So, CSI is an iconic show. The original of a very successful franchise. Yesterday, an all new episode of CSI aired, this one called Hog Heaven. If you want to read spoilers of CSI, stay in this post under your responsibility.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of “CSI” 9×23 – “Hog Heaven” – May 7, 2009

It’s night in Vegas and we hear the roar of motorcycles as they zoom up to a local watering hole. A big dude walks in with his chick and greets other big biker dudes. They have beers. One guy approaches him and offers up a hot chick. The first biker dude declines saying he’s got his own chick and plants one on the one that brung him.

Another big biker dude – they’re all sporting funky chin hair, leather jackets, and macho attitudes – spills a beer on a pool table, pissing off a big biker dude playing pool. They begin to fight and the fight spills over to the original dude and his lady friend, who eggs on the fight.

We cut to people running out of the bar with sirens sounding in the distance. A few folks get away on their bikes but most are stopped in their tracks by the police. Some literally.

Brass is telling Langston that they got an untraceable cell call to 911.

Inside David tells us the body is still superfresh as we see the original biker dude lying in a big pool of blood. Langston takes pictures and reads the biker gang name off the jacket. Brass says since he’s “flying his colors” this means he’s a full-fledged gang member. They flip him over and discover multiple knife wounds. Langston points out it would take a serious blade to cut through a leather jacket like that. The biker’s knife is missing from its sheath. No wallet or ID on the dude and no “eyewitnesses” even though the club was packed.

Hodges and Greg show up to help process the scene. Greg takes blood samples while Hodges heads for the kitchen, a good place to ditch a murder weapon when it’s a knife. Langston goes to look at the bikes, he admires them as he walks down the line. A cop tells him that all the bikes match folks in custody except one that belongs to Joey Niagara, who lists the bar as his address. Langston figures this is the victim.

Hodges works on the knives, finding blood on all, animal on some, human on others. Greg comes in to tell him they need him at PD.

Catherine takes pictures of Niagara on the slab as Robbins works on him. He has a tattoo that reads Tonya. Cahterine tells Robbins about a biker boy she dated in school who she wound up seeing years later in the ER. Robbins says the final stab wound tally is 24 and there are multiple other wounds including a hematoma probably from a chain being whipped at him. Robbins shows Catherine his mouth, it proves he was doing meth. She prints him and discisovers that he is in fact Joseph Niagra, owner of the unclaimed bike.

All of the bikers are being processed for DNA and fingerprints and clothes in a long line at the station. One named Jackass is being a pain in the ass. Another’s hands are so greasy they can’t get a good print.

Brass tries to interview several bikers and they all stonewall. Except the bartender who, when told is the only bartender in South Vegas doesn’t carry protection, tells Brass he should start looking for a better class of bar.

Back in processing, a female named Tonya, the one that was Niagra’s girl, gets sassy with Wendy. Hodges tries to be gallant and demand an apology and the woman head butts him. As she’s dragged away Wendy notices it says “Property of Joey” on the back of her jacket.

Langston dusts Niagra’s bike and finds several prints. Catherine enters and he shows her an iPod he found with an AM/FM receiver. Catherine shows him the file on a dead hooker, a case to which Niagra was connected. He also apparently had sex with the dead body. (Eww.) Langston says this kind of thing is sometimes an initiation rite. He goes back to the bike and finds Niagra’s knife embedded in the seat. They think someone is trying to send them a message.

Under sherriff Eckley comes to Brass and informs him that Niagra was an undercover cop. Brass is surprised wondering what kind of cop is a tweaking necrophiliac.

Brass and Eckley go to inform the widow, and Brass is again surprised when he discovers it’s a woman named Rita with whom he had an affair. The widow breaks down and cries on Brass saying the undercover job had turned her husband into someone else. She had gone to the station the previous night, drunk, trying to speak to his captain to get him to pull her husband out. Eckley wonders what’s up but Brass doesn’t tell him.

Riley and Greg are figuring out the blood evidence on the floor of the bar. Some of the blood belongs to other bikers: Hooper and Jackass. They confirm the handprints near the blood pool are Niagra’s.

