Christopher Gorham shirtless Auggie Covert Affairs spoilersHere with a new piece of spoiler from Covert Affairs latest episode.

The show is getting better and better, and all of the Christopher Gorham fans will be pleased since Auggie is again shirtless in the episode.

But, without further ado, let´s review and read some spoilers from Covert Affairs Fool in the Rain.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Covret Affairs S01E09 – Fool in the Rain

The Iranian members of the World Trade Organization are staying at a hotel in Toronto.

Inside, one of them stuffs papers into his waistband and zips up. He’s about to leave when another comes back with take out. The first guy leaves, saying he’s going to go workout. He loses the very large Iranian watching him and makes a run for it.

At Langley, Annie works late. Joan checks on her. Annie says she’s fine but Joan asks about the note the tech division spent six hours analyzing this week. It’s the one Ben left her saying: “The truth is complicated. Forgive me.”

Joan tells her she needs to accept and move on.

Annie takes a bath at home when Danielle busts in on her, hiding from Michael. Danielle is upset that Michael scheduled a golf trip at Hilton Head over their tenth wedding anniversary. He says it’s with his new boss and he has to. Danielle begs Annie to go with her on their anniversary trip instead.

Meanwhile, the Iranian hails a cab and asks him how close his $63 dollars will get him to America.

Danielle and Annie head to Niagra Falls for their getaway – the honeymoon suite.

Liza Hearn the reporter hangs around Auggie’s apartment. She asks him why a nice guy like him works at the CIA. She mentions a shipping company called the Albion group. He reminds her about their deal: she doesn’t pump him for information and he doesn’t ask her who her source is.

Arthur and Joan sit in marriage counseling at Langley. They start arguing and then ask their therapist what his security clearance is. Later, he waits outside while they continue discussing Annie. Joan thinks Annie is stressed and they might lose her. She mentions Annie’s days off and Arthur tells her about the Iranian who just contacted them. He’s at the border and Arthur wants him vetted – Annie’s closest.

Annie and Danielle enjoy their fancy suite on the Canadian side. Danielle mentions again that Annie can’t hold onto her Sri Lanka love affair forever.

Annie is thinking wistfully about Ben when Auggie calls. She tells Danielle she’s going running and picks up the guy, who introduces himself as Yahya. He doesn’t have his passport because the delegation holds onto it when they travel.

He’s a big fan of all things American, including music and spy movies. He wants to defect and get a house in West Orange, New Jersey. Annie sees a picture of some kids and asks if they’re his but he doesn’t want to talk about them.

He shows the papers he has. Annie calls Langley and says Yahya claims it’s evidence of Iran buying military technology in violation of UN sanctions.

Joan asks Annie to fax the info. Jai says he’s not a high priority target. They don’t have any info on his family. Annie is reminding them she’s on vacation with her sister when she hears Danielle yelling in the parking lot. Danielle sees Yahya in her car and is yelling, asking who he is.

When Annie gets there Danielle is threatening to call the police. She explains Yahya is an Iranian dissident helping the Smithsonian recover art that was looted when Tehran fell. Yahya goes along with it.

Danielle apologizes and suggests she and Yahya go sightseeing while Annie faxes. Yahya understands not to blow her cover. Annie buys a fax machine and starts feeding pages through.

She remembers market shopping in Sri Lanka with Ben and seeing him yelling at dark skinned man in the market. Then Ben suggests they go to the beach to hide from the world.

At the Falls, Danielle unloads her marital woes on Yahya. He tells her he was arranged to be married when he was 14 – he shows Danielle the picture of him with his betrothed, the photo of kids that Annie saw. She moved to the US and he just saw on Facebook that she was divorcing, so he’s hoping to see her again.

Jai brings Joan Yahya’s intel, which shows they’re smuggling booze and cigarettes not weapons. They think he’d make a great asset and want him to go home. Annie doesn’t think he’s up for it and says so. Joan says it’s not her call.

Yahya worries what will happen to him if he goes back. Annie tells him he knew what could happen when he signed with the agency and seems to be talking about herself. Yahya bails.

Joan tells Annie she looked for Yahya at all the hotels. Joan says they’re sending up people form the Iranian delegation and that Annie did all she could.

Arthur brings Auggie into his office, mentioning a photo. Auggie guesses what it’s about and tells him he’s working Liza as an op.

He tells Arthur that Liza mentioned the Albion group. Arthur likes that Auggie refused to help her at first request. He wants Auggie to tell her a story that only 17 people in the world know is a lie. If she finds out quickly it’s bogus, the leak is one of those 17.

Arthur doesn’t want Joan to know what he’s doing so she can’t get hit by the fallout of whatever happens.

Annie joins Danielle at the pool. Danielle mentions Yahya’s betrothed and that she helped Yahya call her. Rutaba is on her way up from Jersey to meet him on the observation deck in an hour.

Annie calls Jai, who’s worried Yahya is a plant. She doubts Iran has that much of a sense of humor.

Joan goes looking for Auggie and is told he’s meeting with Arthur. She’s not pleased.

Auggie meets with Liza on a park bench and tells her about a ship in 2007 that left Marseilles with something it its hold. He gives her the name Joaquim Kuyper, in Muputo, Mozambique. He tells her Kuyper is in the Albion group, CIA. She asks why the change of heart. He says maybe he just needed a friend outside the agency to question him.

Annie looks for Yahya on the observation deck and remembers a thunderstorm in Sri Lanka with Ben. She’s supposed to fly home the next day. He tells her to change her ticket. He sees a mysterious figure and seems about to tell her something, but he stops. Instead, he goes to talk to the man.

Annie finds Yahya on the deck through the paid binoculars. Down on the deck, a woman approaches him and hugs him hello.

Jai calls Annie and tells her they talked to Rutaba and she had a change of heart and is still in Jersey.

Down on the deck the goon with the woman pulls a gun. Joan tells Annie to stand down and that the Canadian authorities are on the way.

Annie follows anyway. She’s sneaking through the underground portion of the falls when the woman jumps her. She fights her off.

The goon pulls a gun and aims at Annie. Yahya whacks his arm away as he fires and they both tumble off a footbridge.

The woman pulls a knife on Annie but she subdues her and runs to Yahya who’s hanging over the side of the foot bridge above rushing water below. She hauls him up safely.

Later, the National Resettlement Operation Center agrees to take on Yahya. Annie tells Yahya that Rutaba didn’t betray him, her phones were illegally tapped. Annie gives him an iPod with tunes.

Annie returns to her hotel room to find Danielle is half packed. Annie’s about to feel really guilty when Danielle comes out of the closet in a bathrobe with bed head. Danielle tries to hide men’s shoes under the bed and Annie seriously wonders what’s up until Michael pokes his head out of the closet. Michael came up to surprise her.

Back in town, Liza sits down angrily with Auggie at the bar – telling him Maputo and Kuyper are dead ends. She tells him she almost bought his conflicted conscience routine. Lisa leaves and Annie joins him for a beer.

Annie looks at Jai across the bar and sees him in his baseball hat, he shapes the rim – just like the mystery man on the beach in Sri Lanka did. Annie realizes Jai is also the guy she saw Ben arguing with in the market there.

Annie looks at the note from Ben again and remembers him arguing with Jai on the beach. She burns the note.

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