Another Elimination night on… starting with the presentation of the Judges.

Ryan Seacrest introduces Simon Cowell as Lord Vader.

Then the cutest photo of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Is there a romance between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell?

Frankie Avalon singing a song from the year Simon Cowell was born… 1959. Simon says he was born in 1969.

Then, the top 8 singing Can´t get you out of my head, a sing from 1999. The year American Idol was born.

After the let´s say it, corny song, the making of the Ford video.

Then Ryan is talking to Adam Lambert: Simon gave you a standing ovation. Howdid you feel?

Adam Lambert: I was extremely proud. I´ve never seen it before.

Matt Giraud´s hometown major came to see him to the show.

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Anoop Desai standing.

Randy Jackson: You´ve been consistenly great.

Kara DioGuardi: Standing ovation was great.

Paula Abdul: You know who you are.

After the nationwide vote Adam takes a seat because he´s safe.

Kris Allen and his feedback. Anoop Desai and his feedback.

Anoop Desai is in the bottom three and Kris Allen is safe.

A commercial break after knowing Anoop Desai is on the bottom three.

Flo Rida singing his hit. Thry know how to put a show, man!

Danny Gokey is standing and getting his feedback. After the nationwide vote he´s safe.

Matt Giraud stand uo, gets his feedback and Ryan Seacrest makes him suffer a little before telling him he´s safe.

Scott MacIntyre is next hearing the feedback and after the nationwide vote Scott MacIntyre is in the Bottom Three.

Allison Iraheta gets her feedback, and Lil Rounds too.

Allison gets her feedback the Lil Rounds gets her feedback. Allison Iraheta is safe and Lil Rounds is in the bottom three.

Ryan Seacrest asks Simon Cowell what he thinks abput the bottom three, and Simon says he may consider saving one of them, but doesn´t say who.

Kelly Pickler is next performing. She´s an American Idol Season 5 alum.

Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre in the bottom three standing in the center. And the one sent back to the couches is Lil Rounds. So, Lil Rounds is safe.

The bottom two are Anoop Desai and Scott MacIntyre. After the break we´ll know who is singing for his life.

Out of 34 million votes, only 30.000 separate them both.

The person with the lowest number of votes is Scott. Anoop Desai is safe.

Scott MacIntyre must sing his heart out to stay on competition.

Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul are standing and dancing while Scott MacIntyre sings.

The four judges are deliberating wether to save him or not… my guess they´ll keep the safe a little longer, until either Lil or Allison is going.

Simon Cowell says two people think Scott should stay and two people think he should go.

Scott MacIntyre is out of American Idol.

Roll video of Scott MacIntyre on American Idol…and Seacrest out.

What do you think about Scott MacIntyre leaving American Idol?

Is your favourite singer still in the competition?