Ok, Tina Fey A.K.A. Liz Lemmons is ruling Television… she nails each and every award she can…
So, one might think 30 Rock is a good TV Show then… well, you´ll be wrong. 30 Rock is not good, it´s awesome!
And yesterday an all new episode of 30 Rock aired called Cutbacks. Here all 30 Rock Spoilers

Complete Recap and Spoilers of 30 Rock 3×17 – Cutbacks

Open with the gang celebrating its 50th show. They find empty booze bottles, or “decorative air holders,” waiting for them in the writer’s room. Jack comes in and tells Liz that the company has been losing money. He had to fire Jonathan, and she will now have to justify her budget to a consulting firm on Monday.

Jack tells Kenneth he will be replacing Jonathan as his new assistant. Kenneth needs to remember the “Three ‘D’s: Discretion, Docility and Don’t touch my bathroom.”

Liz gives Brad the consultant a very Steve Jobsish presentation on TGS, rattling off a few ratings numbers and showing him several clips. After the screen raises the entire cast walks out amid a flurry of confetti and shouts “This is TGS!” An unimpressed Brad asks Liz for a conference room.

Working as both a page and Jack’s assistant, Kenneth tells Tracy how overworked he feels. Kenneth asks Tracy to stop by his apartment and feed his bird. He mysteriously warns “do not go into my bedroom.”

Liz needs to cut a quarter of the shows budget but doesn’t want to fire anyone. Brad passes her in the hall and says if she doesn’t make the cuts by the end of the day he will step-in.

While Jack is firing the head of the Boombox Division, Kenneth interrupts with the “important” news that a woman from the cable company is on the line offering three months of Showtime.

Tracy feeds Kenneth’s parrot. When Tracy touches the doorknob of Kenneth’s bedroom, the bird begins squawking “Don’t go in the bedroom.” A terrified Tracy runs out of the apartment.

While Liz waits to see Jack, a woman tells her she plans to have sex with Jack to avoid him firing any of her staff. Liz tells her she has 200 employees in her department the woman suggests they “team up, Lez-out and give him a show.” Liz declines.

Jack tells Liz she really has no choice but to fire some people. When she brings up his next appointment Jack mentions that sometimes sexual favors work in these situations.

Tracy tells Jenna about Kenneth’s bedroom, wondering whether Kenneth might be a mass-murderer. Some flawed reasoning from Jenna convinces Tracy it’s a possibility and they agree to talk to Jack.

When Liz comes in to the office the next morning she finds out that Brad has begun making cuts. The food budget is gone and Brad fired the show’s elderly announcer. Liz runs to Brad and says “you look hot in those trousers. How about we grab drinks tonight?” Brad tells his assistant to “update my schedge.”

Jack tells Kenneth he needs to focus: “Think before you speak.” This of course leads to Kenneth speaking incredibly slowly in an accidentally sinister manner. Tracy and Jenna come to his desk looking for Jack. “I need to know what this is about,” Kenneth says. “I can’t have you getting me into trouble.” Jenna and Tracy are now sure Kenneth is a serial killer and agree to go to Kenneth’s apartment and save whomever they can.

Liz gets a slutty makeover and heads out for her date with Brad.

Tracy and Jenna find a bug bomb on the floor of Kenneth’s bedroom. They flee the apartment without closing the bedroom and we see the bird fall off its perch.

After dinner Liz invited Brad up to her apartment for: “30 minutes, sounds, the top part of my body is in play.”

The next day Liz finds that the writer’s room has been turned into a Telemundo studio. A stunned Liz tells Jack that she and Brad had a deal and she gave him “top-front.” “Good Lord, Lemon,” Jack responds. “Top-front is your worst quadrant.”

Tracy and Jenna tell Kenneth they thought he was a murderer and ended up killing his bird. A “riled-up” Kenneth dresses them down, saying what they did was “unforgivable.”

Liz marches up to Brad and demands an explanation. A shocked Brad thought what they did was special and tells her it was the first sexual contact he’s had since his wife died. He begins crying and speaks out loud to his dead wife. “I swore to you the next one would be worthy but she’s not. She’s a monster!”

An HR rep tells Liz and Jack that Brad has filed a complaint against Liz for “trying to barter sex in exchange for professional consideration.” In part because Jack told HR her outburst was due to menopause, Liz is given only a two week suspension. Brad has been re-assigned and Jack is now overseeing TGS’ budget review. Kenneth bursts in again and Jack has him sit down for a firing meeting.

Tracy and Jenna come up to Kenneth’s page desk and tell them they’ve made it up to him. When he returns home he finds a dozen birds flying around the apartment. “Looks like I’ve got some naming to do,” says an excited Kenneth. “Pat, Balthazar, Donna, Lorne, Michael.”

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB