crims-pilot-reviewCrims is set on a young offenders institution. In the premiere, Luke gets the tour to the prison and ends up in the cell with his girlfriend´s brother; who is a bit annoying to him.
then he gets the tour through the rest of the prison and tries to get settled.
Luke was caught as a getaway driver after a bank robbery gone wrong. He didn´t know what he was doing and ended up in jail.
His jailmate is Jason, the one who was robbing the bank, and the brother to Luke´s Girlfriend: Gemma. Then there are a lot of strange characters at jail… other Crims such as Black Elton John, Isaac, Marcel and Daz. Creg is the uptight security officer, and so far, Dawn is the best character, played by Cariad Lloyd, who runs the Sunnybank View institution and have to take care of the inmates and stop Creg´s creepy advances.
British humor in a promising pilot that will hopefully develop into a solid series.

I´m all for more Dawn scenes and less of Jason; but I guess the character of Jason can settle down to a nice sidekick role over time.

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