The moment you all been waiting for. Chuck launched a new season with a double episode.

In this all new season of Chuck, Chuck vs the The Three Words

So, what happened on Chuck S03E02? A post filled with Chuck Spoilers, so… you are all warned.

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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Chuck S03E01 – Chuck Vs The Three Words

A man holding a golden briefcase desperately runs through a wooded area before being winged by another man with a rifle. The guy goes down, and his shooter approaches and finishes him off with a pistol.

The assassin’s phone rings, and he answers, telling the unseen party on the other end that he’ll be there later. He turns away from his heavily armed minions to quietly add, “I love you too, Smooshy.” The minions overhear him and, as he hangs up, the guy intimidates them back into silence with a sneer.

Meanwhile Sarah and her fellow spy buddy, Karina, are out at a nightclub enjoying some much deserved down time. Karina, who finds L.A. to be culturally lacking, insists she’s only in town briefly. While she’s there, however, she thought she’d try to pry into Sarah’s personal life. After a bit of prodding, she realizes Sarah’s in love with Chuck and worse, she broke the Cardinal Rule of Spying.

Back at Chuck and Morgan’s pad, Morgan is chastising Chuck for breaking the Cardinal Rule of Being Dumped: Stop talking about the ex. Morgan persuades Chuck to put down the Xbox control and head out on the prowl. They clean up and head to a nightclub — the exact same nightclub where Sarah is hanging with Karina — the very same Karina with whom Morgan believes he has a chance.

Chuck and Morgan decide not to avoid the awkwardness and head over to the two ladies…but Morgan is unable to make his move, because Karina’s boyfriend Karl — the assassin from the woods — moves in to embrace her from behind. Karina smoothly introduces her oh-so-close pals Sarah and her boyfriend (!!) Chuck and breaks the good news: She and Karl are engaged! She flashes an enormous, glittering hunk of hand candy. They exchange “I love you Smooshies” and Karl heads off to the valet to get his car so he can whisk his Smooshy off to dinner. As Karl waves goodbye, Chuck begins to congratulate Karina on her great joy..and then FLASHES. Karl is a bad, bad man. And as Chuck warns Karina of this she cuts him off. She knows he’s an arms dealer. In fact, Karl is her mark.

“What, you think I’m an idiot?” Karina snarks. “It’s the Cardinal Rule. Spies don’t fall in love.” And there it is.

She adds, “Welcome to your new mission.”

First, let’s check in at the Buy More where Big Mike is back in the hizzouse, and dressed in his Sunday finest. He announces that he’s going to be doing his finest every day and, thanks to his business class at El Segundo School of Finance, he’s going to spur the sales force to new levels of excellence. Nobody cares. Morgan attempts to enlist Chuck to check out his chances with Karina. Lester and Jeff crap on those chances, saying a woman like her would never be into a guy like him. And to test that theory, Karina walks in and heads right over to Morgan… and passes him to grab Chuck and escort him to Castle.

Chuck, Casey and Sarah are briefed on the mission: Karl has a $10 million weapon that they need to steal from a vault in Karl’s house, which will go down during an engagement party for Smooshy and Smooshy. Chuck and Sarah will pose as Chuck and Sarah, loving couple, and Casey will enter undercover as Karina’s loving father — er, uncle, which becomes official after the grizzled Colonel grumbles that he’s not old enough to be kid Karina’s sire.

Sarah and Chuck will slip out during the toast and retrieve the weapon from the vault. “This whole mission rides on you, Chuck,” General Beckman says. What a surprise.

In the break room, Lester and Jeff try to attempt to get Morgan to ask Karina out, and sweeten the deal by offering to throw a party at Chuck and Morgan’s place while Ellie and Awesome are out of town. Jeff even offers to make it really easy by serving his special punch. Morgan can’t resist — it’s on!

Cue one sexy undie show of Karina and Sarah getting ready for the engagement party. Karina offers Sarah a chance to forget about Chuck by accompanying her on her next mission in St. Tropez. Sarah asks Karina if she ever wonders what life would be like if all this were real. Meaning, if they really were getting ready for Karina’s engagement party. Karina tilts her head to consider the idea for a moment, then loads a pistol and slides it into a concealed thigh holster. “Nah,” she answers blithely.

While Chuck is getting ready for the party, Morgan slips him a party flier to give to Karina. Chuck agrees to slip it to her if only to get Morgan out of his hair.

At the engagement party, Sarah, Chuck and Karina’s Uncle Johnny (Casey in a very bad wig and molester ‘stache) greet Karl. For a moment, Chuck pulls Sarah aside and asks Sarah if they can try again, and Sarah gives him the cold shoulder and walks away. Karina pulls Chuck aside and tells him to get his head back into the game, tersely explaining that the reason Sarah’s been cold to him is because she’s still in love with him. Then she roughly pushes him back on task.

