See how I said Chuck Season Finale instead of Chuck series finale? That´s because (unofficially) there will be a third season of Chuck after all the Save Chuck campaign.

So Chuck Fans, keep up the Save Chuck campaign, but be relieved there will most probably going to be a new one from our favourite spy nerd.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Chuck Season Finale Chuck versus the Ring

The last time we saw the Chuckster, the Intersect had been removed from his brain. Ellie was about to be married to Awesome. Chuck and Sarah had made out. All looked grand until a certain Ted Roark boarded a bus to Burbank, intent on upsetting the nuptials.

Chuck, a new man, marches into Emmett’s office. “I’ve waited a long time for this day,” Chuck starts. Emmett interrupts: “I am incredibly flattered. But I am a flaming … heterosexual.” Um okay. “Emmett, you don’t understand,” Chuck says. “I quit!” It’s a triumphant moment for our former spy. But what are Chuck’s plans for the future? Not surprisingly, he has none. Later, Chuck shakes Casey’s hand, thanking the agent for saving his life “once a week.” Casey hands Chuck his personal number — for emergencies only, of course. He also hands Chuck a check from the government for services rendered during the past three years. Chucks jaw drops at the amount.

Downstairs, Sarah has stayed behind for new assignment. She will be working closely with none other than Bryce Larkin. “This time the Intersect goes in my head,” says Larkin, emerging from the shadows. “Now that we have the cube, it’s ready for uploading.” Chuck isn’t going to like this.

Chuck, wearing a very spy-like tuxedo, shows up at the church to find Ellie in a beautiful white gown. Breathtaking. “I quit the Buy More today,” Chuck says. Ellie is thrilled. It’s the best wedding gift a sisters could receive. Sarah arrives looking equally stunning in a pink bride’s maid gown. The Chuckster pulls his would-be GF into the hallway. “I can’t wait any longer,” Chuck says. “Sarah Walker will you do me the honor of taking a vacation with me?” But Sarah, tearing up, has bad news: She is leaving in the morning to work with Bryce.

Chuck is CRUSHED. He grabs a bottle of champagne and sits by himself in the corner. But something smells funny. Chuck peaks under the table and discovers a pair of bodies! Just then, Ted Roark appears. “I want the Intersect cube,” Ted says. And if Chuck refuses? “I’m going to kill the bride,” Ted says. Chuck has 30 minutes to get the cube and hand it over to Ted — difficult as the wedding is scheduled to begin in 20. Our hero runs into BFF Morgan, who offers to delay the wedding. “You’ve saved my ass a million times,” Morgan says. “It’s about time I save your’s.” Chuck then calls Casey’s personal number and leaves a message.

While Morgan tries to figure out how to stall the wedding, Chuck returns to the underground yogurt-shop headquarters. He finds Bryce waiting. “You’re going to give them me,” Bryce says. “The cube can’t fall into the wrong hands.” Sounds like a plan to us. And, more importantly, to Chuck.

Back at the wedding, Sarah spots Ted lurking in the hall. She quickly spills the news to Steve, who springs into action. Morgan, in the meantime, has taken the microphone inside the church. This is going to be awkward. Sure enough, Morgan hems and haws before announcing … Jeffster! Jeff and Lester take the altar and begin to perform “Mr. Roboto.” Awesome is FURIOUS. “Chuck is in trouble and I’m saving him, man,” Morgan tells Awesome. Awesome, who believes Chuck to be a superspy, agrees to play along … for now.

Chuck and Bryce, meanwhile, enter the wedding hall to find Ted. Just as Ted is about to take Bryce — “the human Intersect” (or so the villain thinks) — hostage, Sarah begins throwing knives at Ted’s henchmen. The henchmen return the favor with automatic gunfire! Fortunately, none of the guests can hear over the strains of Jeffster. Just as it appears Ted has the upper hand, a shadow passes over the skylight. Parachutes! Casey has checked his voice mail! The glass window CRASHES as Special Forces repel, automatic weapons blazing! Glass explodes. Centerpieces are ruined. An ice sculpture shatters.

