Ok, so Fringe is no Lost, right… it´s still from the same guy, so it´s all good. And it has the only non annoying Dawson´s Creek Alumni (Well… besides Michelle of course!). Yesterday a new episode of Fringe aired called There´s More Than One of Everything. Here are all the spoilers of Fringe

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Fringe 1×20 – There´s More Than One of Everything

New York City A gunshot victim is brought into the ER. The paramedic pulls back the sheet to show it’s Nina Sharp.

At FBI HQ in Boston Charlie, Broyles and Olivia watch the security footage from Nina’s building. There are three of them, they’re wearing masks. They shoot her in the elevator then the tape cuts out for four minutes. They try to match the voice. David Robert Jones, the ZFT mastermind. He says “take out the camera, we can do it here.”

Olivia wants to bring William Bell in. Broyles gently chastises her for assuming he doesn’t agree. He’s on board.

Nina Sharp is out of surgery.

Peter comes in to the lab. Walter didn’t come home last night. Peter calls someone about Walter. Astrid can’t find him either. Peter tells Olivia he understands why she had to say what she did. He’s not worried about him.

Walter visits a grave, The Observer watches.

Nina wakes up. Her electronic hand is on the fritz. Broyles is at her bedside. He asks her what Jones wanted with her arm. Nina asks for Olivia.

Jones walks down a street carrying a briefcase, his face partially bandaged.

Olivia comes to Nina’s room where specialists from Massive Dynamic are working on her.

Jones and his crew start setting something up in the middle of a busy street.

Nina tells Olivia that Jones worked for Bell 15 years ago but Bell isn’t a terrorist. She says Jones was fired and was bitter about it since William was a father figure to him. She said after he busted out of prison he started calling for Bell a lot.

Broyles tells Olivia that Nina thinks Jones wants to kill Bell. But she doesn’t know where he is. She hasn’t seen him for months. She thinks speaking to Bell has become more than a professional matter for her. She’s counting on it. If Olivia can get to Jones first, she can talk to Bell.

Olivia asks what Jones did to Nina in the elevator after she was shot. Holding her bionic arm she says Jones stole a very powerful energy cell that Bell hid there.

Jones delicately takes a small object out of a case and fits it into his machine. Through his bandages his face is bubbly and gross. The machine starts emitting a high pitched whine. People on the street start holding their ears. They increase the frequency. As Jones turns some knobs a whirring energy field appears in the street, like some sort of wormhole. Jones’ men tell him they can’t hold it open and it shuts, cutting off the back half of a truck that passed through. Jones says they’re the wrong coordinates and they need to try again. When he removes his sunglasses we can see one of his eyes is now blue.

Walter and The Observer walk along a beach. The Observer asks Walter if he recognizes a coin he’s holding. Walter asks him how he got it. He says it looks similar to one Walter is thinking of, but it’s different. “There’s more than one of everything,” he says.

He asks him if the house they’re in front of looks familiar and if he remembers what he has to find. He says there isn’t much time.

At Harvard, Broyles brings Nina into the lab. They ask her if Walter talked to anyone strange lately. Nina tells Peter that Jones has something Walter might know about.

Nina calls someone for a search of Walter.

Olivia and Charlie check out the half truck. Witnesses describe a curtain or window with a sheen that the truck came through. They describe a man in bandages.

Nina shows Peter train security footage of his dad near a beach house they used to own. Peter wants to go up there himself.

At the truck, Charlie gets a report that the VIN and serial numbers don’t exist and there’s no record of it anywhere.

Peter reaches the beach house.He looks around inside and finds Walter sitting by himself. He says he’s looking for something. He’s turning the coin over and over. He knows what he’s looking for is important, but he can’t remember what it is.

Olivia asks Nina where the truck came from. She asks where Bell is. She tells Nina to stop playing games or she’ll turn this world over looking for him. Nina says that’s the problem, he’s not in this world.

Providence, Rhode Island A black van pulls up to a kid’s soccer game. Jones gets out.

OIivia tries to talk Charlie through the idea that Bell is in an alternate reality. That’s why they can’t ID the truck. It came from the other side. That’s what Jones is using the energy cell for, to cross over to get to Bell.

Their cell phones all ring.

Walter searches frantically through the house, on the verge of a breakdown. Peter tries to calm him down, but he rails and thrashes and keeps searching.

