Ok, American Idol auditions are still going on, giving us the second rounders and some funny and bizarre moments.

Tonight we experienced Auditions in Jacksonville Florida… and if this season was weird and bizarre, and freaky, and sexually charged… this episode was no exception.

Let´s see why…

Complete recap of the best moments of American Idol Season 8 Episode 5 – Auditions in Jacksonville Florida

  • Joshua Ulloa, the self proclaimed new Justin Guarini and a Marvin Gaye strange yet good enough version. “The gadget guy” as Simon called him.
  • One thing I noted for day one was that Randy and Simon´s seat were inverted.
  • Sharon Wilbur and her dog Sasha went on next. The little dog sitting on Simon´s lap, and Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi kissing each other… What´s up with those judges making out huh? Yeah… it was oh so fake!
  • Kara DioGuardi saying “my job isn´t done until Simon tries a move on me
  • Ryan Seacrest gets lost in Florida riding a golf kart.
  • Dana Moreno screaming and shouting. Good thing they only showed a couple of seconds of that.
  • Kaneswa Finye missing each and every note and Simon saying “The song got progressively wrong“.
  • Jaleesa, the Latin beauty queen “candidata” doing a better than expected yet hard call for a golden ticket. After the judges mocked her laugh, they gave him the pass and she´s moff to Hollywood.
    Paula went behind stage to “make out with the contestant” (again fake making out of course) and the jumping hug with Randy… bizarre bizarre show.
  • Darin Darnell energy lighting up the room until it´s his turn… come on man, you can´t miss every note… hit at least one!
  • Naomi´s friend crash on Randy… a slow-motion-finally-we-meet hug. Then Samantha (the friend) sits in Randy´s lap, Paula on Simon´s, and Ryan gets called to sit on Kara´s. The best part was Kara humping Ryan Seacrest… crazy times in Jacksonville… Big WTF Audition. A group hug after the “no” and there day one goes.
  • Day 2 starts with Jasmine Murray; a 16 years old gal singing “Big girls don´t cry”… apparently little girls do, because they get golden tickets.
  • Georfe Ramirez, the intelectual hermitt-like physics nerd in a monotone voice. Dullest audition ever?
  • Anne Marie Boscovich sent away to change her look before auditioning.
  • T.K. Hash coming back for a second shot at going to Hollywood. Trying to do so with a com-get-me-that-golden-ticket performance of Imagine. A little over the top, but shows improvement since last year.
  • Michael Perrelli panicking for not being able to audition with his guitar. Simon told him “I think you´re interesting, but your voice is not“.
    He then refuses her mother conforting kiss and Ryan Seacrest tells him “You can´t do that to your mother!
  • Encore audition for Anne Marie Boscovich after her style change… “You need to work on your star persona” was the go-to-Hollywood-and-work-it advice.
  • In total 16 tickets were handed and the Walkin´on sunshine clip concluding Jacksonville´s audition episode.

What can I say… I didn´t see here a likely to be favourite. I still have Casey Carlson as my front runner to become the next American Idol. The only downside after her Swimsuit go ´round the world photos is that perhaps she gets some backlash in the female voting. Let´s see.

See you tomorrow on Salt Lake City American Idol Audition for Season 8 Episode 6.

What was your favourite American Idol Jacksonville auditions favourite moment or contestant?