Catherine drags Tonya into interrogation. She’s a cop too and was part of the undercover operation. She defends the killing of the hooker as something Jack- Joey’s real name- had to do. Apparently to impress the man in charge, a dude named Scratch whose identity Tonya doesn’t know.

She explains what happened the previous night: they had gone on an all day ride, headed to the bar, there were a couple of fights, nothing unusual, and then the bartender got a call that changed the mood of the bar. (We see this unfold as she speaks). The bartender has someone move all the non-gang members and women outside so they can have a pow-wow in the bar. Outside she tried to claim she had to pee to get back in and was told to find a bush. She went over to the side of the bar and looked through a window and saw Joey being stabbed. She called 911. We can see a man over her shoulder. She sees him when she turns around and asks what he’s looking at. Brass asks if anyone saw her and she says she doesn’t think so.

She knows a big old shipment of cocaine is on its way and there’s going to be a biker war. When she’s told that they’re pulling her off the detail she begs them not to so Jack won’t have died in vein. She’s all tweaked out. She explains she has to be as part of her cover.

Back on the slab Robbins explains Niagra bled to death from the stab wounds which went into his heart and head. Robbins sent molds of the wounds upstairs. He and Langston banter about Caesar.

Nick works on matching the stab wounds to the knives they found including Niagra’s. He gets one match.

Wendy works on blood evidence from the knives. Nick matches that to two of the knives and none of the others. Langston says the police arrived one minute after the 911 call so the other knives couldn’t have gone very far.

Brass is on the phone with Eckley saying it’s not a conflict of interest for him to work on the case even though he knows Rita, the widow. He says he’ll recuse himself if it becomes one. He’s interrupted by a cop announcing that Rita is here to visit.

They have an awkward sitdown in which she wonders why he didn’t tell her he was a cop. She explains that she told him she was married. He says they don’t have to talk about that now. She wants to explain. He says she doesn’t have to. She tells him that she was calling his captain every day because Jack had gone over, he was stealing money from her, he was on drugs, he was hitting her, and had had Tonya’s name tatooeed on his chest. She wonders how she was supposed to be with him after that. Rita says she didn’t tell Brass the truth about her marriage because she was afraid. Brass says he handled it badly. In another piece of good timing, Brass is interrupted by a cop who says Tonya has been released. Tonya walks by and Rita locks evil eyes with her. Brass assures her they’re doing everything they can to find her husband’s killer.

Nick is back at the bar working the scene whene a biker rides up. It’s Langston. He’s decided to search the area from a motorcycle to help him see the roads like the fleeing bikers did. Nick is amused. He rides around the area. A line of bikers passes him by without incident although they clearly make him nervous. He scans the area and stops at an alley. He goes down and looks around and discovers a back pack full of knives.

Back at the lab he confirms to Catherine that all of the knives he found match wounds on the victim and the prints they lifted match five of the bikers they have in custody.

Catherine goes to see Archie who got the phone records from the bar. A call came in at 10:02 just like Tonya said. They trace where it came from and it came from their police department. They pull the surveillance and see that Rita made the call.

Eckley pull Rita in and tries to strong arm her into confessing that she dimed out Joey saying that he was so far gone she knew he would be killed and she would get the pension and the death benefit. Brass, now recused, watches through one-way glass. She denies this.

Eckley is pulled out. He later tells Brass that Tonya says the cocaine has showed up but she doesn’t know where yet, wherever Scratch said to drop it. So, says Brass they need to figure out who Scratch is. Meanwhile the other gang is cruising the streets says Eckley, looking for the drugs.

Back at the bar Nick and Sanders are pulling mannequins out of an SUV to prepare for a recreation. Tonya and some other women show up after having been released. Tonya gets in her car and it promptly blows up.

Nick examines scraps of the explosive and determines it was dynamite. He says he’ll ride back to the station with the body.

Inside the bar Catherine, Sanders, Hodges, Riley, and Langston recreate the attack with mannequin stand-ins for each of the attackers. Seems everyone got their licks in.

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