Peter tells his dad about fond memories of coming to the house as a kid, including Walter making pancakes. Walter gets excited when he remembers. He knows why he’s there and where it is.

At the soccer field a kid describes a see-through wall that appeared, like a window. A kid ran into the shimmer and collapsed. They look at the body – it’s cleanly sliced off.

Charlie is ready to start buying the alternate reality theory.

Olivia asks someone to run a check for all files mentioning science, biology or unexplained phenomena. All of them. She starts marking them on a map of New England with pushpins. She tells Broyles she thinks she found a connection and they need to call Nina.

Walter opens a trunk in the beach house attic. He finds the box he was looking for with a coin just like the one The Observer gave him on top. It’s a small tackle box, but it’s locked.

Olivia goes over the dots with Nina and Broyles. She marks the spots where Jones used his device. The other locations radiate out from them.

Walter opens the box and takes out a small object. He says when he and William were young they took copious amounts of LSD and became convinced they could experience alternate realities and some kids could see these alternate realities naturally. They theorized the subjects might be able to travel to alternate worlds. Around this time, Walter says, he lost something very dear to him. He thought he could find it over there.

Nina explains that finding the right place to cross over is the key. Bell proposed that our world has “soft spots,” areas where the speed of light and protons have begun to decay, like the Bermuda Triangle, where it is easier to cross over. Their meddling with the laws of nature has increased the soft spots. She thinks Jones is looking for those.

Walter continues the explanation, saying that opening the hole could let things from there cross over to here, which could be dangerous. He built a plug, a patch to close the hole. That’s what the object it. And he knows where the hole is: Reiden Lake.

Nina and Olivia want to try to predict the next soft spot. They trace the oldest incidents back to Reiden Lake. Jones and his men arrive at Reiden Lake. He tells them to set up the gear. “Come on, men, we’re going to the other side,” he says.

Peter drives Walter to the lake. Walter says they have to hurry, but he doesn’t know why. He mentions his friend who visited him. Peter realizes he’s talking about The Observer, the man who attacked him in the woods.

Walter says Peter probably doesn’t remember, but when he was very sick as a kid he began collecting coins to calm himself. He gives Peter the one he’s been holding and says it was the coin. Peter doesn’t remember it.

Suddenly, their doors are opened and men grab them out of the car. Olivia runs over and calls off her agents. They’re all there to plug a hole in the universe.

They see a bright light in the distance and run for it.

Jones has got the machine going. He stays focused on it as his side starts trading gunfire with FBI agents. Walter gives Peter the patch to close the hole as Olivia creeps closer to Jones and the slowly opening universe hole. The hole opens up and Jones walks towards it. She shoots him. He keeps going. She shoots him again. He walks on. Looking oozy and gross he tells her the teleporter may be killing him, but in the meantime it’s made him something special. Bullets pass through him. He walks toward the opening. Olivia runs after him and Peter, holding the patch, runs after her.

As Jones steps into the hole, Peter aims the patch at it, emitting a light. The hole closes shut, shearing Jones in half.

Back at HQ Broyles tells OIivia that Nina sends her gratitude, but they’ve been told to cease and desist their investigation into William Bell.

Astrid arrives at the lab. She and Peter find a note, addressed to him. He reads it: “Stepping out for a bit, don’t worry about me, son, I know where I’m going.”

He tells Astrid not to call the police. It’s the first time Walter’s left a note.

Walter stands back at the grave he visited earlier. He leaves the coin on it. It says: “Peter Bishop, 1978-1985.”

Walter cries.

Olivia’s phone rings. It’s Nina Sharp, summoning her to a hotel in Manhattan, planning to hold up her end of the bargain.

On her way there, through the city, Olivia is nearly hit by a speeding car. She makes it to the hotel as planned. She waits. She calls for Nina and is told Nina is out of the country.

Olivia leaves. She rides the elevator down. She’s alone. Then the lights flash and she’s not, then she is again.

The doors open on an all-white hallway. A woman greets her by name and shows her to an office. There is an oxygen tank and newspapers announcing Obama’s victory.

A man enters. “I’ve been waiting quite a long time for this,” he tells her. She asks where she is and who he is. The first part is complicated. The second is easy: He’s William Bell (Leonard Nimoy).

Olivia looks out the window. She’s standing in one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB