garcia in Breaking In.

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