Yesterday aired an all new episode of Breaking Bad called Mandala.
If you want to be spoiled this post is for you

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Breaking Bad 02×11 – Mandala

Open with Combo, one of Jesse’s buddies/dealers, working a corner. Two men pull up and glare at him, only driving off when Combo shows them his gun. The men idle at a nearby corner as a little kid rides his bike in circles around Combo. Combo calls Skinny Pete looking for back-up when the kid shoots him several times. After watching Combo fall in the street the two men drive off.

Delcavoli and a new doctor, Bravenec, tell Walker and Skyler they think a lobectomy which will cost about $180,000 may now be possible for Walter. Bravenec says it has to be done before Walter’s cancer spreads. Given that Skyler is due in several weeks they schedule the surgery to take place in four weeks.

Walter calls Jesse and tells him Combo was killed. When Walter can’t remember which dealer Combo was Jesse hangs up on him. Skinny Pete tells Jesse the problem was their moving into other dealers’ turf. Pete says everyone now knows Jesse didn’t kill Spooge. With this new danger – and the fact hes on probation – Pete tells Jesse he can’t deal anymore.

Walter and Jesse meet with Saul and explain their distribution problems. When they tell him they have 38 pounds of meth ready to go he suggests connecting them with a major dealer of 20+ years who works exclusively in large volume, out-of-town sales. Saul doesnt know the low-profile dealer personally, but will make a few calls to get a meeting. Saul tells Walter that what he has heard about the man makes him sound “a little like you.”

After confessing to Jane that he is a dealer (she knew), Jesse asks her to leave the apartment so he can do some meth. She mentions him going going with her to an AA meeting but he walks down the hall to his room. She walks to the front door, pauses, and turns back around to follow Jesse.

Walter waits for Saul’s distributor at a burrito joint called Los Pollos Hermanos. He scans the room carefully. Jesse shows up late looking obviously high. They discuss the uncertain future of their business before the paranoid and irritated Jesse leaves.

During Skyler’s sonogram the doctor tells her fluids look a little low. Walter arrives late and the two agree to schedule a C-section for the following week. After the appointment Skyler tells Walter she has to go back to work for Ted’ birthday party.

Jesse arrives home and we see the apartment littered with empty beer bottles. He walks into the bedroom where Jane is sleeping. He suggests they go for a drive. She sits up and puts the meth pipe in her mouth.

At Ted’s party Skyler sings him the Marylyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday.

Walter calls Saul and says the guy never showed. Saul says his contact said the man was there but that they blew the meeting somehow. They had one shot and now it’s a no-go. “He’s very cautious about who he does business with,” Saul said. “He’s skittish, like a deer.” Walter asks him to call the man back but Saul says you only get one shot with this guy. Saul will check on another high-level dealer but doesn’t know of anyone else who can handle such high volume.

Walter goes back to Los Pollos Hermanos. He sits in the restaurant for most of the day, watching everybody. Near closing time Walter focuses in on the conservative-looking manager who had briefly checked on he and Jesse the day before. Walter goes to the counter and ask for a diet coke and “five minutes of your time.” The man initially pretends not to know what Walter is talking about, but eventually confesses that Jesse being late and high was the reason he did not meet with them. Walter emphasizes the quality of his product and tells him Jesse does what he says and is trustworthy. The man does not promise anything, saying only that he has Walter’s numbers.

Sklyer points out to Ted some accounting discrepancies she’s found with one of their clients. Eventually he admits that he has been cooking the books in an attempt to keep the company afloat. She says she won’t turn him but can’t be a part of breaking the law. She walks to the door and he says “I don’t want you to go.”

We see that Jesse didn’t make it to Combo’s funeral. Jane walks in and pulls out a bag. She begins to prepare a needle of heroin mixed with meth. She shoots him up and Jesse falls back on the bed in comatose ecstasy.

Syler pulls into the parking lot at work. While Ted watches through the window she sits in the car for several moments before finally getting out.

Walter gets a text that reads: “POLLOS.” He rushes to the restaurant where a female manger tells him the man he spoke with was Gus, who owns 14 Los Pollos locations in several states. She says there is no way to contact Gus. On his way out of the store a man steps in front of Walter and says “38 pounds, $1.2 million,” and gives him a truck stop location. He tells Walter if he can’t have the drugs there in one hour, “dont show your face in here again.” Walter speeds off in his car trying to get Jesse on the phone.

Sitting at her desk Skyler begins to have contractions.

Outside Jesse’s place Walter ignores a call from Skyler. Walter eventually has to break in the back door. He dumps water on the barely conscious Jesse and gets him to mumble that the drugs are under the kitchen sink. Walter finds a secret panel where Jesse has hidden the meth. As he loads the smaller bags into a garbage bag Walter gets a text from Skyler: “BABY COMING!!!” He says to himself “no, not now” and pauses for a few seconds. He then fills the bag and heads out Jesse’s front door.

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB