As the end of the Heroes season approaches, the episodes are getting more intense. Well, that´s no exception on tonight´s An Invisible Thread show. Here, with many Heroes Spoilers

Complete Recap of Heroes 3×25 – “Chapter Twelve -An Invisible Thread” – April 27, 2009

Mohinder tells us there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet, each one of them unique. He asks what the chances of that are and wonders why. Is it simply biology? Or is it something more? A master plan that drives the randomness of creation.

As he speaks we see Nathan get tranq-ed again by Danko; Parkman riding a bus; a bloody-nosed Hiro with Ando outside Building 26.

As Mohinder drones on about something unknowable that dwells in the soul we semi pick up where we left off. Instead of agents swarming a car with Angela, HRG, and Claire at a roadblock we are back at the three of them in the car Outside Arlington, Virginia. Angela sleeps in the back and wakes with a start. She had a dream Nathan was in trouble. So are they. HRG tells Claire and Angela that the construction site they passed was a fake and there will be a roadblock ahead. He stops the car tells them to get out, head for town and then to Nathan. He gives them a secure cell phone and says he’ll buy them some time. He reaches the road block we saw last week and the agents swarm the car.

We also get a repeat of Danko thinking he’s killed Sylar and Sylar rising up. Turns out when he picked up the shape-shifting ability he managed to relocate his “off switch” so now no one knows where to hit him just right to kill him. Danko pulls a gun and Sylar throws him against the wall. Danko tells him to get it over with. First Sylar tidies up by telekinetically dragging Nathan’s body into another room and informing him that he’ll kill him later after he’s absorbed his powers and his memories. And then he’s going to go meet the president so he can shake his hand, and thereby become he most powerful man on earth. Danko says to kill him now because he won’t let that happen. Sylar says he doesn’t need to kill him because in 30 seconds there won’t be a person on the planet who will believe a word he says. Sylar then morphs into Danko goes to the door and shoots several agents. He then morphs into Taub and raises his weapon and calls out to the agents. Danko gets it and calls Sylar/Taub a son of a bitch.

Claire and Angela have reached The Capitol in D.C. Claire hopes her dad got away. Angela assures her he didn’t since that wasn’t the plan. She says Claire has no idea the lengths a parent will go to to protect their children. Like now, Angela tells Claire to go warn Nathan because she has to find Matt Parkman. Apparently, in her dream he helps save Nathan. Claire wonders why Angela doesn’t just warn Nathan. She says that’s not how it works.

Sylar is dressing in front of a mirror. He goes to rouse Nathan so he can absorb his memories. Nathan doesn’t rouse. Sylar says screw it he’s learned what he needs to get by from Nathan’s stuff. Like the cufflinks, they tell him that Nathan didn’t graduate with honors from Annapolis like his diploma claims. A woman enters and informs Sylar/Nathan that Claire has arrived. Nathan claims he found Sylar but that he got away. He says he’s going to go warn the president. Claire wonders how she knows Nathan isn’t Sylar. Nathan grabs her necklace and – learning from it- says they spent time together in Mexico and he was beginning to think she knew him better than anyone. She buys this. He tells her to lay low and hang out but she wants to come. He changes his mind and agrees that if things do go south he wants Claire right by his side.

Danko is corralled into Building 26. Hiro and Ando watch. Hiro says he’s feeling better and that it was just a headache. Ando thinks he’s getting sick from using his power. Perhaps says Hiro but they have to get inside and free the captives and shut the operation down. Ando says to use his power instead. Hiro says they have to stop time, just once more. Ando says it’s a headache this time, what if his head explodes next time? Hiro says he’ll just have to take that chance.

Danko is manhandled into a cell. HRG is in there too.

Nathan awakes in his congressional bathroom. Peter arrives. Nathan says they have to stop Sylar.

Danko asks to hear the I told you so lecture from HRG about getting into bed with Sylar. HRG’s already moved on which Danko thinks is very Zen of him. HRG says they’re going to need to throw everyone and thing they have at Sylar, if they manage to get out, so they can put a spike in the back of his head. Danko drops the news that Sylar moved the spot. HRG is not psyched. Danko wonders how HRG dealt with all of this since you can’t capture or contain “all of them.” HRG says it’s all about spinning plates, living in the grey area, 20 years of middle management and it becomes second nature. So Danko figures he’ll understand in 20 years? 20 years and an adopted daugther says HRG. Without Claire, he figures he’d be exactly like Danko. Danko notes that they are inf fact in exactly in the same position. HRG says they should do something about that. Together, says Danko. They’re about to shake hands as time stops.

Ando and Hiro look in and shake heads realizing this is not who they seek. They go into the main room to figure out where the prisoners are held. Ando takes their photos off the wanted wall. Ando notices Hiro’s ear is bleeding. Hrio says he’s fine. They walk into a room with all of the knocked out people with abilities. There are a lot. They find Mohinder and unhook him from the nose tube of temporary coma-ness. Hiro has an idea. They replace all of the abilified with agents from Building 26. When Hiro restarts time he grabs his head again.

As time restarts HRG and Danko notice the open door and wonder if it’s a trick. HRG realizes it’s Hiro.

As the abilified hobble out Mohinder thanks Hiro and then Hiro goes weak in the knees. Ando explains about the headaches and nosebleeds. Mohinder examines Hiro, who has dilated pupils, a stiff left arm, and dizziness. Mohinder explains that Hiro has a power but he’s still human and his body is rejecting his power like a virus. He tells him he can’t stop time again.

At the Stanton Hotel in D.C. Claire and Nathan have reached the meeting with the president. She wonders what the plan is. Nathan/Sylar says they’ll play it close to the vest. A man approaches and as he shakes N/S’s hand he ID’s him as Liam, the prez’s chief of staff and an old boarding school buddy. Liam offers them the prez’s suite to watch the speech and then have his meeting. Claire notices that he’s signing something left-handed. He says he’s ambidextrous, bats righty, throws lefty. Her red flag goes up.

Danko notices that the entire unit has been put under and wonders how it happened. HRG thinks this is a lucky break. Danko pulls out a crazy tranq dart that he says would take down an elephant. The trick is getting close to the elephant says HRG who turns his back on Danko. Just as Danko is about to stab HRG time stops again and Hiro is stabbing Danko in the neck with the syringe. HRG turns and sees him. Hiro bows and then collapses, his nose bleeding. HRG tells Mohinder and Ando to call 911, he has to get to the Stanton to stop Sylar.

At the hotel Claire’s phone rings and she takes forever to answer it as Nathan/Sylar watches her. She finally answers and HRG asks where she is. She says with Nathan. He wants to know how she knows. We cut back to Claire and now there are two of them with the real one silenced by the one Sylar has shape-shifted into. HRG wants to know how she knows for sure. Sylar shifts back to himself and says in his normal voice because it’s me. HRG freaks. Sylar remarks to Claire “this is fun.”

Claire opens a bottle of wine under the power of puppet master Sylar. Claire’s all “my dad’s coming and he’s going to kill you.” Sylar counters that actually he’s going to kill Nathan or maybe make Claire kill him. Then he’s going to kill her whole family, including Mr. Muggles. He says his real dad is dying right now. He says meeting his real dad was a letdown. He points out the many things he and Claire have in common: adopted, can’t die. She says she’ll make sure he dies. He says she’ll get bored of trying to kill him and watching her loved ones die. And then she might forgive him and mabye even come to love him. She says she’ll keep trying to kill him for the rest of her life. He points out that everyone needs a hobby. He understands that “bridges” need to be built but he thinks maybe she’ll end up being his first first lady. As he says this he’s made them both drink wine and now he’s stroking her face.

Nathan and Peter arrive and are stopped by a security guard who informs him that Nathan’s already inside. Liam returns and they enter with a purpose as Nathan informs him about Sylar. Liam asks if Sylar is “one of them.” Nathan agrees he is and then stops himself saying “he’s one of us” and to demonstrate begins floating off the ground. The security detail around Liam pulls weapons but Nathan tells them to calm down. He admits he’s been lying to him and the president and when the time comes he’ll answer for that, but for right now, Peter chimes in, they’re going to course correct. Liam wonders how. Nathan and Peter explain that only the super-powered can stop Sylar and to just give them a five minute head start so Peter can get close enough to absorb Sylar’s powers.

Nathan and Peter stride toward the room. Peter says he’ll take him high and Nathan should take him low and they should cut the son of a bitch in two. Nathan tells Peter he loves him. Peter says he loves Nathan too.

Sylar tosses Claire out of the room at them. She looks up at them and tells them to “go!” She watches them enter and the doors slam shut. She tries to open them but can’t. She peers through door and she hears the ruckus.

The ruckus stops and Claire runs in. Peter emerges from some rubble and says they went out the window. She asks if he can fly after them and he says no. They take off.

Moments later Nathan comes flying into the room. Sylar then enters and slits his throat. Nathan stumbles backwards into a chair and dies. Sylar thinks Claire is going to be very mad at him. He then morphs into Nathan.

Matt Parkman de-buses in Washington, D.C. Angela is waiting for him and explains about her dream of Parkman saving Nathan. He says he can’t help. Angela says her dreams don’t lie and he has to come with her. He says he has to stop the evil agents so his son can have a normal life. Angela says they want the same thing then.

