ben mercer dead alive covert affairs spoilerOk folks, so… isn´t Covert Affairs the new Must watch show from USA Network?

I see it getting better and better evert week. And this week´s doubleheader ended up with a huge cliffhanger: Is Ben Mercer dead or alive on Covert Affairs?

Is Annie Walker losing her loved one?

Let´s review the Full review and spoilers from Covert Affairs When the Leevee Breaks to see what else was there.

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Full review and spoilers from Covert Affairs When the Leevee Breaks

Annie and Auggie keep each other company during a boring medal ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong at St. Andrews’ School professor Anton Sabine kindly helps a young student with a lesson. After the kid leaves, the professor is alarmed to see two dark-looking men come into his room. He turns and runs.

He only makes it as far as a window with no escape. The men corner him. One tells him Ben Mercer can’t save him now.

Elsewhere, a man walks down the middle of a street. We only see his feet. Joan comes seriously for Annie.

The man keeps walking toward a battery of people with guns. It’s Ben Mercer. He identifies himself and says, “I want to come in from the cold.”

Inside Langley, Annie and Joan watch Ben strapped to a polygraph answering basic questions. He says Annie didn’t know he was CIA. Ben skips ahead, explaining that two years ago he was in Sri Lanka with his handler Jai Wilcox trying to get in good with an arms dealer. He was going to bring them a chemist, Anton Sabine. Then he met Annie and “admired her spirit” and thought better of trading Anton’s life for access. The examiner says that’s when Ben “went rogue.”

“I refused to submit an innocent man to a life of making weapons for terrorists,” he corrects.

He says he brought Anton to Hong Kong and gave him a new life. He says he trusts Annie.

Joan dismisses Annie. In the hall, she stops Jai, but he can’t answer her questions about Ben.

Arthur joins Ben, turning off the machines and monitor.

Ben tells him he’s there because Anton was abducted and he thinks it was Felix Artigas, an arms dealer, and that he’s taken him to Sri Lanka to develop virtually undetectable IEDs. He has a contact, but he needs agency resources.

Later, Jai tells Joan and Arthur the science teacher story checks out.

Arthur decides they’ll assume Ben is telling the truth, but they won’t trust him. He wants to send Ben with Annie as his handler, because Ben will trust her.

Annie tells Auggie what they’re asking. He thinks it’s too dangerous, but she wants to go.

Auggie gives her a GPS tracker and an emergency number that rings directly to him.

Arthur returns to his office to find it full of lawyers. Alex, the general counsel, tells him Liza Hearn is about to print an article about something he shows Arthur on a piece of paper. They’re crafting strategy.

Ben meets with Annie outside and tells her he doesn’t want her to go because it’s too dangerous. But she’s adamant about going.

At home, Annie packs for her trip. She looks at her puka shell bracelet which matches the one that Ben has. She puts Auggie’s teeny tiny GPS sticker tracker inside one of the wshells and puts it on.

Colombo, Sri Lanka They fly separately where she follows him to a square, making sure they’re not followed. He leaves a chalk mark for his contact, “Lonestar.”

Ben joins Annie, explaining Lonestar was a Tamil warlord who buys weapons from Artigas. There’s a loud noise and Ben hits the deck, grabbing Annie to protect her. But it’s only fireworks for a Hindu festival.

Ben takes Annie to a food stand where he feeds her with his hands.

At Langley, Arthur tells Auggie that Liza is about to publish an article that will “damage the agency.” He wants Auggie to persuade her to hold the article. He says it’d affect missions on the ground and put operatives in jeopardy.

Joan comes into her office to see the general counsel there. He warns her Arthur might have to resign after the story comes out. He asks her if she’d be willing to take the job — her husband’s job. She’d be the highest-ranking woman in the history of the agency. He reminds her the conversation is classified and not to mention it to Arthur.

Jai drops by his dad Henry’s house for advice. Henry (Gregory Itzin) tells him to distance himself from Arthur. Jai asks if Ben was taking orders from anyone else, but his dad says Ben was a great agent who couldn’t take orders. He tells Jai to show some initiative.

Annie and Ben check out the mark for his contact and find it marked. They’re quickly blindfolded, as Ben expected. Ben tells her Lonestar has always been paranoid.

Blindfolded in the back of a car, Annie says she knows nothing about Ben, but he says there’s nothing to know.

They arrive at their destination, a Buddhist temple where Lonestar is hiding out, drinking tea. Ben brings him $50,000 cash advance and a can of Pringles.

He tells Ben that Artigas has the professor at “biggest house.” That’s all he knows.

Then he starts coughing and clutching is throat. The tea was poisoned. Gunmen arrive and start shooting.

