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Complete Recap and Spoilers of In Plain Sight – 2×03 – A Stand Up Triple

Las Vegas, two months ago

A blonde knockout meets a man in his hotel room. He has to finish up some business first. He shows her to the bedroom, where she waits. A few minutes later her date, Albert walks in with company – her three kids. The teenage boy Tripp was looking after them but the youngest got sick. As she argues with Tripp about baby sitting they hear gun shots in the other room. Albert and his business associates lie dead.

At WITSEC HQ Maureen, William, Tripp and Gretl Stewart enter the program. Albert stole a high tech computer chip that can be used to break encryption. As Mary watches Maureen and her three kids she asks Stan and Marshall to promise to shoot her in the head if she ever has three kids. No problem.

Jinx joins her daughters in the morning, all hearts and sunshine. They think she wants something because her DUI hearing is coming up. They’re right. She needs character witness statements.

Eleanor calls for Mary relaying a message from a principal saying that Tripp has been cutting school and they haven’t been able to reach Maureen either.

Mary goes to their house. Marshall calls saying they tracked her cell phone to the shore of Lake Mead. Mary’s about to break in to look for clues when Maureen pulls up in a truck hauling a boat, acting as if everything is fine. A man named Sandy took them to the Lake. He’s not the sexiest guy and Maureen dodges his kiss good-bye.

Mary tells her she’s not allowed to just pick up and go. She reminds her people are actively looking for her. She doesn’t know what to do about Tripp cutting class. Mary offers to talk to him. She asks about Sandy but Maureen says she won’t be seeing him again. He’s not the one.

Jinx begs Brandi to do go to her AA meeting for her so she can go to the dentist, saying the officer cracked her molar. “I think you should go,” Brandi tells her mom. “It must work or they wouldn’t make all these TV movies about it.” She refers to “alcohlics” and Jinx insists she isn’t one. When Brandi resists Jinx asks if she wants her to go to jail, very subtle mom guilt trip.

Mary takes Tripp to school, telling him to get with it. She calls him a “snotty, self-centered teenager”. He tells her she doesn’t know a damn thing.

At the office, Mary looks over Tripp’s attendance record. He was being scouted by big schools for baseball. Eleanor and Mary start wrangling over the desks again.

Marshall looked up Sandy. His ex wife has a restraining order against him and he has two domestic assault charges.

Brandi goes to AA and meets Peter, who is leading the meeting. She fidgets as he tells his story but listens as he proves entertaining and sincere.

Mary calls for Maureen at work and learns she quit her job three weeks ago. The principal calls and leaves a message – Tripp ditched again. Mary can’t reach Maureen at her numbers. They go looking for him.

Peter calls on Brandi to share her story. She introduces herself as “Jinx” and talks about her daughters, especially how smart Brandi is.

At Maureen’s house Mary and Marshall find Tripp at home doing laundry. He doesn’t know where his mom is working now. He says his mom got a new cell phone three days ago in Vegas. Mary calls her. She’s getting out of the shower when she answers. Mary asks Tripp how long he’s been cutting class to take care of the kids.

Brandi finishes her mom’s story, sobbing now about the impact her disease has on her kids. Peter listens intently.

Mary thinks Tripp needs a break. She calls Raph, the pro baseball player. Raph takes him through some BP at the park as Mary watches in the stands.

Mary and Marshall watch the kids as Mary wonders to Marshall how she could miss a situation so similar to her own. When Maureen comes home Mary confronts her and Maureen works up some heady righteous indignation asking Mary how dare she pass judgment on her. Mary is having none of it and tells her she knows she was in Vegas and if she can’t take care of her children she’ll find someone else who can.

After the meeting, Peter and Brandi get some coffee and he tells “Jinx” to stick with the program. He tells her the story she told isn’t important, it’s just important that she not drink. She ‘fesses up and he walks away, saying he doesn’t like people treating the program like a joke.

At the office late Mary tries to figure out what to do about Maureen and her kids. She doesn’t have much faith in Maureen acting like a mother.

Brandi comes home and gives her mom her signature card for the meeting, telling her not to ask her to do anything like that ever again. Her mom is drinking. Jinx thinks the people in AA “got to” her when she suggests her mom drink less.

Mary and Raph go out. He thinks Tripp has talent. Mary gets a call from Maureen’s home number. It’s one of the kids. Sandy is trying to break down the door. He wants to talk to Maureen but the kids are home alone.

Mary speeds there with Raph, where Sandy is attacking Tripp. Mary gets the little kids and Raph, disobeying Mary’s order to stay in the car, races in and knocks out Sandy.

The police are on the scene a while later. They arrest Sandy. Mary goes to the hospital where Raph has his hand bandaged up. He broke a tiny bone punching out Sandy.

Mary takes the kids home to stay with them until Maureen wanders home. There’s a message from Maureen on the machine telling Tripp her new guy is taking her out of town over night and asking him to take the kids to school the next day.

Mary talks to him, not reaching him until she tells him about how she grew up. He thinks he has to take care of his siblings. But she says it could change. She suggests foster care, but he doesn’t want to split them up. She thinks he should do it for his own good.

Jinx calls Mary as 6 a.m. wanting her character reference letter. Tripp hears Mary’s side of the conversation and asks her how to start the foster care process.

Mary, Brandi and Jinx meet with her lawyer. She suggests they watch the police cruiser arrest video. She plays it. She weaves wildly and then gets out, stumbling, asking why he’s harassing her. She tries to walk home. She rails and throws her shoe at him, falling down. Jinx is horrified watching her drunk self.

Mary visits Maureen. She’s cooking breakfast, acting like mom of the week. She tells Mary she finally found a decent guy. Tripp has changed his mind. She begs him to change his mind back and he says he’s not her. Mary asks how they’re different and he says he has her.

Jinx’s lawyer makes her case in court but Jinx, still shaken, interrupts. She asks to change her plea to guilty and says she’s a black out drunk and needs to go to rehab. Mary listens incredulously and Brandi cries. The judge sentences her to 28 days in rehab.

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