Last night it was all about America´s Got Talent. The first set of finalists were announced…

Complete Recap and Spoiler Results of America´s Got Talent S04E22 First Semifinal. Finalists announced

The first performances from the semifinals were done Tuesday night, which meant Wednesday was when the results would be announced, letting viewers know the first four acts that would return for the final and compete for the $1 million grand prize on “America’s Got Talent.”

Highlights from Tuesday night: Piers Morgan made another little girl cry, and she wasn’t even a contestant (it was magician Drew Thomas’ daughter); David Hasselhoff pictured three cowboy singers on a billboard in Las Vegas; Piers was nice to a dog and gave a 75-year-old woman permission to get in his shorts anytime.

To the results: Host Nick Cannon first asked dancer Arcadian Broad, The Texas Tenors, and Drew Thomas Magic to come to center stage. The first of the threesome to go home was Drew Thomas Magic.

That left Arcadian Broad and The Texas Tenors waiting to see which of them would get a spot in the finals. It was The Texas Tenors. The Hoff said, “America made the right choice!”

Be our guests: The Muppets visited, with Kermit and Miss Piggy offering up a bit of “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart.” The Hoff took the stage later, to remind folks outside of Germany that he’s also a singer. He performed a cabaret-style rendition of “Feelin’ Good.”

Back to the results: Next to center stage were Grandma Lee, Tony Hoard & Rory, and Paradizo Dance. The first to go home was Paradizo Dance, and with the crowd chanting “Grandma Lee! Grandma Lee!” the 75-year-old comedian’s dream of winning the whole thing was kept alive.

With two spots left in the finals, Nick brought the remaining four acts to the stage: singer Kevin Skinner, high-flying dunkers Acrodunk, singers Voices of Glory, and the clogging sisters The Fab Five.

The first of the four acts to get a spot in the finals was Kevin Skinner.

The next act to go home was — insert long, dramatic pause here — Acrodunk. Piers shook his head as the result was announced.

That left The Fab Five and The Voices of Glory in the middle of the stage, and the decision on which act would continue rested in the hands of the judges.

Sharon was asked to speak first. She said Voices of Glory has contributed “so much” to the show and haven’t even shown their best yet. The Fab Five, she said, were also terrific. Then, she refused to give an answer and passed it over to The Hoff.

He asked both of the groups not to look at him and he struggled to say anything before passing it to Piers.

Piers hemmed and hawed himself, suggesting they might just send both acts home — which any keen viewer should’ve known meant they were going to send them both into the finals. And that’s exactly what they did.

Author: WerewolfBarMitzvah for IMDB