Folks at one of my favourite Entertainment sites, have paired up with Paramount Digital Entertainment and Liquid Entertainment to release a game on Facebook called Deadline Hollywood Game.

The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ is designed for wannabes and showbiz moguls.
‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ introduces the real Hollywood where power, relationships, and influence are as important as money.
The game employs the same mixture of street smarts and dumb luck to make it in The Industry by allowing players to choose one of several career paths – actor, screenwriter, producer, director, agent, studio executive – leading to success or ruin.
The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will launch this summer with invitation-only play by select showbiz insiders. Facebook users can pre-register online to be among the first people to know when the game goes live and to be entered to win a Hollywood Mogul Swag Bag. Additionally, 40 runners-up will win a pair of movie tickets courtesy of Hollywood Movie Money.

I am already in the list to join the game. Will you join? Let me know how it goes.

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