Rescue Me is a show with great plots and of course great Dennis Leary. And last night a new episode of Rescue Me aired, this one called Iceman. In a post with many Rescue Me spoilers.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Rescue Me05x08 – Iceman

The guys close up in the bar. Mike counts the money on top of the bar. A strung out-looking dude wanders in the open door and Franco shoos him away. They wonder where Black Shawn has gotten off to. Tommy says he hopes he’s not disappearing because he knows about him and Colleen. The guys all freeze waiting to hear what he thinks he knows. He’s pleased that his daughter is lousy in the sack. They go along with it.

Mike counts up $8,000 in cash and thinks they should give some of it to a cancer charity. Sean thinks that’s a good idea and volunteers to take it in. The guys except Tommy and Sean prepare to go to the strip club. Tommy says he’ll deal with the money over Sean’s objections. Derek asks Tommy if he wants him to stay so he’s not alone in a room full of booze. Tommy says he’ll be fine and locks the door. Certainly nothing bad can come of this, nothing at all.

He puts the trash bag of cash under the bar, and starts to clean up. Two empty shot glasses happen to sit on a nearby tray. A bottle of vodka happens to be nearby as well. The two find each other. Tommy downs them both. Down go the lights. And there’s Tommy’s dead dad, at the end of the bar, telling him he loves him.

And now Tommy knows he’s hallucinating because dad’s complimenting his baseball and fire fighting abilities. He asks if Tommy’s happy now. Then he says he’s got some land down in Florida he wants to sell him. Then Johnny, Tommy’s brother who is also dead, joins the party. They both order. Booze for ghosts. They talk about Tommy. And cousin Jimmy (also dead) joins in, ragging on Tommy, wanting to know why he didn’t go in the second tower.

They accuse him of being afraid. Johnny calls him a coward as he flicks his lighter. Tommy spills booze on him. Ghost Johnny goes up in flames until Tommy douses him with an extinguisher. “I wish you boys could learn to get along,” is all dead dad has to say about the immolation.

Johnny sits back down at the bar, charred.

The first couple saves on 9/11 went fine, Tommy says. But after, in all the debris and noise, their training didn’t cover it. Their dad never prepared them for what to do after, Tommy yells. Look at Teddy after Vietnam, he drank, fought and cheated on his wife. I’m no coward, Tommy shouts.

He knows what to do if a building blows up, but not about kids and marriage. Here he is, After. He pours another drink. His hand shakes. He takes a deep breath.

Then all of a sudden, the scuzzy guy from earlier conks him on the back of the head with a gun. He wants the bag of cash. He doesn’t believe when Tommy says it’s gone, or that they have security cameras (which they don’t). He takes out the bag as the guy explains that reporting a robbery of undeclared income would be insane. Tommy counts out the money for him, and then picks up a nearby bottle and breaks it over the robber’s head. The gun goes flying, but he gets it back and shoots Tommy in the arm.

Tommy hides behind the bar, telling him to just take the money and run. The guy creeps along the other side of the bar, shooting through the wood, toying with him. He asks if Tommy wants to be a hero he prepares to fire again. And then a giant shotgun blasts blows him across the room. He’s dead.

The lights go back down again. The robber sits up, calling Tommy dad. Johnny compliments Tommy on killing his own son. The ghosts of dead male relatives past laugh at him for raising a junkie. He blasts each of them. Then he turns around and there’s Lou, hands raised, asking calmly if Tommy wants to talk about anything.

Lou came back because he realized he forgot his wallet. He felt bad for leaving him in a room full of booze. They’re back at Lou’s now. And Lou is telling him they’ll tell the guys he saw huge rats or something as he pours Tommy a giant glass. (Apparently, there’s no need to explain a dead body, which wasn’t there either.)

Tommy thanks him and takes back all the nasty things he said about him and his chances with Genevieve. Lou doesn’t take back anything he said. And, oh, he slept with Frenchie.

He has the note to prove it. He lets Tommy read it.

At the firehouse, Needles and Lou see Franco working the heavy bag. Needles proposes making some extra cash by putting him in a tournament and betting on him.

At the veteran’s hospital, another elderly vet asks Teddy to kill him.

Damian hangs out with Mike as he plays guitar. Mike lets slip that he’s taking vocal lessons. Damian asks him to sing for him. He does, a song of his own composition. He’s got a good voice. And it turns out Damian can play. He wants in Mike’s band until he learns the name is “Hot Lunch.” Damian fills him in on what exactly that particular sexual euphemism means (No. 2 is involved.)

Sean walks in, looking near death. He stumbles to the bathroom and they heard a crash. They find him passed out on the floor, having just peed blood. They call an ambulance.

Lou and Needles check out Franco pumping iron at the firehouse, prodding each other to suggest their scheme to him. Lou says he used to be a boxing trainer. Tommy mentions the guy Lou trained, “Slow Joel,” the guy with the bashed in face who comes by the firehouse now and then to drool. Franco doesn’t want to risk hurting his pretty face. But he comes around.

In the kitchen, Feinberg and Mike talk to Sheila and Damian about his post probie plans. Tommy throws a wet blanket on the affair and the alarm sounds. Mom says Damian can ride along.

In the truck Mike says Sean’s out with flu. But Franco clears up that you don’t pee blood with flu, you do with something like gonorrhea – which he had one and half times (but the second time doesn’t count because he was just the carrier, he says).

At the scene Damian finds the whole thing awesome. When it’s all settled down he begs Mike to let him go in. He suits up and Mike leads him through. It was arson. Mike finishes telling him about the unstable stairs and dead bodies and Damian admits being scared.

Then they hear voices and Mike sticks him in a room as Lou and Tommy come up. Lou asks Mike to check a nearby ceiling as he takes a moment to remind Tommy again that he “banged Frenchie.” Mike whacks the ceiling and a pocket of flame erupts near where Damian is hiding. Mike tells Tommy they can’t leave, Damian’s in there.

Tommy sends Lou and Mike away, after bashing Mike in the head for being an idiot. A wall of flames separates Tommy from his nephew. He takes a deep breath and charges through.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB