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Cupcake We'll miss In plain Sight, but we appreciate the advance notice so as not to miss a moment. Been a fun ride with Mary & Marshall!
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] USA renews In Plain Sight for fifth and final season. [...]
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Gail Dahl Do we have to wait until next year (2012) to see the next season of In Plain Sight? Why would a TV station expect people to wait an entire year to see the next 12 sessions? Aren't they worried that people will just stop watching?
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gwen I love the show, I plan my day around when the show is comming on. I make sure that I am not doing any errands, or working the night that it comes on. If I have to work that night, you better believe that I will DVR it so I can watch it as soon as I get home.
Belinda M The reason to watch is simple, it is the best show out there and has fantastic story lines
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Guillermo Yes, USA keeps the perfect record so far.
Terrig I will watch both shows. I was worred In Plain Sight might be cancelled.
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Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Complete Recap and Spoilers of In PLain Sight 02×06 One Night Stan | Cine, películas y estrenos [...] post: Complete Recap and Spoilers of In PLain Sight 02×06 One Night Stan Bookmark It Hide Sites $$('div.d2035').each( function(e) { [...]
Mark Awesome quote, made me scratch my head and nearly brought a tear to my eyes.
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