You guys sure know Danny Trejo. Mexican action star from Machete and other films as El Mariachi for instance.

The ultimate badass, no question asked.

He did the Robert Rodriguez Machete film last year but if you haven´t seen the movie, you can catch it in 30 seconds.

He partnered with Brisk, a product of the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership and as a result the brand has produced a series of web films with Trejo and other celebrities to refresh the campaign and launched an online contest challenging consumers to tell their own brisk stories.

In the film, a clay puppet likeness of title character Machete Cortez recounts the movie’s events in only 30 seconds. In that short amount of time, Machete is transformed from wanderer to renegade, serving as hired gun, outlaw, victim and ladies’ man—all after a swig of Brisk.
?A partnership with Danny Trejo is a natural fit for us because his bold body of work aligns with the Brisk brand,? says Javier Farfan, Director of Cultural Branding, PepsiCo. ?He’s an iconic hero and is relevant, authentic and credible to his fans.

Brisk has also launched a second web film starring rock icon Ozzy Osbourne. Both the Trejo and Osbourne films can be found on the Brisk Facebook page. Fans are encouraged to review the films and submit their own brisk stories in 140 characters or less. Two winners’ stories will be animated and placed on the website. Hurry, because the contest ends March 31.

Danny Trejo behind the scenes on Brisk Machete in 30 Seconds from SA Studios

Danny Trejo behind the scenes for Machete Brisk

Danny Trejo Machete Brisk Commercial

What do you think about Danny Trejo´s Machete in 30 seconds for Brisk? Will you enter the contest?

Let me know how it goes.

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