The moment you all been waiting for. Chuck launched a new season.

In this all new season of Chuck, Chuck vs the Pink Slip

So, what happened on Chuck S03E01? A post filled with Chuck Spoilers, so… you are all warned.

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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Chuck S03E01 – Chuck Vs The Pink Slip

It’s been eight months since we last saw our favorite Nerd Herd super spy, so the producers throw in a flashback to remind us of where things left off: Chuck, having had the Intersect removed, absorbs the new Intersect before a new group of bad guys can grab it. Chuck gets trapped by bad guys, with guns (did we mention the guns?), along with Sarah and Casey. At the moment of truth, Chuck flashes, then kicks lots of bad guy butt with the subtle art of the fist way. His final line of the season: “Guys…I know kung fu.”

Back to the present! Specifically:

Prague, Six Months Later.

Inside a prison cell, a man removes a black hood from Chuck and addresses him as Agent Carmichael in a thick Eastern European accent. “Call me Charles,” Chuck says calmly to the man, whom he addresses as Yuri. Yuri makes with your standard issue villainous laugh, which extends into Chuck’s demand for a case his bosses require. “Give me the case, or else,” he says. Or else what? The man pulls a gun. Chuck flashes… and it is ON, like a pot of cracked neckbones. Chuck transforms into a whirlwind of fists and deadly kicks, and takes Yuri’s gun. In his earpiece, General Beckman orders Chuck to shoot Yuri, but he can’t. Yuri’s henchmen close on Chuck, who again makes with the furious kung-fu moves before grabbing the case and escaping.

Chuck dashes into the street and asks Beckman where his exit is. Beckman urges him to get to the roof for a chopper extract, advising that his pursuers are closing. Chuck does as she says, but she tells him the chopper is too far out and orders him to zipline across a power line connecting the roof to another nearby and away instructions. Great…if only he knew how to zipline. “It’s in the Intersect!” she barks, and he tells her that if she stresses him out, he won’t flash. Chuck takes off his belt and swings it over the power line, holding an end in each hand. He desperately pleads to himself to flash. But he doesn’t. Yuri and his goons catch up, pull their guns, take aim…and with a BANG! Beckman declares the simulation over. Chuck’s unbelted pants drop to his ankles, punctuating his shame.

The problem isn’t the zipline incident, it’s that it’s clear that Chuck can’t shoot people. Beckman informs Chuck that the Intersect 2.0 was designed to go into a real spy, not Chuck. It’s over, she says, and adds that the field office will observe him until they can decide on his status. Chuck protests his firing, adding that Beckman should consider what he gave up for this, but somebody tranqs him from behind, and he passes out. During his forced slumber, we flashback to SIX MONTHS EARLIER…when Casey informs Chuck that he’s to tell Ellie he’s going on a six-week last minute trip to Europe. Where he’s really going is a training facility to train him to be a real spy.

He happily tells Sarah the news…but she’s not amused. She doesn’t like the idea of her dear sweet Chuck becoming a heartless spy. She’s so not into it, in fact, that she gives him another offer: Run, together. She tells him to go to the training facility, but in three weeks time she would meet him at the Nadrazi train station in Prague with her escape plan.

“I want to be a real person again, with you,” she whispers. “This is what you want, right?” She asks if he’ll run away with her.

“Yeah,” he says breathlessly…and then he wakes up, on Ellie and Awesome’s couch. Ellie asks where Sarah is, and Chuck says he lost her. Ellie advises Chuck to call her. Cut to a sunny pool in an unknown destination, where Sarah is swimming and enjoying the company of a dapper man. He hands her ringing phone to her and, when she sees who it is, she throws it in the pool.

Chuck slips into your garden variety heartbroken depression, involving an endless string of days on Ellie and Awesome’s couch wearing nothing but his bathrobe and slippers and scarfing down cheesy poofs. He grows a crazy mountain man beard and watches a lot of TV. Ellie decides to call in the heavy guns: Morgan, back from Benihana in Hawaii. But even that doesn’t get Chuck off the couch. Ellie orders him to get off the couch and do something, and he would have ignored her if not for the fact that he’d run out of cheeseballs. Back to the Buy More to buy, er, more!

Disguising himself in a trucker cap and creepy oversize glasses, Chuck sneaks into his former place of underemployment to get more junk food Paxil, but is blindsided by the dastardly Emmett Milbarge, who calls all the employees over to see how far one falls when they leave the Buy More. He pokes Chuck in the chest, triggering the Intersect’s kung fu program, and Chuck nearly squeezes the cheese puffs jar into a ball to refrain from beating Emmett silly. Emmett, confident in his Alpha status, steps away, and Lester and Jeff beg Chuck to come back and help them. But Chuck says no. Jeff understands… after all, why would he come back when he still has that girl of his, who keeps getting hotter? And, how does pervy Jeff know this? Because Sarah still works at the yogurt shop!

