ultimate-book-top-ten-listsWhen you get a whole book of over 700 pages of trivia you know you will get tons and tons of ready for small talk information. And this book does not disappoint. Quite the contrary: It has list upon lists upon lists of as they say: “a mind boggling collection of fun, fascinating and bizarre facts on movies, music, sports, crimes, celebrities, history, trivia and more”.
The book indeed delivers as promised. Where could it get a bit better? It has a lot of US bias; and many of the lists rank stuff in it just because it happened in the United States of America. Come on! The world is very big and there are tons of interesting stuff overseas, in South America and the like.
Not that it turns it into a bad book or anything close to it, but in terms of a book of trivia that puts it from five stars to four in my notes.

The book was written by Jamie Frater of Listverse.com and it is indeed a mixture of almost any topic you could think of. For me, the best parts were the ones about criminals, and the parts about Sci-Fi. Some other parts I knew the data better than what the list included, but hey; it has three or four paragraphs about each subject, so I´m ok with it.

Book Info: Nov 2009
Trade Paper
720 pages

If you want to check it out or buy it, here´s the link.

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