At that moment, Jeff sets off a pair of Roman candles during Jeffster’s grand finale. They set off the fire alarms inside the church, as well as the sprinklers. Ellie stands in the hallway as the sprinklers soak her from head to toe. “Wedding cancelled,” she cries. On the plus side, she’ll never know about the gunfight. In a strange way, Jeffster has saved the day. Back home, Steve tries to comfort his son. “You had no choice,” he says. “You saved her life.” Chuck suddenly has an idea. He takes the government check from his drawer. “I think I might know how to fix this,” he says. Casey, escorting Ted to jail, gets a call. “We’re on it,” he growls.

Ellie, in the meantime, blames Morgan for everything. “Morgan, Lester and Jeff only did what I asked them to do,” Chuck sort-of lies. “I forgot your rings, so I told them to stall.” If you’re going to be mad at someone, you should be mad at me.” And make no mistake: Ellie IS mad. Friggin’ furious, actually. Chuck hands Ellie the rings. “Take these and I’ll take care of the rest,” he says.

Casey and Sarah, armed with Chuck’s money and government influence, start making calls. Odd as it sounds, Casey is helping to plan the perfect impromptu wedding. Cut to a beautiful, sandy beach. Chuck and friends have arranged a gorgeous shore-side wedding — just what Ellie really wanted in the first place. At long last, Ellie and Awesome are married. They kiss. Chuck cheers. Everyone claps. But all is not as well as it seems. Back at the underground yogurt-shop lair, a shady-looking Special Forces agent opens the door to Ted’s cell. He raises a silenced gun and SHOOTS the villain dead. A short time later, Casey discovers the body. He also discovers the bodies of his parachuting mates … except for one. Where is Miles?

Turns out Miles is the murderer. He appears behind Casey, gun drawn. Casey demands to know how long Miles has been with Fulcrum. Says Miles: “I’m not with Fulcrum.” Miles then knocks Casey out cold. A new villainous organization? Say it ain’t so. Back at the reception, Ellie and Awesome thank Chuck for saving the day. He is a hero again. Bryce, meanwhile, enters the party looking as dapper as always. He watches Sarah and Chuck slow dance when a CIA agent suddenly arrives. “Mr. Larkin,” the man says. “It’s time to go.” Suddenly, Steve Bartowski has an Intersect moment! The agent escorting Larkin out is presumed dead! What in the name of a new conspiracy is going on here?

Steve, panicking, goes to Chuck and Sarah. “I have an Intersect in my head,” Steve explains. Turns out he always has. He then tells them about the faux CIA agent. “If they know about Bryce, they know about Casey!” Sarah says. She runs off. Steve tries to dissuade Chuck from following, but our hero isn’t about to let Sarah run off into danger alone. Relenting, Steve hands Chuck a device for tracking the Intersect cube.

Cut to Bryce being led down a long, sterile hallway at gunpoint. He manages to slip away from his captors and flees. Sarah, Chuck and Casey, meanwhile, have used Steve’s device to track the cube to the same location. Soon, guns are blazing and bodies are flying! Chuck gets separated from Sarah and Casey and finds a sealed white room containing the glowing blue Intersect cube. Sitting against the wall is Bryce. He has been shot.

Bryce hands Chuck a fancy-looking computer chip. “This is to destroy the Intersect,” Bryce gasps. “This new computer is too powerful. It’s too dangerous.” And then Bryce’s eyes glaze over. He dies. Shaking with fear and grief, Chuck pulls away from the body and goes to the computer. He is about to slide the disc in and destroy the Intersect once and for all when, suddenly, his hand goes still. Chuck has a better idea. He puts down the disc and switches on the machine instead. The display reads: “Intersect activating.”

Chuck is downloading the Intersect back into his brain!

Once the process is complete, Chuck inserts the disc and destroys the cube. Chuck is the lone owner of the new and improved (and incredibly powerful) Intersect. Just then, Miles bursts into the room. “What did you do?!” he demands. Chuck grins. “I destroyed it,” he says. “You’re too late.” Sarah and Casey enter at gun point. The mysterious agents — not CIA and not Fulcrum — take aim. It looks like the end of our heroes.

Or is it?

Chuck suddenly bursts into action, spinning and flipping around the room like Jackie Chan possessed by Yoda. “Oh, Chuck me,” Casey breathes. EXACTLY. Casey and Sarah watch in awe as Chuck takes out every bad guy in the room with nothing but his feet and fists. Soon, it is over. The room is littered with bodies. “Chuck?” whispers Sarah. Says a surprised Chuck: “Guys, I know Kung Fu.”

To be continued …

Author: NickChor for IMDB