cougar-town-s02e08-little-blue-girl-spoilers-quotesOk, so Cougar Town is the best show with the worst name. And the ensemble cast from the show (Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins is great in the chemistry department.

In this episode, Travis brings home his new girlfriend, Kirsten, a grad-student, to meet Jules. Jules feels instantly threatened when Ellie points out that, moving forward, any girl Travis brings home could be her future daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Grayson’s house has become the new place for the gang to hang out, which he hates, and Travis turns to Bobby for advice.

Best Quotes from Cougar Town S02E08 – Little Girl Blues

Grayson: How would you guys rate that on the creap-o-meter? About infinity?

Ellie: Why did you let them in? Now they´ll never leave. They are like bugbeds

Jules: Kirsten is trying to battle me for Travis´ Soul!

Travis: Where did you found that tip? In Ted Bundy´s book?

Grayson: I´m down here, and you´re up here
Ellie: Even higher

Laurie: Just remember. Shark Punch!

Ellie: Your unlce Joe is gone

Laurie: How are you so tiny and so strong? You´re an ant!

Ellie: Hey Chilli toosh

Jules: Grab me a soda
Grayson: Let me say yes first. Yes

Recap from Cougar Town S02E08 – Little Girl Blues

Recap written by Murphnadthemagictones


The gang meets Travis’ (Dan Byrd) new girlfriend, as Kylie went off with her new guy, Turbo. (And not one of the American Gladiators, either.) Of course, the gang insists on embarrassing Travis in front of Kristen, and she is fully embarrassed since her name is Kirsten. She’s also a 23-year-old grad student. As the guys take Travis upstairs and bow to his greatness, Jules (Courteney Cox), Laurie (Busy Philipps), and Ellie (Christa Miller) get to know Kirsten. Jules then clears everybody out so the two kids can have their private time. Clearing out of Jules’ house means going over to Grayson’s place, and Ellie points out to Grayson (Josh Hopkins) that was his first mistake.

ELLIE: Once they get in here, they’re never going to leave. They’re like human bedbugs.

Sure enough, Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) already in his boxers, and Andy (Ian Gomez) is looking for his “manorexic” food (hidden candy bars). The ladies head back to offer commentary on the new couple…in their presence. But Ellie reminds Jules that every girl Travis now meets is potential daughter-in-law material. (Jules was 19 when she met Bobby.) Jules is afraid she’s going to get mean and try to run off any potential mate for Travis, so Laurie has to be her Cobb-stopper. And when Jules goes loco after making a big pot of spaghetti when Travis promised Kirsten to take her out for dinner, Laurie’s already not doing her job.

ELLIE: (to Laurie) You’ve been on the job for two seconds, and she’s already making him decide between his mother and the cute blonde he’s doinking.

Travis confides in Bobby he isn’t sure if he can be good in bed with Kirsten. They had done it once, but Travis was whacked out on cold medicine, so he didn’t even know if he was any good. Bobby knows Travis has RPA (Repeat Performance Anxiety). And he should know: he was smart enough to install a seatbelt on his hammock.

Kirsten committed the first of many cardinal sins: she made scones…and her grandmother taught her the recipe before she died. Jules can’t stand it, so she has a confab at Grayson’s house…to Grayson’s surprise. Even Tom got to come in. And Grayson didn’t make coffee for everybody fast enough. By the way, if you are ever in this situation, destroying all of your coffee cups does no good: everybody just uses bowls and thinks they’re in a Japanese restaurant.

Travis wanted to talk to Bobby privately about his RPA, but somehow that meant discussing it in front of Grayson (who shaves his legs), Andy (who was born to be a stud, according to him), and Tom (who is still inexplicably there). Travis gives up, and Laurie has to pull out the major Cobb-stopper for the bombshell Kirsten drops: Travis and she were thinking of going to her parents’ place for Thanksgiving. (GASP!) Jules starts giving Kirsten both barrels, and Laurie shoos her away before any more damage can be inflicted. But Jules is so crazy, she starts taking it out on Laurie and her dye job. (“I knew you were going to be mean, but that one cut like a knife!”) Laurie goes up to talk to Kirsten (while she’s showering, yes) She tells Kristen (KIRSTEN!) to treat Jules’ attacks like you would a shark: give her a good punch in the nose. Which Laurie accidentally demonstrates on her. And Jules doing the Meet the Parents on her later certainly didn’t help.