And…it’s on! Karina snags the key from Karl’s pants and hands it off to Sarah. Karina and Karl head back to the crowd to make a toast. Karl isn’t particularly verbose, so Karina press him to add something to it, and Karl tacks on the good old “Godfather” blessing: “May our first child be a masculine child.” Still not enough! Karina urges Uncle Johnny/Casey to step up to the plate, and Casey makes with some uncharacteristically long-winded, emotional blather.

All of this is in order to give Chuck and Sarah time to access the vault. Sarah gets the door open, only to find a laser-beam maze. Typical! Sarah gets Chuck to flash, and he launches into crazy acrobatics to retrieve the golden case. Unfortunately, when he gets back, his Cirque du Soleil side retreats and the geek returns to the fore, causing him his arm to swing uncontrollably, interrupt a laser, and send the vault slamming shut just as he’s about to spill his guts to Sarah. Gas begins to flood the room.

Sarah tries the key again, but security locks her out. She accesses the ventilation system to find the gas canister. While she’s crawling through the ventilation system to close off the gas, Chuck decides to unburden himself to her, explaining that in spite of what happened in Prague and everything else, that he still has feelings. He goes on and on, but Sarah doesn’t hear a thing — Chuck is instead confessing his heart’s secrets to Karl’s henchmen, standing outside the door. No problem, Sarah drops in and dispatches them, getting the door open just in time to hear Chuck slur, “I love you” before passing out in arms.

Later at Castle, Beckman congratulates the team (minus Chuck, who is still passed out on a cot) on retrieving the device. Weapon-obsessed Casey asks what it is, since he’s never seen anything like it before, but Beckman denies him, explaining that said info is “above his pay-grade.” Curious. Karina is to return the weapon to their base at Langley, and that’s to be that. “You never saw it,” Beckman snarls, before closing the video link. Karina says they wouldn’t tell her either.

Karina asks if Sarah has considered her offer, and Sarah says yes, to the horror of Chuck, who is now only pretending to be asleep. Sarah then calls Beckman and asks for a transfer, explaining that her emotional connection to Chuck may be endangering him. Beckman disagrees, saying that his feelings for Sarah are what make the Intersect work. Beckman tells Sarah to get over it and teach Chuck how to be a real spy.

Sarah, now aware that Chuck has overheard her, urges him to get up and start training. In the sparring room, she hands Chuck a bo staff and, ordering him to flash, attacks him. He can only parry. She insists he attack her but he finally throws down the staff, saying he won’t because he would never hurt her. Sarah responds by sweeping his legs, sending him to the floor. Sarah gruffly tells Chuck to bury his emotions or he’ll get himself killed. Poor guy.

Back at the Buy More, Lester and Jeff are needling Morgan, telling him how embarrassing it’ll be when Karina is a no-show at the party. But then, an opportunity — Karina, having seen that Karl has been tailing her and sees her with the Golden Case, runs into the Buy More. Big Mike notices Morgan watching her with puppy dog eyes and steps in, urging his to seize the moment.

“Fine fish like that don’t swim in a man like yours’ ocean very often. Question is, are you going to toss your hook in the water, or cut bait?” Big Mike asks.

At that moment, Karina runs up to Morgan, addressing him as Martin, and hands him the case, telling him to get her, um, computer, to Chuck. Morgan agrees to the favor, but only if she’ll come to his party. He dangles a flier, she grabs it and runs, attempting to slip out the back. Ah, but that’s where Karl is waiting with his shiny gun, wondering why his Smooshy hasn’t been returning his calls. He manhandles her out into the parking lot and into a waiting vehicle. When they’re inside, he shows Karina footage of Chuck’s vault confession (during which he outs her as a spy) and, snatching Morgan’s party flier, promises to kills Chuck himself.

Turns out Morgan gets to see Karina show up at the party that night, with Karl and his goons in tow. Boo! Karl shoves Karina up to “Martin,” and she urges him to call Chuck and let him know that she’s there. Convenient, since Casey, Chuck and Sarah are in Castle wondering where the hell Karina is. Morgan, head slowly filling with steam, calls Chuck, fills him in on the situation and says he has half a mind to go inside their apartment (designated the V.I.P. section, which Karl and his boys have roughly taken over for themselves) and give Karina the what for. Chuck begs him not to, saying that would be dangerous…ly uncool. Morgan holds off for the moment.

Elsewhere at the party, Jeff and Lester are lamenting the fact that the arrival of so many muscular guys is throwing off the party’s balance of chicks and dudes. They decide to challenge the beefcakes to a drinking contest to make them pass out. “By process of elimination, we land the ladies!” Lester crows. “I love it!”

