My Boys is one show that amazes me it´s still on air and on a third season while so many great sitcoms get the cut. I just can´t get it that they cancelled Samantha Who and My Boys kept rolling… but hey, I´m no exec. And here it is… filled with spoilers of My Boys

Complete Recap and Spoilers of My Boys 03×09 – Spring Trail

“Even things we love can become stale and predictable. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective.”

Well, a fresh perspective was certainly brought to the weekly poker game. Stephanie was playing in place of Bobby…and winning, of course. (BTW, Kellee, if you actually read these things, you looked really hot in the green top you wore for this scene.) The gang misses Bobby, but work must intrude, and he is in Mesa, Arizona, covering the Cubs’ spring training. On the good side, P.J., Brendan, Mike, and Kenny will be joining him there soon. Kenny and Mike (more Kenny than Mike) is on a work trip to get some autographs of alumni Cubs on some of his memorabilia. (“Do you have to knock little kids out of the way to do that?”) Brando decides to go because he wants to relive Spring Break. He feels slighted not being able to have that kind of fun because he’s no longer in college. (also be the oldest guy in the dorm, very creepy, and have a name for his bong.) Stephanie managed to make it a spa business trip, writing an article for Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Arriving at the hotel in Arizona, P.J. and Bobby reunite, Stephanie flaunts the executive suite that she gets to stay in, and Kenny is on the floor while Brando and Mike get the beds. (shocking) Andy calls from Chicago, wondering why they were down in Arizona this week and not next week like they said. Well, the scotch he was bogarting from P.J.’s cabinet might have gotten the words a bit turned around. P.J. has a column to write, but she has yet to come up with an idea. Perhaps she should write about the guys’ inflated ego at the hotel bar having a woman to man ratio of around 20 to 1. At least, until some of the Dodgers show up.

At spring training, P.J. wants to interview the Cubs’ management about not signing an important free agent. That story was even better when Jack Briscoe wrote it around 1988—and every year since. Waxing philosophic over the “star-crossed lovers from the Tribune and the Sun-Times, like Romeo and Juliet (would have been funnier if he had said “Joliet”), he bursts P.J.’s bubble by saying that every possible article about spring training has already been written. On the bright side, P.J.’s smart enough to only drink in places where they serve food so she can expense it to the newspaper. (Did the same thing as a computer trainer in the 90’s.) You do have to give P.J. credit, though. She interviewed players, managers, umpires, vendors, families, kids, guys with their shirts off that really shouldn’t do that, even the guy who drives a cart with rakes on it. Of course, all of these people have been interviewed before, so there’s still no “fresh angle” for her story.

At the bar/restaurant (since P.J. is charging this to the Sun-Times) Brendan has CONSIDERABLE luck with a woman who likes his Irish name and hopes he’s a leprechaun. (Women are always after his lucky charms, aren’t they.) Mike, on the other hand keeps striking out. (Probably because he mispronounced the name of the Cubs spring training facility.) He doesn’t see what these baseball players have that he doesn’t—other than youth, muscles, looks, talent. He thinks he can strike out a major-league baseball player. The whole gang calls B.S. on him. All his experience as a pitcher at Naperville Central High School (Go Redhawks!) makes him qualified, in his mind. This is probably the reason Kenny doesn’t want Mike going with him to O’Donoghue’s to get Ron Santo’s autograph. Kenny leaves VERY awkwardly, especially when saying goodbye to Stephanie (they already got it on in her suite, didn’t they). Of course, no woman thinks any guy in the group is hot, not even Brando, unless something is wrong. In the case of Connie, the one who hit on him, there is a problem: Cubs’ 2nd baseman Mike Fontenot. Otherwise known as Connie’s boyfriend.

At breakfast the next day, Stephanie really needs to talk to P.J., and it’s not about the salt scrub she had yesterday that really hurt. (The woman works for a living, folks!) However, Bobby interrupts it (you would think he’d encourage Stephanie and P.J. to keep talking…huh) and has an idea for P.J.’s column: just go to the game as a fan. P.J. hasn’t attended a game without working for a very long time, and she decides that it might be a good idea to join Bobby. And Mike. And Kenny. And Brando. On the good side, she can now cheer and enjoy some alcohol, which seems to be $8 now. Yikes! But at least she’s in a better spot than Brendan, who apparently slept with Connie without even knowing it. Connie’s plan was to make Mike Fontenot jealous because he’s in baseball mode this time of year, so Connie already told Fontenot she and Brando had sex last night. And here’s the sympathy he gets from the gang…

MIKE: “You slept with Mike Fontenot’s girlfriend?”

BRENDAN: “Yeah, Mike, I did. Right there in line. Here’s your nachos.”

MIKE: “Eww, I don’t want them anymore.”

BOBBY: “You don’t want Mike Fontenot mad at you. He swings a bat for a living.” (I think Brando’s safe: Fontenot is only batting .219 right now)

P.J.: “All right, here’s a story I’m getting sick of: ‘You guys, I’m totally in love with this crazy hot chick. Oh, wait a minute, dudes. I think she just made soup out of my shoes.’ You know, there are a lot of beautiful, sane women out there. Stop shopping at the crazy mall!”

Brando can take solace in the fact that Mike Fontenot probably doesn’t even know who he is. Until Fontenot comes out of the Cubs’ dugout and points at him in a menacing way. The good news is, Fontenot comes up to him at the end of the game. Brando explains Connie lied to make him jealous, and Brando is in the same boat with crazy women on a constant basis. Fontenot can sympathize: his last girlfriend set his car on fire.

BRENDAN: “You know, there are a lot of beautiful, sane women out there. We got to break the cycle. We got to stop shopping at the crazy mall.”

FONTENOT: “Dude, you get me.” (they hug it out)

By the end of the game, nobody wants to be there, except Bobby and P.J. The Cubs are losing 13-4 and the regular players are out of the game. However, P.J. has a column brewing. Owen Scott, a minor-leaguer the gang met the previous night at the bar, needs a home run to hit for the cycle. After taking a wicked swing for strike 1, he parks the next pitch over the center field fence. The players go wild (at least the ones trying to make the team), and Bobby and P.J. dance and hug in the stands. (“It takes something special to make two jaded reporters spill beer on their shoes.” But two good things come of it. 1) P.J. has her column, and 2) one of the great debates can now be answered. Yes, that’s right. The Cubs come out to see if Mike can strike someone out. About 40 balls over the fence later, Mike gives up. (or at least we don’t get to see if he actually did it)

Back in Chicago, following Andy’s humiliating turn as Gandalf the Wizard at his daughter’s birthday party, Andy insists on hugging P.J. (and the guys) and refuses to let go until they promise never to leave him again. P.J.’s column was a complete success, going by the bottle of 18-year-old Scotch Jack Briscoe gave her. Owen Scott also made the team. As she and Bobby go out for beer (leaving the guys with Huggy Andy), she thanks him for inspiring the column. She also remembers Stephanie wanting to tell her something, but they never got around to it. Well, the answer can be right in front of you sometimes. In this case, Kenny and Stephanie kissing on the street (and saying “I love you”) might be it.

Author: murphtones for IMDB