crazy-exgirlfriendThe new The CW show Crazy Ex Girlfriend premiered this week and I am taking a look at it. So, this is a musical about a hard working lawyer who tries to find her way to happiness and decides to leave her New York life behind to chase an ex-boyfriend who she last saw ten years ago and finally met again on her last day of work.
Suddenly she decides to respectfully decline the position of Junior partner offered to her, and move to West Covina, California and breaks into song.
Rachel Bloom I like, and the cast is quite good, but I feel this is a show that will suffer a lot from a poorly picked name. Remember Selfie? That was a really funny show that never got a fair chance for being called like that.

The whole premise seems too outdated. The working girl who cannot get happiness if not getting a man; and the whole Crazy Ex-Girlfriend thing.

Maybe the show turns out to be funny, maybe the show turns out to be good, but it is really a bad name to go with a show for late 2015. It seems it will get backlash from people who never watch it to begin with. But I guess they knew going in they were chosing that name.

Having said that, I will take a look at a couple more episodes just to see if the show turns out evolving. So far it is not my kind of show, so far I did not enjoy it, but hey, Selfie and Cougar Town were very poorly named shows, and I both liked a lot. I will give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend the benefit of the doubt for two more episodes… so basically a three strikes run.

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