Benjamin Linus and the Island are every day getting harder to figure out…

And in last night´s episode of Lost… we saw Benjamin Linus going after Penny Widmore to kill her.

Thank God Desmond Hume is there to stop him and beat the crap out of him…

Benjamin Linus had promised Charles Widmore he´d kill his daughter… so he went to do it and Bam! Shot Desmond Hume, and then pointed the gun towards her, but got stopped by Desmond.

Seeing Alex Linus threatening Benjamin made the episode!

So… what happened? Did Benjamin Linus managed to kill Penny? Is Penny Widmore one of Lost Season Finale´s deaths? Did Benjamin Linus do anything to Charlie Hume? Is Alex Linus realy alive or is she just a Smokey illusion?

Just gotta say wow!

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What didi you think about the latest Lost episode?