Supernatural is one of those shows fans are really into it. And yesterday an all new episode of Supernatural was aired. This one called Lucifer Rising.
If you are ok with spoilers stay… if not, get out of here.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Supernatural Season Finale 04×22 – Lucifer Rising

St. Mary’s Convent, Ilchester, Maryland 1972

Black smoke swoops down the hallways, towards an altar where a priest is preparing for mass. We see it, a demon, taking possession of him. He leads the nuns in prayer later, choking on the word “Heaven” and adding some blah blah blahs. Smiling eerily, he walks back and locks the door, talking about searching for the father. Well, his father. Their father put him there. He finally found him, the spot where his cage door opens, in the convent. His eyes turn bright yellow and he tells the nuns that if they’re the praying type, now would be a good time to start. He brandishes a giant knife.

From outside, we hear screams.

Present day

Ruby and Sam stand outside a farmhouse. She says Dean was wrong to say what he did and they’ll patch things up after. Sam doesn’t think there will be an after. He can feel something inside him has changed.

Dean stares into the distance, not really hearing Bobby, who’s telling him not to turn his back on Sam. Dean says it’s too late. He’s not even sure if Sam’s still his brother any more.

Bobby responds by throwing some stuff and yelling at Dean, calling him “princess,” saying that family is supposed to make you miserable, that’s why they’re family. Bobby says Dean sounds like a whiny brat – no, he sounds like his dad. He calls his dad a coward, pushing Sam away instead of reaching out to him. Dean bristles at that observation, but Bobby keeps at him, saying Dean’s a better man than his dad was.

Dean looks out the window but when he turns around he’s inside an ornate room with Castiel, who tells him it’s almost time.

Elsewhere, a nurse wheels a baby to the nursery. Except it’s not a nurse, it’s a demon — one of Lilith’s closest minions — and she’s wheeling the baby into a dark hallway. Suddenly, she’s slammed against the wall by an invisible force. It’s Sam, with Ruby. He says they need to talk.

Back in the ornate room, we see a table with an ice bucket full of beer and a platter stacked with cheeseburgers. Zachariah appears. “The sweet life of Zach and Cas,” Dean says but the Disney Channel reference goes over their heads. (How long do you think the writers saved that one?)

Zachariah says they’re in a holding room, keeping him safe until game time. All the seals have fallen, except one. Lilith has to break it, she’s the only one who can. Dean wants to know what he’s supposed to do, but Zachariah tells him to have faith.

Sam has the nurse/demon mentally pinned to a stone table as Ruby watches. “Look at you, all ‘roided up, it’s like A-Rod and Madonna over here,” the nurse says.

He wants to know where Lilith is. He uses his demon-juiced telekinesis to do something to her that results in a lot of screaming.

Dean contemplates his cell phone and finally dials. He leaves Sam a message, saying he owes him a serious beat down but he shouldn’t have said what he said, and he apologizes just as the message service cuts him off. As Dean has more time with his beer and cheeseburgers, Sam gets the demon nurse to talk, promising that he’ll kill her when he’s done as she asked. She says Lilith will be in a convent tomorrow night, in Ilchester, Maryland. She’s going to break the final seal.

Sam starts to kill her but Ruby stops him. “It’s the final run on the Death Star and we need all the juice we can get,” she says.

In retaliation for them breaking their promise to kill her she says she’s going to take a siesta in the subconscious. The woman whose body she’s borrowing wakes up, terrified and wondering why she can’t move. Sam realizes that he won’t just be bleeding a demon, he’ll be killing a human being.

Back in the convent in 1972….

The possessed priest addresses someone with dead nun bodies and blood all around him. After a pause a voice speaks through one of the dead nuns, telling him he’s done well. He asks how to bust him out. “Lilith,” he says. The demon priest says she’s deep in the pit it won’t be easy. His father tells him to find a special child. The priest’s eyes glow yellow again.

Present day

Sam is reading about a priest who disemboweled eight nuns at the convent in Massachusetts. He said a demon made him do it and he even remembered the demon’s name: Azazel.

Ruby wants to take the demon nurse with them, but Sam hesitates. She says it’s not like he hasn’t done this before. They take her with them, she pleads with Sam, telling him who she is and that she has a husband. He puts her in the trunk.

Back in the gilded holding room, Sam entertains himself by breaking a statue. Castiel appears. Dean asks him to take him to see Sam. Cas says no. Dean tries to leave, but Cas points out that there are no doors. Lots of fancy art and chandeliers, but no door.

Sam checks his phone and sees that Dean called. He won’t listen to the message. The screaming nurse in the trunk is really getting to him. “I’m about to bleed and drink an innocent woman while she watches,” he says. “And save the world as a result,” Ruby says. He’s starting to think Dean was right, he says, as the nurse continues screaming.

Dean bashes the wall with a statue, but it mends instantly. Zachariah appears and Dean demands more answers. He asks how he’s supposed to ice Lilith. Zachariah says he isn’t. She’s going to break the final seal. What? Yes, in that moment, the ruse is up. Zachariah doesn’t want to stop the Apocalypse and never did. It is coming. “Would we really let 65 seals get broken unless senior management wanted it that way?”

