in-plain-sight-season-finale-spoilers-interviewI had the chance to join a Q&A with In Plain Sight stars Mary McCormack and Fred Weller, to talk about the season finale and have some sort of spoilers about season finale of In Plain Sight that´s called Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up, and it’ll air on August 7 10/9 C on USA.

Mary McCormack:    …and a lot happens. I mean, obviously in the Finale my sister’s getting married, so you know it’s Brandi so things don’t always go according to plan. And so, you know, I think she’s – probably she’ll use birth control from now on. She’s learned about that in a real way.

Let’s see, she’s learned AA seems to work, her mother’s still sober, which is a miracle. What else has she learned? I mean, that Marshall’s an even better friend that she thought, which is, you know, hard to believe because he’s really stepped up with the whole pregnancy thing and – golly, I don’t know.

I mean, I think for Mary this season, I think one of the things that’s been fun for me this seasons is that her family has sort of not been the mess ups that they’ve been traditionally. And so, she’s sort of had to figure out who she was when she wasn’t looking after them, you know?

And I think that’s been an interesting thing for Season 4 because for the first three seasons she’s been like bitching about how she’s the only adult in the family and she has to clean up their messes, and all of a sudden they’re sort of – she’s the one that – she’s the hot mess. You know, she’s the one who’s knocked up and single and they’re sort of getting on with their lives.

Frederick Weller:    Well, I’d like to see him get into some kind of romantic relationship with Mary, but not something that’s too cozy or long lived. I just feel like it’s got to happen at some point.

Troy Rogers:    Without the danger of the Gilligan’s Island theme?

Frederick Weller:    Without the danger of – yes, I don’t want to jump to shark. I mean, I think that the more drama would ensue as a result of that. I don’t think that they would – they’re certainly not going to start getting along better than they do now, which is pretty questionable already, you know what I mean? And there’s plenty of room for conflict and trouble.

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