Annie and Ben make a run for it. Ben gives a local cash for his motor bike and they hop on and take off with men with guns in Rovers after them.

They make their way through markets and crowds of people, finally losing one Rover in a food stall. With the other still after them, Ben makes a turn on a cliff tightly and intentionally drops the bike. The Jeep sails past and off the cliff.

Ben drives to safety, which happens to be the hut on the beach where they spent their romantic time together. But he tells her it’s the safest place to be until they can get back to town at dawn. Annie’s still very bitter.

Liza goes to meet Auggie. He apologizes for lying to her and says he’s glad he got to know her. With the charm laid on, he asks her to hold off on the article for 72 hours. She agrees.

At Langley, Joan tells Arthur that Ben and Annie missed their check-in. Arthur’s worried about his job. Joan tells him he’s done a fantastic job.

At night in their love shack, Ben says tomorrow they can call in to get an ops team to Indonesia where Sabine might be. Ben couldn’t sacrifice him back then.

Annie asks if he ever thought about telling her the truth. He tells her he joined the CIA because he felt it was important. But he says she’s the most important thing that ever happened to him. He shows her he still has his shell bracelet. She kisses it, then him.

Then, after two years they’re back in bed in their beach hut together.

In the morning, Annie wakes up alone again….But only for a minute. Ben comes in from checking the beach and says they have to go. Teams are approaching by sea and Jeeps on the beach. They barely have time to make it anywhere before one vehicle stops them.

Jai gets out of one. He was worried.

Annie remembers Auggie’s GPS. Ben figures out that Jai came unsanctioned.

On Jai’s orders a team takes the house in Bali where they hope the professor is. But it’s empty.

Back in the market in Colombo, Ben and Jai argue over what to do next. Ben wants to travel up river for more intel and Jai wants to go back to Langley. Jai argues it’s too dangerous and Ben agrees quickly. He leaves, saying he’s going to pull the truck around.

Liza meets up with Auggie so they can swap their stuff back. He thanks her for holding off the article, saying she helped with a number of missions. She’s surprised and tells him the article was purely about Arthur. Auggie laughs, realizing Arthur played him. But now he figures Arthur owes him.

Auggie warns Liza to be suspicious of whoever her source is, he doesn’t know a spy who’s in it solely for the greater good. Liza leaves and Auggie opens the bag she gave him. He finds a toothbrush that isn’t his.

Outside, Liza gets into a car with Henry Wilcox. He tells her their next talk will get her the Pulitzer.

Joan walks into Arthur’s office, confessing they asked her to consider his job. She doesn’t want it, saying their marriage comes first. But he immediately tells her she has to take it.

She says the agency needs them both there and they should fight the “witch hunt” together. He’s game.

In Sri Lnka, Annie and Jai realize Ben’s gone. Jai thinks Ben has his own agenda. Auggie calls, asking what Annie is doing. Her GPS shows her in a bad part of town. She’s wearing her bracelet, but realizes she and Ben “must have switched bracelets after…”

Auggie gives her the location — 500 feet in the air. They see a nearby half-built sky scraper. Auggie checks into it and finds Artigas is a silent partner. Arthur tells them they have to assume Ben is working his own angle. He gives Jai permission to take down Ben if necessary. Annie is sure Ben’s not playing them.

Annie and Jai climb stairs in the skyscraper. They see Ben talking to Artigas, offering to take the professor to Indonesia and taking a wad of cash from the arms dealer. Annie tries to process what she’s seeing. Jai puts a silencer on his gun. Ben comes downstairs with the professor and he and Jai end up pointing guns at each other.

Artigas comes down and Annie tells Ben she trusted him. He tells her, again, that the truth is complicated. Then Ben shoots a goon.

Ben takes on one with a piece of rebar. Annie whacks another with something but he grabs her. Jai fights off another, throwing him down an open stairwell.

Ben skewers his opponent on a piece of rebar.

Annie dragged across the floor to the ledge but grabs a nearby spike and jabs it into her goon’s leg.

Jai gets the professor and heads for the roof, where their helicopter is supposed to meet them.

Ben grapples with Artigas, but they both roll off the side of the building. They land on a platform in front of Annie. She jumps down below to help Ben fight off Artigas. She whacks him with something and he tumbles over the side.

On the roof, Jai and the professor get in the helicopter with Ben and Annie a few steps behind. But one of the goons survived and follows them up on the roof. He shoots Ben twice in the back. Annie pulls him into the chopper and holds onto him. He’s not doing well. The chopper flies away as he holds him. They’re both wearing their shell bracelets. The episode endes and we don´t know if Ben Mercer is dead or alive on Covert Affairs.

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