He says the Apocalypse is really just Ali-Foreman and they like their chances. When they win, it’s Paradise on Earth. On the downside, all humanity is pretty much toast. “It happens,” Zachariah says. “This isn’t the first planetary enema.”

Zachariah says Sam has a part to play. He might need some nudging, but Zachariah will take care of it. But Dean’s still vital. He’s the gladiator who’s going to stop Lucifer. “You’re our own little Russell Crowe, complete with the surly attitude,” Zachariah says.

Dean asks where God is in all this. God has left the building, Z says.

A security guard checks out the now-abandoned convent and is startled by a woman in a white dress. It’s Lilith. She smiles and explains she’s there for mass…and so is he. Two demons step up from behind and grab him.

Castiel visits Dean, who asks what they’re going to do to Sam. “Nothing,” Castiel says, “he’s going to do it to himself.”

Cas says he’s sorry it ended like this. Dean decks him, but it’s like hitting an anvil. Cas is unaffected, and Dean holds his hand in agony. Destiny and God is all a bunch of lies, people are what’s important, Dean says. Cas says Dean’ll be at peace in paradise.

Dean begs Cas to help him, to get him to Sam. He reminds Castiel that there’s a right and a wrong, and he knows it. Cas says if he does it, they’ll all be hunted and killed. If there’s anything worth dying for, Dean says, this is it. But when Castiel doesn’t answer, Dean calls him a spineless, soulless son-of-a-bitch.

“What do you care about dying?” Dean growls. “You’re already dead. And we’re done.”

As he listens to Dean, Cas appears to be at odds with his true emotions. He leaves.

Sam and Ruby reach the convent, but against Ruby’s wishes, Sam wants one more moment to reconsider what he’s about to do. He listens to Dean’s message, but it’s not the one Dean left. Instead, the angels altered it so that Dean is angrily calling Sam a freak and a vampire. (As he listens, Ruby smiles slyly to herself behind his back.) That’s all Sam can take. He’s ready to drain nurse blood.

Dean paces in his waiting room. He picks up a hamburger and Cas suddenly appears and grabs him, putting his hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. Cas draws a knife across his own arm and draws a symbol on the wall in his blood. When Z appears to stop him he smacks the symbol to send Z away.

He hands the knife to Dean and tells him they have to find Sam and stop him from killing Lilith. Why?

Because she’s the final seal. When she dies, all Hell breaks loose.

Elsewhere, Carver Edlund works on a script for “Lucifer Rising.” He takes a break to order some hookers, telling the operator that if there were ever a time to live like there’s no tomorrow, this is it. He turns to find Cas and Dean in his living room.

At the Maryland convent Lilith, takes a convent from one of her minions, assuring him he does not need to worry. He nods and goes to join others lining the hallway. She turns away for a moment, and when she turns back, with her goblet of blood, all the demons have been knocked out and Sam is walking down the hallway.

Back with the Prophet Chuck, Carver tells Cas and Dean about St. Mary’s, but that they’re not supposed to be there. “Yeah, well….we’re making it up as we go,” Dean answers. There’s a bright white light, his computer fritzes out and the house shakes. It’s the Archangel. Cas tells Dean he’ll hold them all off, but he has to stop Sam. He touches Dean and sends him to St. Mary’s. Carver puts his hand on Cas’s shoulder.

Sam stalks down Lilith, pinning her with his demon telekinesis. Ruby watches, then turns to see Dean down the hall behind them. With a sinister grin she closes the door in his face.

Sam approaches Lilith, saying he’s been waiting for this for a very long time. “Give me your best shot,” Lilith teases. Sam raises his hand and a bright light burns in Lilith as blood pounds in his ears. Dean yells and pounds on the other side of the door. Sam stops. Ruby screams at Sam as Sam focuses on Dean’s voice. Lilith laughs. Sam’s eyes go demon black and he finishes Lilith off.

Her blood runs down the altar, tracing a circle. Sam realizes he’s done something horribly, horribly wrong. “What the hell….”

Ruby smiles and congratulates him happily, then tells him what killing Lilith means: He’s opened the door. “‘And it is written, that the first demon shall be the last seal.’ And you busted her open. Guess who’s coming for dinner?”

“Oh my God,” Sam gasps.

“Guess again!” Ruby taunts him.

She realizes Sam’s probably a little upset, but has to realize how good a demon she is for tricking him, tricking all of them. Nobody knew, not the demons out for her head, not even Alastair. Only Lilith. “I’m awesome!” she declares. Oh, Valley Girl demon…that’s so uncool.

Sam tries to hurt her, but he crumples to the ground in pain. Dean still can’t get through the door. Ruby tells Sam he’s out of juice — he shot his payload on the boss. Sam accuses her of poisoning him, but she said no…she just gave him the options and he chose the right path. “You didn’t need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time, Dumbo.”

She calls it a miracle, with everything Azazel and Lilith did to get them here. She says it had to be him. “It always had to be you,” Ruby coos. She assures Sam that Lucifer will repay him in ways he could never imagine. The blood continues making a circle on the floor as Dean finally busts through. Ruby tells him he’s too late. Dean replies he doesn’t care, as Sam holds her arms and Dean stabs her. She dies.

A light starts blasting through the church floor from below, the room shakes a little and the scene whites out.

The devil is on his way.

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