Peter and Claire run off to look for Nathan. They encounter HRG who’s worried that Claire is Sylar. She reassures him she’s not. HRG asks if Peter took Sylar’s power. He did. So now they think they can stop him. Agents arrive and draw their weapons. HRG puts down his gun and says the president is in danger and they need to listen to them. Claire goes up to one and presses her head against the barrel of his gun and says he can listen to her now or after he’s shot her.

Angela and Parkman are on another floor and are stopped by another agent. Matt works his mojo on him and they pass. They get to the suite and Parkman tries to keep Angela from seeing. She runs in and sees the dead Nathan and freaks and starts screaming no. Parkman watches her grief envelop her as she hugs Nathan. She doesn’t understand she says, in her dream Parkman saved Nathan.

Downstairs Nathan/Sylar sees Liam hustling the president through the kitchen. Liam asks if it’s really him. He says it is. Liam says they’re moving the president and they don’t have time anymore to meet with Nathan. N/S says it’s okay since Liam doesn’t have any more time to give. He morphs into Liam and follows the president’s entourage. The prez is hustled into a car and Liam/Sylar gets in across from him. The prez commends the fine work of the secret service. Liam says the prez was pretty good himself and extends his hand. The prez grabs it but something’s wrong, Sylar’s face cycles through all of the people he’s been and then settles back on Sylar. The president leans forward and jabs a syringe into Sylar’s chin. The prez morphs into Peter who says “bet you didn’t think I took that one from you.”

HRG flops Sylar onto a couch and tells Parkman that something is “the only way.” Parkman asks why they don’t chain him up or tranq him. Parkman doesn’t want any part of what they’re asking, which he deems crazy. Angela says they need “Nathan” to convince the president that the whole “round ’em up” campaign was a mistake. HRG points out that if word gets out that an abilified person killed a U.S. senator there will be a hundred Dankos to contend with.

Parkman says even if he could do what they were asking “he” could never really be Nathan, he would always be Sylar. Angela says Sylar can absorb all of Nathan’s memories and the entire history of anything he touches will fill in the gaps. HRG says physically no one will ever know the difference since it will be permanent.

Essentially they’re asking Parkman to get inside Sylar’s head, convince him he’s Nathan, have him morph back into Nathan for long enough that it sticks. HRG doesn’t like it either, knowing he’ll have to lie to his family yet again but they need Sylar to be Nathan and Matt’s their only hope. Parkman asks how they’ll explain Sylar’s disappearance. HRG says there’s an identical body in deep freeze at Building 26.

Angela says she knows that he would do anything to protect his son and keep him in his life. And that’s what she’s doing, she’s begging him. Parkman goes over to Sylar and works his mojo, grabbing his neck and repeating that he’s no longer Gabriel Gray, Sylar’s dead. As he does this we see Sylar’s memories disappear. He tells him he’s now Nathan Petrelli and we watch as Nathan’s memories fill his head. His body seizes and contorts and he morphs into Nathan.

Mohinder returns to tell us that we’re all connected by an invisible thread but we’re also individuals. As he blathers on we watch as Nathan, Peter, Angela, HRG, Claire, Hiro, Ando, Parkman, and Mohinder set fire to “Sylar”‘s body at Coyote Sands.

As the body burns Nathan puts his arm around Angela and declares a new beginning; HRG and Angela exhchange a look; Nathan has convinced the president to fund a new, kinder, gentler venture and that HRG should head it up. He thinks he’ll call it the Company again; Hiro holds his head and tells Ando they need to go home; Claire tells HRG that she can’t believe Sylar is really dead. HRG says he really is; Parkman doesn’t look thrilled at this and he walks off; Mohinder shakes hands with Peter before taking off himself. The Petrellis stare into the fire.

End of Volume Four

Volume Five – “Redemption”

A title tells us it’s Six Weeks Later.

A former Building 26 agent named Kent Harper returns home to find water pouring out of his sink. He walks into the kitchen and the water seems to run away. It begins to build something in the living room. It resolves into the shape of Tracy, who informs Harper that he’s “number four” and she holds out her hand.

We cut to Nathan’s office in Washington. He’s reading a story in the paper headlined “Fourth Mysterious Drowning Baffles Authorities.” Angela enters and wonders why Nathan hasn’t been in touch for weeks. He seems distracted, he says he hasn’t felt like himself lately. She tells him that now is his time. Now that all the unpleasantness is behind them and the family is back together the world is his oyster. She wonders if he’s heard a word she’s said. He apologizes and goes over to a cabinet and pulls out a clock and says that it’s running a minute and a half fast. He fixes it and then says it’s time for lunch. Angela looks at the clock nervously.

To be continued…

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