breaking-amish-cancelled-renewedBreaking Amish was a breakout hit, averaging over 3 million viewers in its freshman run, but the show was also hit by controversy, as it was accused of being fake and a fraud towards viewers, as the cast members were not visiting the city for the first time. Now, none of that matters, as TLC decided to renew Breaking Amish for season two that will premiere in May. Second season renewal order for Breaking Amish consists on eight episodes that will be filmed in Florida, instead of New York, but with the same cast as the first run.

This is what the network promised the show to be, you be the judge if it´s real or not:

Breaking Amish will shed light on many firsts for the cast members. From flying in a plane and wearing jeans, to using a cell phone and electricity, the show will highlight their transition into city culture and the basic amenities that come with it.
Unlike Rumspringa, these young men and women get serious about the possibility of committing to careers, lives and options for living indefinitely on the outside. But after these new experiences and the opportunity to live out dreams take flight, will they take advantage of New York and carry out their newfound lives while leaving behind the Amish/Mennonite community and their families forever?
The decision to pack up their bags and leave town does not come without a hefty price. Breaking Amish will unveil the disenchantment of family members who are forced to shun their own children, siblings and grandchildren as they decide to explore a world beyond the limitations of their simple upbringing. Should these “rebellious” Amish/Mennonite members decide to forgo Western luxuries and return to their previous lifestyles, they risk the probability of being shunned by their community altogether — including the family, friends and life they once knew so well.

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