Lester and Jeff take drinks into the very tense V.I.P. room, joined by another Buy More nerd who trips over everyone’s legs and causes a small ruckus. While Lester calms everyone down, Karina slides the jewel aside on her engagement ring and deftly laces each the drinks Lester brought in for Karl’s bunch with a small amount of drugs. He and Jeff drink up to inspire the others to join them, but the bad guys don’t take the bait. So Lester and Jeff shrug and grab two of the spiked cocktails, instantly dropping like sides of beef. Karl notices Karina sliding the jewel back into place and threatens to kill her if she tries anything else.

While Chuck, Sarah and Casey attempt to figure out a plan in Casey’s apartment, Morgan decides to nut up and take back his dignity. Gulping down some liquid courage, he heads in and tells Karina off for taking advantage of him, starting by letting her know that his name is Morgan. The little bearded then insults Karl and his henchmen and orders them to take a hike from his apartment and his party. It’s a big moment for our Morgan, and we’d be proud of him if not for his perilous proximity to being killed. Karina tries to tell him to leave, but he rebuffs her.

“That’s right, hottie — bounce,” Morgan fumes.”Fun fact for you: 730 words in the Japanese language for the word ‘yes.’ No word for ‘no’! But if there was Japanese a word for ‘no,’ I’d be saying it to you right now.” Instead he says sayonara and, with a flourish, tells her to give Chuck her computer herself — handing over the Golden Case! In a near apartment, Team Bartowski whispers a desperate “no!” in English…and in unison! To punctuate his bravura, Morgan grabs one of the spiked drinks and chugs it triumphantly, passing out very untriumphantly. Karina looks crestfallen and confused. “No one’s ever said no to me before!” she whispers, shaking her head.

Casey heads outside and plays the part of the annoyed neighbor, dousing the revelers with water from the garden hose to disperse them. Karl, his boys and Karina emerge with the case — but so do Casey and Sarah, guns drawn, as well as Chuck with a very dangerous party torch. (He hates guns.) Both sides are at a standoff until Chuck sees that Jeff has replaced the center fountain’s water with his Jail Juice, and gets an idea. He tells Casey and Sarah to drop their guns. At first they think he’s crazy, but then he says through gritted teeth, “trust me.”

They do as he says, and Chuck waits for Karl’s henchmen to approach the fountain to take the guns…which is when he tosses his torch into the juice creating a massive fireball that floors them. Sarah and Casey physically subdue them and take their weapons back. They turn their guns on Karl, who offers to shoot Karina in the head. He doesn’t care, since she broke his heart.

Chuck jumps in and commiserates with Karl. He explains that knows Karl took a chance and opened up his heart to someone, which in his line of work is a liability. And he says he knows Karl thinks he made a mistake, but maybe he helped Karina open up her heart in the process. “Maybe because you loved her, she’s learned how to love too,” Chuck says. Wait, is Chuck talking about Karl and Karina anymore? Duh.

Karin confirms this idea, saying that at first Karl was just an assignment, but in the process her feelings for him became real. “Really?” Karl whispers, dropping his guard enough for Karina to see an opening. She stomps on his foot, knocks his gun away and clocks him with the case, knocking him out.

“Yeah right, stupid,” she snarls. Sarah adds, “Spies don’t fall in love.”

In Casey’s apartment, Chuck sneaks over to the case and moves to open it but Beckman comes on the video screen and tell him not to touch it. Casey’s to watch over it until a team can retrieve it, and that is all. She cuts transmission. But! In Beckman’s office, she turns to a man who flipping a Zippo lighter open and closed, and whose face remains offscreen.

“You can’t keep this a secret anymore. It’s too dangerous,” she says in an uncharacteristically worried tone.”We need to tell them. They need to be prepared. Shaw?….Please.” Curious.

The next day, Chuck is in the courtyard cleaning up the ruins of the party when Sarah comes out and tells him she’s ready to hear what he has to say. Chuck says that he knows he’s a liability, but Sarah begs to differ. She says he did his job, talking Karl down. His emotions saved Karina’s life.

“It’s a quite a mess we made,” Sarah softly adds.

“Yeah,” Chuck agrees. “I’m really hoping we can clean it up though.”

“Maybe,” she tells him. “but you’re on your own with the courtyard.” And with that, Sarah heads off.

Chuck calls to Morgan, whining about the unfairness of having to clean up his mess, but Chuck will forgive him. Morgan’s busy in bed…with Karina?! He can’t believe it either. “NO one’s ever said no to me before,” she coos. “It was sexy.” She kisses him again.

Once that single serving of romance ends, Karina heads over to say goodbye to Sarah in Castle, sliding her a thumb drive to look at. They bid each other farewell in a foreign language, and Karina leaves. Sarah opens the drive, and on it is the video of Chuck’s romantic confession in the vault. Tears well up in Sarah’s eyes as she listens to Chuck bare his soul, ending with, “I chose to be a spy because…I love you.”

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