Last night Project Runway aired a new episode of the long awaited new season.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Project Runway S05E02 – We Expect Fashion

Welcome back to L.A. “This is Project Runway!” Heidi squeaks. We know, Heidi. We know. Annnnnnnywaaaaay, Logan walks around the apartment half naked while the other boys congratulate themselves on still being here. Mitchell, especially, knows he dodged a bullet. “I’m ready to rekindle my dream,” he declares.

The contestants gather at the runway. “Allo!” Heidi squeaks. “Now you will create a look for an actual celebrity … she is a mommy to be.” Why, it’s none other than Rebecca Romijn! Poor Rebecca is preggers with twins and she needs something fashionable that she can wear around town. “She wants this look to be form fitting,” Tim explains. Back at the fashion lab, the designing starts. “I never really had a lot of pregnant woman in my life — that’s not really my deal,” Logan explains. Gordana, on the other hand, might have a slight advantage as she has been pregnant twice.

The group heads out to shop — and furiously so. Qristyl is especially frantic. “Deep breathes,” Tim urges. Back at work, the contestants drape their newly bought cloth over mannequins with big, fake bellies. “My concept is that I want to use ribbon and create a bodice,” Althea says. Louise is creating a 1920s “negligee-inspired cocktail dress.” “It’s something that I’m known for,” she explains. Ramon, meanwhile, is struggling to find inspiration. Malvin is making an “egg” design, while Mitchell has opted to play it “safe.”

The next morning, the contestants get back to work. Moments later, Tim arrives. He calls Althea’s “luncheon” outfit a flat-out evening creation. Louise is worried that her dress is too “nightgowny” — and Tim agrees. Mitchell shows Tim his little pair of shorts and sweater. Tim more or less shrugs. It IS safe. Tim loves Irina’s jacket idea, but it “has to be the right jacket.” Thanks, Tim. Malvin shows off his egg, which apparently will show Rebecca’s “chicken thighs.” Tim signs deeply. “You just need to mindful of not going into costume land,” he warns. Good advice from the Timster.

The models come rushing in and put on the fake bellies. They all crack jokes about being pregnant — as if the thought is so foreign that it is literally laughable. Carol’s model has a two-year old, though, and becomes “really excited” about the dress. Carol takes this as a good sign. Ramon continues to freak out over his dress, which Mitchell says resembles a “bowling ball.” Unfortunately, Mitchell isn’t far off.

Ra’mon takes a look around the room and decides his creation might just be the most daring. “Oh, hot messes!” he tells the camera. “Am I really the front runner because no one else is taking a risk?” Maybe — but we’re no Michael or Nina. Mitchell, in the meantime, puts his shorts on his model and notes that they look “messy.” Malvin starts to wonder why all the designs in the room are so similar and if perhaps the contestants haven’t quite found their voice yet. “They haven’t cracked the egg, so to speak,” he jokes. That’s SO Malvin!

Later, the would-be designers head to the runway to be judged. Someone backstage switches on Heidi, winds her up and sends her out. “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out,” she recites. Heidi then introduces the judges: Rebecca, Nina and, filling in for Michael, Monique. The show begins and a parade of faux-pregnant models strut their stuff. Of course, most of the contestants LOVE their own creations — with the exception of Nicolas, who notices his tight, black dress is riding up on the model (showing off her “chicken thighs,” perhaps?).

Will the judges love the designs as much as the designers do? Doubtful. Heidi calls out the following names: Louise, Mitchell, Althea, Malvin, Ramon and Shirin. They represent the highest and lowest scores. Everyone else leaves the runway — safe for another week. Monique finds Ra’mon’s dress “sloppy” and “messy.” Nina thinks it looks like it has racing stripes pointing at the belly. Ra’mon is a “frontrunner” no more.

Next, Louise defends her pleated nighty thingy. Rebecca thinks it looks like lingerie, but she likes it. “Good job,” Nina says. Rebecca, in the meantime, loves Althea’s elegant evening gown. Monique thinks the bust is a little exposed, but calls the rest of the creation “perfect.” Malvin then tries to explain his “mother hen” look, which really just looks like a burlap sack wrapped around a black dress. “Do you really want to look like a chicken that has the egg?” Heidi asks. Not really. Heidi notices that Mitchell’s shorts are a hot mess all their own. “She is a mess!” Nina says. Ouch. Shirin explains that she went for comfort. Rebecca really likes the waistband. Nina really likes the angles. “I’m impressed,” Heidi says. Good for you, Shirin!

So who is the best of the best and the worst of the worst? “One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out,” Heidi explains. Now that Heidi has explained the rules, we get to the announcing. Rebecca announces that Shirin is the big winner. “Anyone of us would wear it — pregnant or not,” Rebecca says. But who is leaving? It comes down to Mitchell and Malvin. “Malvin you’re out,” Heidi says. “Mitchell, you just squeaked by. You have to up your game.”

Malvin takes the long walk down the runway. “I’m too conceptual for America,” he tells the group. That’s SO Malvin!

Author: NickChor for IMDB