walt-disney-johnny-depp-casting-auditions-bruckheimer-lone-rangerPirates of the Caribbean casting call auditions is one of the most coveted by all of you out there getting to this site looking for auditions, so I thought this one could be interesting for you too.
A casting call audition for Johnny Depp´s film Lone Ranger from Walt Disney.

The film is being pre produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney, and is starring Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto.

What is Walt Disney´s Lone Ranger with Jonny Depp casting call auditioning for?

The film is casting for starring roles in Los Angeles, and smaller speaking roles, extras and stand ins being auditioned in New Mexico and Texas.

What is Lone Ranger about¡ Plot Synopsis

Lawman John Reid is left for dead in an ambush, but survives by being nursed by an Indian socut named Tonto. Then JohnReid puts on a mask to avenge the murders of his comrads and to fight injustice, becoming a vigilante called The Lone Ranger, mounting his horse Silver.

How to Audition for Walt Disney´s Lone Ranger with Jonny Depp casting call auditions?

Visit this link.

Will you enter Walt Disney´s Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp Casting Auditions? Let me know how it goes.
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