In the morning, Kirsten takes Laurie’s advice and stands up to Jules. She takes some of Jules’ wine for breakfast (which she had brought as a gift) and even used Laurie’s “sexy townie ho” insult on Jules. Jules wasn’t having it, as the thunder and blackout indicated. (Well, that was Ellie rattling a cookie sheet and flicking the light switch, but still…) Jules is ready to go after her, but Kirsten stands her ground…until she accidentally knocks over and destroys “Big Joe,” Jules’ monster-sized wine glass. Even Laurie is shocked. Kirsten breaks down and takes it out on Travis for not having her back the entire weekend (and for calling her Kristen, too). Kirsten walks out in horror. Jules turns on Laurie for telling Kirsten to stand up to her, but Laurie drags her over to Grayson’s. Travis was over there, and the guys (Bobby, Confidence Dance, and Chilly Tush) admit they’re horrible at sex as well, so Travis is in the same boat they are. Laurie puts Jules and Travis together to talk and clears everybody else out. Jules tells him there shouldn’t be anything he did that was so horrible he couldn’t talk to Kirsten about it. He does, and then Jules talks to Kirsten, too.

JULES: I know that I can get crazy when it comes to Travis, but the upside of having a boyfriend with a psycho mom is that I’ve taught him to be the type of guy someone like you would want to be with…We women have a great responsibility to control the men in our lives. Don’t abuse it like I do: be nice to my boy.

And everybody says goodbye to Big Joe…and hello to Big Carl.

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Modern Family S02E08 – Manny Get Your Gun Recap, Quotes and videos

November 18th, 2010

modern-family-quotes-spoilers-flashmob-manny-get-your-gunOk, I already warned you about a Modern Family Flashmob was on the making. And it was Mitchell dancing on the Flashmob.

A birthday dinner for Manny at a family restaurant turns into a race for Phil and Claire and a chance for Cameron to socialize at a shopping mall while looking for a gift.

Best Quotes from Modern Family S02E08 – Manny Get Your Gun

Manny: How do I look?
Jay: Like Al Capone

Manny: If the box says it´s for age 16. Is this an appropriate gift for me?
Jay: You were born sixteen.
Manny: What do you mean I was born sixteen?
Jay: You were never much of a kid. And that´s good. I don´t like kids.

Phil: You know I love your mother, but you also know a certain look she gets that´s says “Look at me, I´m always right”

Phil: If we are right this time, then we don´t have to be right again

Claire: Why did you say you´d go with your dad?

Haley: Great! Mom is right again
Phil: Bad attitude loses races
Haley: No. Swerving into a curve and popping your tires loses races.

Mitchell: Are you serious?
Cameron: Yes. Serious as a heart attack

Jay: Maybe you should have a system as to where to put things down
Gloria: I have a system. I put down things, and then I remember where I put them

Manny: Disgusting
Jay: Don´t judge me. You´ve never been married

Helen: It´s lovely you care so much
Cameron: What is life without love?
Helen: But what about his wife?

Phil: The cone of trust exactamondo

Claire: When I met your dad, I was fun too. But I had to give that up. You can´t have two fun parents. It´s carnival. You know this kid Liam who wears pijama pants to school and pays for things with hundred dollar bills. Two fun parents. Mark my words

Luke: I said I´d go with dad because I thought he´d need me more

Manny: You are right. I was born sixteen. I missed my childhood

Gloria: Privacy! Eso es lo que me faltaba a mí! Privacy en esta casa!

Jay: That skateboard down there?
Manny: That´s the second thing that slipped right under me today. The other was my childhood

Manny: You could´ve shot me
Gloria: Come on! I could´ve unbuttoned your shirt if I wanted to

Cameron: A flashmob!
Mitchell: We should go. It´s weird
Cameron: No! It´s joyful

Mitchell: This dance is my love letter to Cam

Claire: Buckle up Luke. Today you have two fun parents

Gloria: Your mind is gonna be scattered. Manny hand me the gun!

Cameron: You cheated me with choreography. You danced without me Mitchell!

Jay: Anybody hurt?
Cameron: I am

Jay: I´m sorry I hid the keys
Gloria: I´m sorry I shoot the island

Video from Modern Family S02E08 – Manny Get Your Gun Watch Modern Family Flashmob

Ag, one of our readers was in the mall and captured this Modern Family Flashmob Video

Recap form Modern Family S02E08 – Manny Get Your Gun