Yesterday aired an all new episode of Breaking Bad called ABQ. The Season Finale of Breaking Bad
If you want to be spoiled this post is for you

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Breaking Bad Season Finale 02×13 ABQ

We open with our half-burned, one-eyed pink bear floating in the pool. We’re shown all of the previous black and while images bio-hazards suits, evidence containers, two body bags next to Walter’s car. The camera pulls back to the end of Walters block, goes to color and we see the home unharmed and two pillars of smoke off in the distance behind the residence.

Jesse tries furiously to revive Jane. He pounds on her chest over and over again before dissolving into tears.

Walter gets a call from Jesse while at home with Holly. He tries to calm Jesse down and tells him “I know who to call.”

A bald-headed man pulls up to Jesse’s apartment. The man (Mike) finds Jesse sitting on the front steps and tells him “Saul Goodman sent me.” Mike puts all of Jesse’s drugs and paraphernalia inside the bag with his cash. He has Jesse repeat over and over again what he is to tell investigators: “I woke up. I found her. That’s all I know.” Mike tells him to count down from 20 and call 911.

Walter Jr. calls his parents into his room to show them his website is paying off. 26 donations have come in from all over the country to the tune of about $500. Skyler is overjoyed but Walter seems nervous. Every time a donation is made the website makes a dinging noise.

Jane’s father Donald comes to Jane’s house and sees two paramedics taking a gurney out of their ambulance. Inside he watches Jane placed into a body bag. He answers a few questions about Jane and follows her body outside without acknowledging Jesse.

While more donations pour in Walter leaves a message for Jesse using his second cell phone.

At his office Hank passes around a collection jar for Walter. Stuck on top of the jar is a photo of Walter. Hank briefs the department that their blue meth has been popping up all over the southwest but is conspicuously not being sold in New Mexico. His suspicion is that Heisenberg is still working in Albuquerque but is shipping his product elsewhere.

Donations on Walter’s site have reached $2,800 and Walter seems bothered by the process. Walter gets a call from Saul that they have located someone.

Walter accompanies Mike to a seedy drug house. Walter goes in alone and finds Jesse in a drug-induced stupor. Walter tries to pick Jesse up he begins to sob. Walter holds Jesse as he tells him through tears: “I killed her . . . I loved her. I loved her more than anything.”

Donald speaks with someone (Jane’s mother?) on the phone while picking out a dress for Jane to wear at the funeral. He finds a blue one and lays it onto the bed.

We cut to Holly laid out on a bed in almost the same position as Jane’s dress as Walter changes her diaper. Walter Jr.’s site dings away and Walter asks him to turn off the volume on his computer. Skyler comes into Walter Jr.’s room and tells him Marie has arranged for a newspaper to do an article about the website.

Hank gets a visit from three businessmen who are underwriting one of the department’s fundraisers. One of the men is Gus. After Hank details what his office does, Gus notices the picture of Walter on the donation jar. He asks Hank if Walter is one of his agents. After Hank explains it is brother-in-law and that he is suffering from lung cancer, Gus places money in the jar.

Walter speaks with Jesse who is at a rehab facility. He explains that he won’t be able to come by for awhile because he about to have his lobectomy surgery. Jesse says he now knows what Walter meant in the desert when he said “I deserve this.”

Walter comes home to find TV cameras set up. Marie has gotten a station to do a piece on the family. The three sit on a couch with Holly. Walter Jr. goes on and on to the reporter about how wonderful his father is. Walter stares straight ahead looking absolutely miserable.

Skyler and Walter Jr. spend a few moments with Walter just before his surgery. A nurse gives Walter a mild sedative. A few seconds later Skyler asks whether Walter still has his cell phone. Walter mumbles “Which one?” and Skyler notices. Walter has the surgery.

Several weeks later Walter and Skyler sit with Delcavoli and Bravenec. Bravenec tells them the surgery went well and Walter has bought himself plenty of time. Skyler asks whether Walter is well enough to be on his own.

Donald has returned to his job. After he makes small talk with a co-worker we see that he works as an air traffic controller.

Back at home Skyler tells Walter she is taking Holly to Hank and Marie’s for the weekend. When she returns she wants Walter to be out of the house. She tells him that after the cell phone comment she contacted Gretchen to see if they were having an affair. After several calls Gretchen finally got back to her and told Skyler she never gave Walter any money for his treatment. Skyler contacted Delcavoli and found out Walter had paid about $100,000 in medical bills. She then tracked down Walter’s mother and found out she was completely unaware of her son’s illness. This is problematic because Walter had pretended to visit her for a long weekend. “Lies on top of lies,” she says. Walter follows her to the driveway and asks if she will stay if he tells her the truth. “Whatever it is, I’m afraid to know,” is her response before driving away.

Cut back to Donald who is sweating profusely while communicating with several planes. He accidentally uses the word ‘Jane’ during his instructions. We see on that screen that two planes are dangerously close to one another.

Cut back to Walter sitting outside by his pool. He hears a loud crash and looks up to see that two planes have collided in mid-air. The pink bear lands in the pool and the closing credits roll.

Author: MikeSaros for IMDB