Chuck, heartened by the news, heads over to the Orange Orange, but the only agent waiting for him is Casey, who’s not happy to see “The Lemon.” Chuck mumbles an excuse about having left something in Castle and Casey lets him in long enough to see that Casey is still in contact with Sarah, and that they have a mission. Chuck offers to come along, saying he can still flash. “Not what I heard,” Casey snipes, leaving Chuck in a puddle of lemony pathos. But before leaving, Chuck glimpses an important detail from a file: Something’s going down at a place called El Bucho.

Chuck shaves, he showers, he suits up! OK, well, he puts on his Nerd Herd uniform Converse high tops, pocket protector and white shirt. Off to El Bucho! Chuck gets by the bouncers by claiming he’s there to fix a down computer, makes eye-contact with a none-too-pleased Casey, and sees Sarah across the room. She crosses to him and, as a romantic ballad swells, Chuck explains that he’s not there for her, but to prove to Beckman that he can do the job. Sarah cuts him off and kisses him as a suave man enters the room, then she steps back and slaps Chuck hard enough to knock him out. When the man demands to know what the heck is going on, Sarah explains that Chuck is an ex having problems letting go…and they step over him.

In the El Bucho storeroom, Casey needles Chuck for being dropped by a ladyslap, and Chuck begs him and Sarah to let him back on the team. Sarah leaves Chuck in the dust, and Casey explains they’re on a mission to foil another plan by The Ring, aka the International League of Baddies introduced at the end of last season. The man Sarah is with is their mark, and their objective is to intercept information from a Ring courier, Javier Cruz. FLASH! Chuck tries to warn Casey that Javier is no mere courier, but the guards kick him out. Chuck tries to break down the back door to get back in, then after calming down, FLASHES with kung-fu expertise. He smiles and just as he moves to break down the door, a flamenco guitarist walks up to him and starts to ask where he entrance is. Chuck reflexively kicks the man in the face, knocking him out. Chuck, flabbergasted, decides to assume the man’s identity to get back in, taking his clothes and guitar.

Chuck sneaks back into the club, but is snagged by the club’s booking manager, who shoves him onstage with the rest of the band. Problem is, Chuck can’t play guitar…FLASH!…oh, yes he can. As he picks out a perfect tune, he mouths “ASSASSIN!” to Casey. Sarah tries to distract her mark by taking him to the dancefloor. Casey can’t see the killer, and neither can Chuck, until a red dot suddenly appears on the torso of Sarah’s date. It’s the real guitar player, minus his mustache and wig! Chuck flings himself off of the stage to save Sarah, foiling the assassin’s plans…but also ruining months of work on the mission as half the club, undercover agents all, pull their guns on Chuck. Publicly humiliated, Chuck leaves.

Elsewhere, however, the assassin has found Chuck’s Buy More I.D. badge.

Back to the couch, and the cheese balls, with Chuck. Awesome tries to comfort him after he admits that he’s no longer a spy, that the CIA fired him. Then Awesome asks if the CIA would really just give him a pink slip. Wouldn’t they send someone to kill him? Chuck and Awesome laugh this off…until it dawns on Chuck that he’s probably right. Later Chuck sleeping on the couch when Morgan sneaks in, scaring him out of his nap. Morgan decides it’s time to show Chuck what rock bottom looks like. He takes his pal to the Buy More video room and reveals that he’s been squatting there since Benihana canned him weeks ago. Couldn’t flip the shrimp, he says.

Little do they know that Emmett is watching them on a security monitor and plans to call the police the next day. Sarah is also watching, on a separate monitor in Castle, as Casey packs up and admits he’s going to miss this. What, she asks?

He presents his great love, an M134 mini gun. 3400 rounds a minute. “Never got to use ‘er,” Casey sighs. Then he notices her watching Chuck and Casey informs her that Chuck is still in love with her. “I’ve seen men who had their fingernails torn off treated more humanely than you did that kid,” he growls.

“I was just doing my job,” Sarah says.

“Job’s over,” Casey retorts. “Put him out of his misery. He deserves that much.”

In the parking lot Emmett is about to head home in the company car when he notices a man walking toward the back entrance. He gets out to confront him… and of course, it’s Javier, the assassin. He brandishes Chuck’s employee badge and asks where he can find him, and Emmett tells him he no longer works there. Then Emmett, with no shortage of condescension, attempts to shoo Javier on his way, showing off his can of mace to add emphasis. Javier considers Emmett for a moment, then turns to leave. Emmett laughs derisively and calls him a name under his breath, and Javier responds by drawing his gun and coldly shooting Emmett in the face. He leaves the Buy More managers body in a pile of trash and cardboard boxes.

Chuck and Morgan are turning to leave with Morgan’s stuff when Sarah enters the building to end things properly with Chuck. She extends her hand to shake his, and they call each other Agent Walker and Agent Bartowski. Only, Chuck admits, the Agent thing didn’t really work. As he starts to pour his true feelings out to her, three men with guns sneak up behind Chuck. One knocks him out with the butt of his gun, and the others take Sarah.

Chuck wakes up in a cell located in an unknown destination. As he sits up, Javier strolls in, ready to break him. He wants to know who Chuck is, and doesn’t believe Chuck when he says he’s nobody. Javier takes off his shirt, takes a strange-looking device out of his pants pocket and tucks it into his clothes. He proceeds to beat Chuck senseless before informing him that he’s going to reveal everything he knows, and then he’s going to tell him about the girl.

As Chuck passes out again, we flashback to Sarah at the Nadrazi train station, waiting for Chuck and their new life…and Chuck meeting her. She hands him a ticket and a new passport, then kisses him…but he doesn’t really kiss back. He came tell her in person that he won’t be coming. She warns him that nothing in that job is real, but she is, and their life will be. But he returns the ticket and passport saying, “I can’t.” He breaks her heart.

Casey is putting the final touches on closing Castle and asks another agent if he’s seen Sarah…she’s been missing for hours. He checks every one of the Buy More security feeds and sees Emmett’s body in the parking lot. He orders the agent to prep a chopper, and grabs the M134’s case.

In his cell, Chuck is lamenting that he can’t flash, and Sarah calls to him through the wall. She tells him to pick his lock and rescue her, but he whines that he can’t. Sarah gives him a pep talk to try to get him to flash, but (un?)fortunately, Javier enter Chuck’s cell for round two, goading him by saying when he’s done with Chuck, he’s going to work over Sarah. That does it. FLASH! Javier comes at Chuck with a punch, but Chuck blocks the blow and coldcocks his opponent, knocking him out in one blow. He can’t believe it! He grabs Javier’s keys, and the weird looking device, and retrieves Sarah. They head to the roof and realize they’re in Mexico. Sarah, who is now armed, provides cover fire for them while Chuck flashes… and uploads his zipline technique! Sarah grabs hold of his waist, and they zip down…to safety? Not so fast. Javier and his men have them surrounded on the ground…but in the nick of time, a helicopter swoops in and Casey, howling with glee, opens fire with his beloved M134. Chuck and Sarah run to the copter and they fly off.

Back in Castle, Beckman debriefs them that informs them that the device Chuck captured is a custom communicator used by Ring operatives, the first of its kind to be captured. Sarah informs her that she and Casey are ready to depart to Lisbon to confront another Ring cell, but Beckman informs her that their Lisbon trip has been canceled, and Operation Bartowski is back in the field. Sarah and Casey are to work alongside Chuck to bring down the ring. Sarah wears her poker face, and Casey looks like he’s just been slapped. Chuck asks what his new cover will be…and it turns out, it’s his old cover. Back to the Buy More, along with Morgan — also re-hired behind the scenes by Casey, who tells Chuck that Emmett took a job with a competing Big Box store in Anchorage.

While they’re celebrating upstairs, Beckman speaks to Sarah and orders her to watch Chuck closely to keep his emotions in check so the Intersect can work.

“Do you think he’s dangerous?” Sarah asks.

“Very, but he’s worth the risk,” Beckman replies, adding that her mission has changed from protecting Chuck from the world to protecting the world from Chuck.

Chuck heads home to find Ellie ane Awesome moving into their own place in the same complex, leaving Chuck and Morgan to share the old place. Sarah comes by to visit, and Chuck takes the opportunity to try, once again, to tell her how he feels. She stops him mid-blurt, and tells Chuck that she acted impulsively, that it was a mistake and it won’t happen again.

“You’re a spy now, Chuck,” she tells him coldly. “You have to keep your emotions to yourself.” Before he can process being dumped, Casey emerges from his apartment and informs Chuck that it’s time to train.

The episode closes with Chuck and Casey facing off in a boxing ring as “Eye of the Tiger” blasts in the background. Casey orders him to focus, and Chuck FLASHES, surfacing boxing techniques. Each of them throws his first punch, and the frame freezes.

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