cougar-town-s02e14-cry-to-me-spoilers-quotesBefore going on a ten week and a half hiatus Cougar Town had one more episode left. Cougar Town is the best show with the worst name. And the ensemble cast from the show (Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins is great in the chemistry department. In this episode, It’s Valentine’s Day and Jules wants nothing more than for Grayson to open up to her about his feelings. Meanwhile, when Ellie is adamant about not wanting to do anything for Valentine’s Day, Andy makes a date with Bobby, and Travis looks to Laurie for help in creating his “sexy” gift for Kirsten.

Best Quotes from Cougar Town S02E14 – Cry To Me

Travis: Oh, boy toy can´t read the calendar

Grayson: A happy “day before Valentine´s Day” Kirsten. In case Travis forgot

Travis: Dude, why?
Grayson: Don´t call me boy toy

Jules: Why are her flowers bigger than mine?
Grayson: They are the same size
Jules: Why are they the same size? I´m just kidding, but fix it

Travis: Looking hot Mrs T
Ellie: Go make me some money handsome
Andy: Best Bro in the world sitting right there everybody

Ellie: I hate Valentine´s Day
Andy: But I´m a showman; I need to wow you

Travis: Why are you eating a croissant? Are you french?
Bobby: Why are drinking tea? Are you french?
Andy: Just give me five minutes of peace before you start it

Jules: Stupid circle of anger

Ellie: Captain Emo has been following me all day yapping about romance and vomiting I love yous all over me
Andy: That´s because Captain Emo loves you

Jules: To see Grayson cry is like my double rainbow

Jules: This is the anniversay of his father day. I´m gonna crack that son of a bitch today

Travis: Promise me this won´t get creepier
And that´s the moment Brian Atene from Tosh.0´s web redemption from last week´s episode scene aired as the creepy photographer

Travis: Period
Grayson: Roger that

Laurie: You are going to take me to a fancy restaurant and then fake dump me so I can get a free meal
Bobby: The old Bitch and Ditch. I´m in

Laurie: Let me show you some of my favourite sexy poses: This is warming my butt by the campfire.
This one “yeah I sit backwards on a chair cause I´m a rule breaker”

Tom: Oh, I get too excited when I´m here

Ellie: When I said I didn´t want to do anything tonight it didn´t mean I wanted to be alone while you acted like you just got a rose on the gay hillbilly version of The Bachelor

Jules: Cue my entrance. I was hearing outside

Grayson: I love you the way you are. I´m not trying to change you
Jules: That´s because I´m not annoying
Grayson: You really want to open that door?

Andy: For the love of my life, champagne, your best friend and finally Bobby, showtime!
Ellie: You took down everybody´s Christmas decoration for me?

Jules: He is different with me
The cul de sac: Yeahhhhhhhh

Bobby: Get me the ribs, bitch!

Grayson´s Always give the women what they want song lyrics

Grayson´s song: Always give the women what they want… unless youo can´t.
If they want it, do it, if they don´t still do it, cause the women don´t know what they want; cause it´s always reliable they are unsatisfiable, you can never give a woman what they want; you can never give a woman what they want.

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Good luck is also, that Cougar Town gets renewed for season three.