community-quotes-basic-crisis-room-decorumAfter watching the third episode of Community on Yahoo Screen I realized, what a good thing that this show is back for a new season, what a good thing that Community reached six seasons and that Dan Harmon and his team of misfits can keep exploring Greendale´s craziness. This time around, the infamous times of the Ruffle the Dog´s college career.

But there were two quotes that made my day

“Chang: Could you be any bigger nerds?
Abed: No, most of us have reached our maximum potential.”

“Hope is Faith´s bitchy sister.”

Having this one, Basic Crisis Room Decorum be the 100th episode of Community suits perfectly as it portrays the team trying yet again to save Greendale, this time from City College, the rival school who attacks them with a semi libelous ad about a dog, Ruffles, graduating from Greendale. Of course, the dog took most courses, but didn´t finally graduate because of a late unpaid library fee. Classic Community!

So what do you think? Are you happy Community has reached 100 episodes with this one? Let me know your favorite moments in the comments section. Mine are probably the paintball battles or the pillow fort, but there are so many to choose from. And you can follow me on Twitter for more Community scoop.