Desperate Housewives started as a sort of sitcom slash Melrose Place kind of show… then turned out to be a mystery slash police show, afterwards happened to be about romance…
any way they make it is succesful… why?
I don´t know… but yesterday Desperate Housewives aired an all new episode. And here are all the spoilers for it

Complete Recap and Spoilers of “Desperate Housewives” – “Bargaining” – May 3, 2009

Mary Alice tells us that bargaining starts early on Wisteria Lane. MJ bargains for a better breakfast. Katherine compromises. MJ than asks if his dad going to marry Katherine. Flabbergasted Mike says he doesn’t know, they haven’t talked about it. MJ persists, Katherine loves it. Mike evades and leaves and after he does it turns out that Katherine manipulated MJ into asking and she serves him ice cream for breakfast.

We meet Bree’s divorce lawyer, who is surprised Bree wants to “do right” by Orson who she thinks is a decent man. When the lawyer says Orson is entitled to half of Bree’s catering money she freaks and starts spilling Orson’s nasty psychological secrets. When he says that surely she’s not asking him to do something criminal and reminds her that she said she thought of herself as a good person, Bree stalks out saying she also likes to think of herself as a rich person.

At the weekly poker game Gaby announces Carlos is being named Latino businessman of the year. In the course of the conversation Susan reminds Bree that Karl is a shark of a divorce lawyer. Tom comes down to remind Lynette that it’s nookie time. Turns out they’ve been reading a book that suggests sex every day for a month to become attuned to one another’s needs. She says it’s been working.

Juanita enters her parent’s bathroom looking at a picture of her mother on a fashion magazine. She then startes into the mirror sadly. She then takes off for the school bus without eating breakfast to hide from Gaby the fact that she’s made up her face.

Dave calls to invite Susan and MJ fishing this weekend as a way to thank her for her compassion since Edie’s death. She says she will. Dave stares evilly at old reports of his wife and child’s death.

Gaby gets a call from the school principal. She goes to pick Juanita up and yells at her to wash her face. She finds the magazine in her bag and asks what the deal is. Juanita says some girls at school bullied her the day before saying she couldn’t be Gaby’s daughter because she’s not pretty enough.

Susan is taking McCluskey to the doctor when Jackson drives up. He wants to talk to her. McCluskey moans. They decide on dinner the following night.

Karl arrives to ask Mike for invitation for his son Evan to MJ’s sleepover. He’s the only one from the class who wasn’t invited. MJ says Evan is a bully. Karl tries to bribe Mike into letting Evan come.

Lynette calls to let Tom know she’ll be working late and she’s going to miss having sex tonight. He’s bummed. So much so that he shows up at her office, clears her desk with a sweep, and takes her. Carlos calls and Lynette puts him on speaker. He asks her for some important help with some clients, with whom he is in the room. He overhears her smooching and stuff. They quickly finish and Lynette says the handyman was just there.

Bree goes to see Karl. Karl is supersnarky, Bree tries to maintain her dignity. He says he might help her but tries to get Bree’s help first in getting Evan into MJ’s sleepover. She’s aghast at his machinations and goes to leave. He tells her of a particularly good job he did for a client and she decides she can at least try and bribe MJ with her macaroons.

Gaby and Carlos talk to Juanita about the make-up incident and try to convince her she’s beautiful. Juanita gets mad that Gaby can wear make-up and she can’t. Carlos comes up with a plan: neither of his girls will wear make-up to his big fancy dinner. Gaby freaks. Carlos says it’s the perfect chance to teach Juanita beauty is only skin deep. Gaby agrees but says if Juanita needs a kidney, Carlos is up.

Mike is impressed with Katherine’s prep for MJ’s sleepover. Katherine laughs about what a great, funny kid MJ is and how he asked about marriage the other day. She now persists and Mike admits although he’s glad he moved in with Katherine he doesn’t see himself getting married again. This makes her sad and she’s honest about it. He says for what it’s worth, he does love her. It’s not worth much apparently.

At Susan and Jackson’s dinner he nervously asks her to marry him. He tries to explain why he wants this but before he can she runs away. She goes to the bathroom to cry and he follows her. Through the door she tearfully admits that she tried not to care about him but she’s lonely and she thinks about him all the time. She thought he’d gotten over her and the fact that he still loves her makes her feel great. She professes her love through the door. Turns out he needs her to marry him because he’ll be deported back to Canada otherwise. She chases him out with a plunger.

Tom hits up Lynette for sex but she’s sleeping. She says she’s exhausted and asks for a raincheck. He says it’s not baseball. She offers to double up the next day. She acquiesces. He begins and she falls asleep.

The next morning he confronts her. She laughs it off. He’s mad that she ruined their streak and that all she had to do was lie there which is all she normally does. They fight about her being tired and belittling his ideas.

The cops arrive at Dave’s saying there’s been a break in the club fire case. They’ve ID-ed Dave’s doc. He claims he doesn’t know who he is when shown a picture. They ask if he’s seen Jackson since they’ve discovered he was locked in the employees men’s room backstage. Dave says no and the cops depart. Dave calls Susan about the fishing trip.

Bree brings over some macaroons to MJ to bribe him to invite Evan. MJ argues he doesn’t want to since Evan hit him with a dead squirrel. Orson comes out of the house and informs Bree since he’s late for his golf game and has no time to hit the ATM he took the cash from Bree’s purse. Bree appeals to MJ saying there’s someone in her life who hits her with a dead squirrel every day and begs him to invite Evan. He says okay.

Jackson arrives at Susan’s with flowers. She shuts the door in his face. He apologizes through the door and says he should have led with deportation. She lets him in. He says he understands why she’s mad. She says she’s not mad, she’s embarrassed about what she said, that she gave in to her silly romantic fantasies. She says she’ll help him, but no love, no sex, just marriage.

At Carlos’ fancy dinner Gaby is nervous about her make-up less face and overexplains to people. Carlos is annoyed.

Kids are running like crazy around MJ’s sleepover. Mike goes to find Katherine and she’s sadly staring out the window. She says she’s scared that her “perfect family” can all go away in an instant. He says he’s not leaving. She says he’s not committing either. She wonders if it’s Susan. He says no. She says then it must be her. He says he’s just not ready and he doesn’t know what else to say. She says she’s not trying to get him to say anything, she just has to take care of herself.

At the fancy dinner the mayor wants a photo with the Solis family for the newspaper. Gaby doesn’t want to. Carlos forces her. She says she needs to use the bathroom. She appeals to the women in the bathroom for lipstick and eyeliner. The women don’t want to help and she steals a woman’s bag. The photog compliments her as does a snarky Juanita.

Lynette comes home wired on espresso promising she won’t fall asleep. Tom is unimpressed. She apologizes again saying she doesn’t know what else to say. He says he’s not mad he explains that he’s so into sex lately because doing it with her is the only thing in his life he’s passionate about. She calls this sweet but he says it’s not. It’s bad for both of them and he needs something else to be excited about. He says he knows he said he wanted to be a househusband but it’s not really what he wanted. She asks what he wants to do and he doesn’t know and this makes him sad.

Gaby goes to apologize to Juanita in bed. She tells her that being pretty is not the most important thing. Juanita doesn’t believe her. She explains that she had it easy her whole life and when she stopped modeling realized she didn’t have much going on. She wants Juanita to be brave and funny and creative, not just a pretty shell. Juanita promises she’ll do that. She asks Gaby when she can wear make-up. Gaby says when she realizes she doesn’t really need it.

Dave arrives with a fishing pole for MJ. Susan says she can’t make the fishing trip since she’s getting married. Jackson comes to the door and Dave is surprised.

Karl tells Bree that since she held up her end of the bargain he’s going to make sure she walks away with her business and money intact. To do that he may ask her to lie and stonewall and wonders if she’s up for that. She longwindedly says yes.

Mary Alice returns to tell us that bargaining on Wisteria Lane ends up by sundown: a daughter agrees to go to bed early if a mother lets her dress up in her old gows (Juanita and Gaby); a woman agrees to let her fiance sleep on the sofa (Jackson and Susan); a man allows his lover to get close as long as they don’t discuss the future (Mike and Katherine).

Bree comes home to find Orson offering a proposition: breakfast in the morning for lovemaking tonight. She agrees. Mary Alice tells us that some people get more than they bargained for.

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