This Sunday is the return of The Celebrity Apprentice for a new season with a truly celebrity roster. But folks at NBC paired it up with a new show premiering called America´s Next Great Restaurant.

This Sunday new reality series premieres at 8/7 C on NBC  before the return of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Video spoilers from America´s Next Great Restaurant

NBC presents the search for next billion-dollar restaurant idea! Premieres Sunday, March 6th.

This contestant shares why he’s got a meatball recipe and a very big dream!

One contestant relies on his culinary skills to support his wife and children.

Steve Ells hangs out with potential contestants for America’s Next Great Restaurant.

Get a taste of some of the wild concepts pitched to the investors during the casting process!

America´s Next Great Restaurant is of course in the social networks and can be followed on Twitter at @nbcangr, and it´s official Facebook Page.

What do you think about America´s Next Great Restaurant? Does it sound good? Will you watch it? Do you think ANGR is going to be a hit or a miss? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section.

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