It´s always good to find this kind of information: Educational Content available. In this case via online.

Today, Dailymotion announced a partnership with, leading distributor of intelligent video programs, and the launch of the “Education” on-demand content hub.

The partnership brings’s vast catalogue of high-quality educational content, including thousands of videos drawn from top conferences and covering topics ranging from economy and politics, to science and technology.

Dailymotion’s hubs feature programmed collections of content based on trending topics in social media, search, or even around events and breaking news – all in near real-time.  The education hub joins other permanent hubs including Movie Trailers, Celebrity, Gaming and Music to deliver curated content that is relevant to today’s news, events, trends, and discussions.

In addition to populating the Education hub,’s channel on Dailymotion includes thousands of videos drawn from top conferences, universities and public forums including The New York Public Library, Wired, and Long Now Foundation. The channel covers topics ranging from economy and politics, to science and technology with hundreds of speakers including Christopher Hitchens, Toni Morrison, and Bill Clinton.

“Online video has become an increasingly important learning tool, and we’re proud to offer our global audience’s high-quality programs as the foundation of our Education hub,” stated Joy Marcus, General Manager of Dailymotion, US. “We’re confident that our audience will be benefit greatly from these engaging and informative videos for all of their learning needs.”

“Demand for smart and engaging video programs is on the rise, fueled by people wanting more than just sound bites about the most important issues and stories of the day,” says CEO Blaise Zerega. “We’re pleased to bring provocative, big idea programs to one of the world’s largest online communities.”

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