Listverse-Epic-ListsThe last book review I did is of a book that could very well be paired with this one: The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists, also based upon contents from Much like the other book, this one also is biased towards US based content in the lists, especially in lists that broadening a little the spectrum of information to look at could mean a lot of improvement. The book promises “Unbelievable Facts and Astounding Trivia on Movies, Music, Crime, Celebrities, History, and More” and I can say the book delivers on its promise, but falls short in this around the world department.

Another thing that bugged me a little about this book is that, as it is based upon Listverse´s articles, it should be updated but it is not; and so, some of the information is old and there have been news between the time of the articles and the time of the book.

Onto the good about this book: It is a long read of tons and tons of trivia information and fun, interesting facts.

It is well written, and for a book of 432 pages, it flows pretty well. My favorite parts were the ones about the universe, what I missed was more about sports.

Book Info:

May 2014
Trade Paper
6 x 9
432 pages
Pop Culture

If you want to check it out or buy it, here´s the link.

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